59 Responses to “Epileptics blame 2012 Olympic logo for seizures”

  1. It must have been 100%!

    This emblem itself is unsympathetic to the eyes.

  2. Senthil Says:

    Very bad logo design.

  3. Vish Says:

    By looking at the 2012 Olympic Logo, I have realised that a piece of art is not created by a flick of a finger or a blink of an eyelid. Masterpieces of art takes a lot of time, concentration, sometimes even a lifetime. I am sure whoever designed this logo lacked concept and all other necessary skills to produce a legendary piece. With due respects to the artist/s, I plead that he does not take such sensitive and historical assignments in the future.

  4. kishore kumar Says:

    Logo creative is very bad, There is no creativity and also
    no meaning.

  5. decemberstud Says:

    Yeah, I saw this as soon as it came out (beign the Olympic buff I am). Man, it is bad…and to think that they would have spent so much money and resources to come up with this nonsense.

    But, it still is a shade better than “Whatzzit” at Atlanta’96.

  6. Vani Says:

    Uff….very disturbing…..I hope it has been scrapped…

  7. Nickym Says:

    Looking at the “brand new” look – not sure if we understand it…..is it a supposed to be a lion or just to see the 2012….not big fans right now…..maybe it will grow on us…..

  8. renbroaic Says:

    I am rather afraid that an opportunity has been missed here. I fear that the brand will not resonate with the great majority. If this proves to be the case, it is a great shame.

  9. Rechord Says:

    I heard the news this morning about the new brand and logged on straight away to see it. It’s brave and exciting. I absolutely love the video on the website and hope it will inspire kids all over the UK to get active.

  10. norman Says:

    At first glance, the logo as a static image is not great. However, the image actually looks like a little person – like an athlete at the start of the 10,000m. If the intention is to have fun with the little person and have him “try out” all sports then I think its a great approach…

  11. gnozu Says:

    hey, it’s amazing no one’s apparently left any comments about this new logo (seeing as there are massive numbers of negative comments just about everywhere else on the internet).
    Anyway, don’t worry I don’t think it’s all _that_ terrible. What people are saying about broken swastikas etc is just unfair…

  12. TSSM Says:

    really sickening

  13. tompagenet Says:

    I’m still not sure what I think about the logo – to me it lacks clean design and the colours are dated, but perhaps it is at least distinctive. However, there has been an incredible amount of negative press – can we expect any response from the 2012 team?

  14. While this logo is lively and eye catching, I can’t help thinking that it will easily and soon be out of date.
    After watching all the films, and reading all the comments, lets hope it catches on with businesses and the public.

  15. peter_konnecke Says:

    Congratulations on the logo launch.

    Within it, I see a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and sizes, (representing all of humanity, it’d be pretty boring if we were all the same). I also see stylised shapes of the continents of the world, representing all of the Olympic Movement.

    Like most things new and modern it takes time for it to grow on you. In Sydney many initial comments made about our logo said that it resembles a chicken or a cockatoo. Nevertheless it grew on people, and it was hard to see people at the games not wearing it some way or another. Rest assured your logo will grow in popularity and and you’ll wear it with pride, it is but early days in your journey.

  16. unclemaxwell Says:

    I love this logo, and you need to have a little Gestlat shift to get there…

    Look at the logo again, and ignore the fact for a moment that it spells out 2012. There are two characters. The one on the right is in the middle of the hardest part of a weightlift. His mind is bursting with how hard he is pushing and his energy summons the Olympic ideal. This is the spirit of competition; it transcends, race, gender and everything else.

    To his left is a child. He is shorter than the athlete and is looking up. To my mind he looks suspiciously like he is wearing a tracksuit top. In any event, he is London, enjoying the spectacle and having fun. The top half of his body almost looks like a map of GB.

    The Olympics was won with the promises of reforming a nation’s youth who prefer a sprite to a sprint. That is the hope for this kid in the tracksuit.

    So, in my humble opinion, might it not be better slightly to separate the two characters in order really to see what’s going on? Short of that, I think it is a brilliant piece of work. Well worth the £400,000.

    P.s. I am not a media-type (”mype?”) nor connected in any way apart from Geography to London 2012, but properly understood this logo rocks.

  17. sblow Says:

    What I can’t understand is why there was a decision to change the logo. A brand had already been built prior to getting the authorisation to hold the games through the original logo. That was the logo that everyone associated with the 2012 Olympics it was also a logo that brought together feelings and emotions sorrounding the achievement of being selected to host the games. Why throw all that away and start from scratch?
    I can understand the IOC wanting to aim at a younger audience but I’m not so sure that this logo reflects that. Why? Because it is very difficult for people to figure out (that includes young people). I would love to hear about the design decisions and the thought behind the design as I think it may bring a few things to light about the logo that people are yet to understand about it. What people are looking for is a bright, colourful, innovative, exciting, fun, sporty logo that is related to the London Olympic Games. The new logo reflects bright, colourful but to me those are about the only requirements that it seems to hit for me.
    If the IOC are aiming to reach their youth audience then they really should also consider that they don’t want to alienate the rest of their audience either. Please consider an evolution of this logo over time… a way of targeting it to be accessible to all and as something that we will all be proud of. After all aren’t the Olympics meant to be “The People’s Games”?

  18. Mearsuk Says:

    I totally agree with Nickym’s first lines but can never understand why a logo should need to be explained – if it needs that then it has already failed.

  19. Deepan K Says:

    I think the Logo for the 2012 games looks somewhat like a logo created in the early 1990s, with its straight lines and so, somewhat resembles ‘graffitti’ from the early 1990s, because I doubt you can consider it a graffitti from the year 2007 (it would have looked a little more sophisticated with blended colours and more curves than rigid lines).
    The use of the four main colours too is rather bland, though there was an attempt to use bolder colours like pink and pastel green which made their daring enteries in the Olympic Look of the Games of Athens 2004 and Torino 2006.
    That said, I do not completely agree that this logo is as bad as its critics describe it to be. But attempting to move away from convention may have been too daring an attempt as it is very hard to understand very quickly, which is the main purpose of the Olympic logo, with the words ‘LONDON 2012′ and the Olympic rings absent from the base of the logo, as would have been the case for previous logos. I know, the word LONDON is there, the number 2012 is the Logo itself, and the Olympic rings are on the number 0….. but its still hard to quickly put the pieces together for someone who is seeing this for the first time.
    Though, I must admit that I expected much, much more from this city which is so rich in history and culture. The logo, in my opinion, should not have been used to try to convey the message of ‘bringing youth across the world together’ as the logo is the trademark of the host city, its heritage and its culture, like the Olive wreath on the ATHENS 2004 logo, the Chinese seal that forms the logo of BEIJING 2008 and the Boomerang forming the logo of SYDNEY 2000.
    I am rather dissappointed by the logo of London 2012. Was there even a competition open to the public to create this logo. I was constantly looking at the website since London won its bid to host the 2012 games in Singapore and never really saw anything!

  20. Mar_Teeny Says:

    Wow, I am a designer, and I understand when I make something that not everyone might like it, that we all have our own tastes, but you make something that will at least appeal to most and more importantly effectively communicate the appropriate message for its purpose. This accomplishes both tasks about .00001%. This is aweful!!!! If those responsible are reading this, please note, I’m willing to provide you some alternative designs for MUCH MUCH cheaper if you like them, oh and it won’t take me a year either.

  21. evofly Says:

    I thought everyone was being silly… until I saw the logo myself. UGLY!

  22. TGPhilly Says:

    It’s only the Olympics, so its not like it really matters, but man…that thing is straight-up ####. I didn’t realize that it writes out 2012 until the fourth or fifth time I saw it. What were they thinking?

  23. todd1952sf Says:

    The problem is that this logo is obviously based on the Klingon alphabet and the vast majority of human beings can’t read Klingon.

  24. je po Says:

    is that color…………..Pepto-Bismol ?

  25. vijay Says:

    this is one of the highly ridiculous designs i hve seen! scrap it imm.

  26. 2cleza Says:

    As a grahic designer I found it chaoic and ugly not reflective of the precision of the athletic perfomaces the Olymics is known for. It is an affront to their hard work. It is sloppy and unimaganative, the readers are right, a second grader can and mine does do better colour breaks, and design! They need to research the effort it takes to be an Olympian and the design need to reflect that hard work. just read that the branding and designing cost $800,000 for a job that looks like 20 minutes of work , they need to change advertising groups! No one student in my art graphics class at one of the top 8 in the US approved of the logo!!!!

  27. suby Says:

    Wow! This is UGLY!

  28. Bellur,
    they should have enlisted you for the design… your designs are simple, to the point and drive the message home..

  29. tfiluvu Says:

    The logo, by itself, looks cheaps and poorly done. However, when viewed in the context of the movie (that was removed from the web site) it does make a bit more sense and is someonewhat very versatile. However, the movie cause epileptic seizures (which is not a good sign) and still remains a bit too abstract for most people. I agree, that this logo with the overall branding is bold and different but, in order for it to be successful, it must also be generally liked. This obviously is not.I think London can do better and a national competition should be opened up to find a replacement.

  30. marilynmey Says:

    At first glance it looks like ZOO with lightning bolts. What’s that about??????

  31. Ghoster111 Says:

    The pieces are simarly shaped to what you get when you perform a geometric dissection of a swastika. That’s just what it looks like, a shattered swastika. Please, change this horrible logo, it is in very poor taste.

  32. starboysfo Says:

    Even I noticed that this looks like some weird stylized depiction of a person kneeling down (on the right side) to perform **** on another standing figure (on the left)??? Alright, maybe I just have a warped perspective (no, really?), but when I first saw this, not knowing it was supposed to represent the numerals 2-0-1-2, that was the first thing I saw. When you look at the animated version, it looks even more like it, since you get the head motions and everything … I think someone on the design team was trying to see just how far they could get away with it!

  33. YUK23 Says:

    There are many who believe that the logo looks much like Lisa Simpsons from “The Simpsons” kneeing and giving a @#$% to someone.

  34. They’ve tried something new, thought they are doing something creative and since London has name as art city. But, this didn’t work out. Simplicity could’ve been the best remedy. Easy to eyes and easy to mind.

  35. kalyan Says:

    The logo lacks an asthetic visual beauty.

  36. Praveen Says:

    Kannadikags can be proud of this for the fact that artist has used yellow and red colour.

  37. Brendan Says:

    Yes, this is by far the worst Olympic logo I’ve ever seen. And Izzy the Teenage Whatsit (why did that genderless blue blob have to be a teenager, anyway?) from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics was by far the worst Olympic mascot that I’ve ever seen. Let’s hope that the good folks in London choose a better mascot, at least.

  38. lbooth420 Says:

    Whether this logo is the next Picaso or just trash clearly the advertising agency didn’t earn what they were paid. Being in the communication field myself I know how important public reaction is. There is no way this group tested the product before releasing it to the world. I think England should ask for a refund, but with the way they got shafted I am sure that money has already been spent on a lavish trip for the group that call themselves artists that came up with this “logo”.

  39. G’day from Down Under,

    As a former sports journalist, I have to say that it’s the worst Olympic logo of all time.
    Atlanta 96 was brilliant, as was Sydney 2000.
    This is just woeful!



  40. john Says:

    London 2012 Is Ugly, And It *IS* the Worst Olympic Logo!
    Artwork from 47 years ago puts it to shame.

  41. GP Says:

    It really is the worse logo I have ever seen. I seriously thought it was a joke. It means nothing. It looks like vomit. The london typeface is butt-ugly. Someone must have been smoking some bad weed when designing this.

  42. rebepi Says:

    Honestly, when I looked at it the first time. I really didn’t know that it said 2012. I thought it was just pink blobs with the olympic symbol and London written in them. It’s actually quite appalling that someone called this art. It’s not “young and modern”, it’s just tacky.

  43. Mark Says:

    It’s not the worst Olympic logo Ive seen, but if they wanted to reach the young people they should ask young people to design the logo maybe in a form of a school competion.

  44. cruid_one Says:

    I couldn’t even tell that these were supposed to be numbers until I read the article. I have seen 6th graders who can do this…for free (or maybe for a donut and koolade).Maybe they should have gone to the elementary schools for ideas instead of this wolff joker.The same crap he is trying to convince London of is very much like the tailors in “the emperors new clothes”… should we get a child to tell the committe how bad this looks?

  45. amyndabears Says:

    I dont believe there is anything wrong with the logo. We have to realize that everybody has a different perspective on things, expecially when we are talking about people half of the world away. suck it up and deal with it.

  46. desert_witch Says:

    Good grief. I hope some advertising agency didn’t make a fortune off this garbage. Hey London, wake up and fix this crap.

  47. diamondgrrl Says:

    Ah, yup, that’s a pretty ugly design. I expected something better from London.

  48. 2cleza Says:

    As a Grapic Art designer they missed the mark it had no relationship to olympics, and sorry but the 80’s are sooo over!The shape reflects chaos not the precision this athletic venue is know for and show!

  49. JayVee7 Says:

    This looks like a man… and a woman… doing something they should keep private…

  50. mfung1 Says:

    The “logo” must be made up by the designer’s 4 years old while he or she was drunk after an all night partying in pubs. The yellow halo is a no no in any design. It makes me dizzy and I do not want to look at it again. How do you expect people to buy any souvenirs. Thumbs way down. Brit, give me a break!

  51. juggalomom Says:

    yuk23…though my husband didn’t specify Lisa Simpson, he did say it looked like someone doing exactly what you are thinking. I said, “Oh, come on…they wouldn’t make a logo that looked like that!!” Then he showed it to me. All I can say is that my husband is a very wise man! 😉

  52. rmberryman Says:

    It’s not exactly ugly; it’s just meaningless and unmemorable. I think they could do better.

  53. DWilliams Says:


  54. bookwerm Says:

    That is one butt ugly logo.

  55. softngui Says:


  56. bachodi Says:

    What was it any way? Did they release any official interpretation for that logo?

  57. oppositereaction Says:

    What is that extra square-like thingy supposed to mean in the center? This really is a bad logo. Honestly. It couldn’t get much worse!

  58. nilagriva Says:

    What is that “thing” supposed to mean? Only if you say it shows 2012 can you begin to see something. Then you see somebody on the starting blocks of a long distance race. The designer has tried to do too many things at once, and IMO, fails miserably in most of them. Only because of the familiar 5 rings can one actually figure out that it is supposed to be an Olympic logo!

    It is also disturbing to the eyes as RK has mentioned.

    Please get something that goes better on the eyes.

  59. molly Says:

    omg i absoloutly hate it. im 12 and ive done one 100000000000 times better than this. it actually says something about london unlike this one. can anyone imagine in 2012 being at the olympics and being proud of this??? because i cant. i think the designers should give all the money back and spend on the important things in the games. i hate this one!

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