Positive thinking very essential during growing up years

June 12, 2007

by Somashekhar S

Right from the moment a child is born, the child unknowingly starts observing his/her parents. As the life begins for the child, parents are the first teachers.

Growing up, the child starts learning many things. Even parents learn a lot during this phase of life. Also, they need to make many changes in their appearance, behaviour, attitude, nature and communication, to name a few, for the child’s sake. Overall, there needs to be a positive environment for the child to be in. A child will always try to observe the parents’ activities and learn from them. If parents have good habits and manners, it shows in the child.
When I was reading a book written by Shiv Khera, I came across these lines: “A teacher asked a girl: How come your behaviour is so polite always?” for which the girl said: “It just runs in our family.” Isn’t that wonderful?

A child starts learning primary education in school. Parents have to check and observe the child for each and everything. A child will be interacting with teachers and classmates in school as well as with parents and relatives at home. Parents have to speak politely and narrate stories having a good ending to the child. When you regularly narrate a story to a child from the heart, he/she gets energized and will aim at doing good things. The child will also have positive thoughts.

When a child reaches high school or college, he/she will be looking for opportunities to learn and develop. The child has to start building oneself doing challenging things. At this age, they are eager to achieve and they start dreaming about education and career. By this time, they also need to find out one’s weakness and strength and start working on it.

Here are a few of my thoughts about life in general:

  • Life is an opportunity to live in this world, not just exist
  • Life is a chance to do many good things
  • Life is to cure ourselves from the negative thoughts
  • Life is to achieve something positive
  • Life is to control ourselves from ill acts
  • Life is to test ourselves during difficult times
  • Life is an ocean of personality
  • Life is an opportunity to identify our inner selves
  • Life is to understand god’s creation

Always think positively. Whatever happens will have a good reason.


9 Responses to “Positive thinking very essential during growing up years”

  1. Thanks for sharing these good thoughts Mr somashekar. Most of what you have written is practically observable in kids – i have junior at 7 and imitates me to the core. So i need to be carefull in whatever is said and done – more importantly what is said and done should match – else trouble.

    thanks bellur once again.


  2. Prashanth Says:

    Thanks for provoking my responsiblities

  3. Asha Says:

    Very good philosophy to follow in life.My kids are doing well here so far.Never know about the future though!;D
    Nice to meet a fellow Kannadiga.

  4. decemberstud Says:

    Very true…and yes, positive thinking is necessary always, not just during childhood. That solves tons of problems in this world.

  5. neela Says:

    You are perfectly right,sir.
    Our behaviour is always under the scan…for future reference by kids.
    They have the power to refer to it at their own convinience and context.
    Our kids are our (behavioural) auditors.

  6. Veena Says:

    wow! real gud one.. shud include these simple lessons during the budding years! Letme oreserve this for future:-) well i am an optimist.

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  8. Hi Mr. Som
    Thank you very very much for sharing these good thoughts.
    This is very true that we should think positive always in life.
    I am really very much happy by reading this post.
    By this I came to know how to bring up my child in future.

    East to west
    West to East
    Among the rest

    Thanking You
    Your Friend
    Gayathri Raghu

  9. […] Positive thinking very essential during growing up years […]

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