Anisuthide… ‘Anuku Geethe’

June 13, 2007

Scene: Designer is working late in office. Monday evening. Raining outside. Office is really far away from home. Office bus sigodhu doubt. So the Designer will sing this song: Anuku version of ANISUTHIDE…

anisutide yaako indu
autogalu barodillavendu
kelasada lokadinda
manege yaavaga hoguvudendu
ayyo entha sankata yaatane
nillu auto omme nann mundhe haage summane

|| anisutide yaako indu ||

3-wheelerna traffikku sooside
seeme enne parimala
bussalli hodare nanage standingina thalamala
senior designerru rajaa haakida
Monday-ya mogavanu kanda kshana
naa khaidi office-e seremane
ninthu nanna koorisko omme auto summane

|| anisutide yaako indu ||

client-ina briefali aadada matina kahi ide
mail-ina putadali kevala avanade sahi ide
customerru thilisada software hesara
designer-ge naane korediruve
client-gunte idara kalpane
nillu auto koorisko omme haage summane

anisutide yaako indu
autogalu barodillavendu
kelasada lokadinda
manege yaavaga hoguvudendu
ayyo entha sankata yaatane
nillu auto omme nanna mundhe haage summane

– bellur

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11 Responses to “Anisuthide… ‘Anuku Geethe’”

  1. decemberstud Says:


    Ahh, great minds think alike 😉 I guess I listened to “Anisutide” at least 25 times yesterday and was all charged up to write an Anaku Geethe. lo, you have it ehre….Nice!!!

    Check this out too….pretty cool….

  2. RK,
    As usual maintaining standards …

  3. pArijAta Says:

    ಸಖತ್ತಾಗಿದೆ ಹಾಡು.
    “ಸೀನಿಯರ್ ಡಿಸೈನರ್ರು ರಜಾ ಹಾಕಿದ…” ಓದಿ, ನಕ್ಕು ನಕ್ಕು ಸಾಕಾಯಿತು 😀

  4. prasanna Says:

    “seeme enne’ parimala is so true! the anuku song is too good.
    from where does such fantastic thoughts come to you?
    rk sir, i am simply amazed.

  5. sia Says:

    LOL… awesome anku geethe bellur… first time to ur blog and i am glad to find it:) tumba chennagi barediddiri 🙂

  6. sia Says:

    by the way bellur, with ur permission i would like to add ur blog to my blogroll so that i dont miss any of ur posts 🙂

  7. rk Says:


    thanks for the compliments and the link. i remember reading tarlesubba’s version sometime back. it is too good! and it’s appearance was timely too.
    i wrote my version when i was reading the original lyrics in vani’s blog. the above version was posted as a comment.

    thanks a lot.

    anubhavada saalu madam adhu… glad you liked it.

    even this line is from experience. feels nice that you liked my take on a popular song.

    welcome to RwB. i am happy you liked the anuku geethe. you can certainly add me to your blogroll. let me have the honour of blogrolling your delicious blog. congrats on the 100! being a foodie, i loved those scrumptious posts and yummy looking pics. keep the delectable posts coming.
    regards and take care

  8. Lakshmi Says:

    Hi RK,
    hahhahaahahhaaaaaaa I can’t sto…p laughing. You are amazing. OMG……hahhahaaaa……… bahala chennagi ide

  9. Sanjay M Says:

    ha ha ha can definitely relate to this one as I’ve been in similar situations! 😆

    Btw a forwarded sms recently…

    anusitide yaako indu…
    neenondu monkey endu.
    zoo emba lokadinda…
    horagodi bandavanendu..
    aha entha kothiya yaatane…
    jumpu maadi kuni omme, haage summane…

  10. latha vidyaranya Says:

    Anisutide yaako indu
    Kelasavannellaa maretubidabekendu
    RK blog mundey kulitubidonavendu.
    Omme ondu vaara nodadiddalli
    Aha yenthentha articles-u misaagibiduvudendu !

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