KGF Nostalgia: Some Childhood Memories

June 21, 2007

by Bridget White Kumar

I was born and brought up in Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), a small mining town in the erstwhile Mysore State now known as Karnataka. KGF, as everyone knows, had a very sizable Anglo-Indian (AI) Population who lived and worked there for generations. It was well known for its colonial ambience with elegant bungalows replete with huge lawns and gardens and many clubs with tennis and badminton courts, golf courses etc. This place, which was known as ‘Little England’, was unique for its secular and egalitarian society not found anywhere else in the world. Even though gold was being surface extracted by the natives earlier, KGF actually came into existence in the year 1880, when a small British Trading Company called JOHN TAYLOR AND SONS established the first shaft for systematic gold extraction. They continued to be the owners till 1950, when Mr. Arthur Taylor, the last of the Taylors handed over the company to the Government of Mysore. Since then KGF has been owned first by the state Government then later by the Government of India and now it is totally defunct. The mines were closed a few years ago and with it one of the most famous Gold Mines in the world came to an end. It was the end of an era.
Many generations of Anglo-Indians worked in the different mines in KGF in different capacities. Everyone was happy and contented. Since it was such a small mining town, everyone knew everyone else and for weddings, funerals, dances and other functions all the Anglo-Indians in KGF would more or less be present. Life in KGF was glorious and almost every family had a retinue of Domestic Helpers i.e. “Ayahs, Malis (Gardeners), Chokaras, Thais, Sweepers, Tea-Boys, etc. who were part of the family.
The AI boys studied at the KGF School in Nandidroog Mine, where my Aunts Pansy White and Beryl Morris were strict disciplinarians. The Pinto sisters, Mrs. Monnisse, Mrs O’Connor, Mrs Godfrey,  etc were all famous and well loved teachers. The AI girls studied at St. Joseph’s Convent in Champion Reefs, where the nuns Mother Margurite, Sisters Miriam, Mary of the Cross. Mary Presentation, Magdalene, Regina,  Immaculata, Patricia, etc were equally strict. My aunt Luda Bertie, Miss Sharma, Mrs Johnson, the Steven sisters, etc are loved and remembered even today.
Childhood in KGF was blissful. No luxuries like the present generation but never the less happy with simple pleasures and games like Butch, Football, Throw ball, Spinning Tops, playing Rounders, and Seven Stones, “ L O N D O N”, flying kites (after coating the sting with “Manga” which is a mixture of glass pieces, paste etc. so as to cut the other persons kite mid-air), I Spy and many other simple games. There was no TV in those days. It was just a very old radio which would be tuned and switched on by the parents only, at times designated by them. Programmes would be mostly news and songs from All India Radio and Radio Ceylon with Vijay Correra doing the honours. We would send in requests for favourite songs and wait eagerly for our names to be announced.
Now in a lighter vein, I would like to share a small childhood memory of the bathrooms/ Toilets in KGF. The houses in KGF were colonial style homes. Earlier, there was no underground drainage system, septic tank etc. As a matter of fact the modern WCs were introduced only in the late 60s. Just aluminum Chamber Pots on Commode stands lined up in a row in the Toilets one for each member of the family, The Stands would be painted blue, green or brown with a matching wooden cover for each. Every morning the night soil sweeper would come with her bucket to “Collect” the contents in the chamber pots and clean them with a mixture of soap solution and powdered Charcoal, which would make the pots literally shine like silver. This was quite a ritual and they would be inspected closely to see whether they were washed well without any residues left behind. The pots would then be left in the sun to dry for some time while the sweeper lady washed the floors of the bathroom, then once again they would be replaced on their respective stands, ready for the day.
As children, we took this for granted as a way of life. Now looking back we cannot imagine asking present day children with their very luxurious bathrooms, which are now “Glamour Rooms” to use a Chamber Pot. The very occupation of the Night Soil Sweeper is now abolished and the old Chamber Pots have since vanished forever.
Likewise, KGF too is just a distant memory for all KGF-ites. The KGF of today makes us weep for its bygone glory. Long live KGF in the hearts of its erstwhile inhabitants wherever they may be.

(Bridget White Kumar is a Bangalore based author of 5 Cookery books specializing in Anglo-Indian Cuisine.)


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  1. greatunknown Says:

    Excellent… oh to be a boy again!

  2. Vijay Says:

    Excellent post… I lived in KGF till I was 5 yrs old… remember some things vaguely esp the Christmas celebrations.. Mom used to teach at KGF school as well…

  3. latha vidyaranya Says:

    hello bridget, i passed this article on to my co-sister Ramadevi, affectionately called ‘rammi’ who shares these childhood memories with you. she said she knows you very well, that you lived next door to hers, her sister sandhya and her brother kesri also remember you and that she had even called you on phone recently after seeing your article on some recipes in the news paper. rammi sends her love to you.

  4. Hi Vijay and the great unknown

    Thanks for your comments on KGF Nostagia..some childhood memories. I’m sure it bought back to mind the lovely place that KGF was in those days.

    Warmest Regards


  5. Hi latha

    Lovely to hear from you and more so to know that you are Rammi’s co-sister. I also remember her, her parents Mr and Mrs Hiranaiya and Sandhya and Kesari with much affection. We lived next door and played together as children. Sandhya and my younger sister were class mates and friends as well. Thanks for passing on my writeup to all of them.

    Warmest Regards


    • Rohini Chandrashekar Says:

      It’s a small world indeed. I am overjoyed to see pictures of KGF, where my family lived for three years, 1967-1969 if my memory serves me right. My sister Rajeshwari (Ammi) and myself (Rohini) know the Hiraniah family very well and I am sure Rammi and Sandhya would remember us too. I have been living in Australia for the last twenty years and in Africa before that. I wonder if anyone remembers our teachers = Vatsala Menon, Meera Prasad, Teresa Saldana (her brother was our dentist), Sr Patrick , Sr Hyacinth and the awful Mrs Johnson. I once met Sr Marguerite de Jesus,the school headmistress, at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore where I did my undergraduation study. She was the principal of Jyoti Nivas College and had accompanied their basket ball team to play against Mt Carmel’s. My friends in KGF were Nirmala Chacko, Nalini DChuna, Menaka Jagadish, Urmila, Revati, Margaret DSouza, Claudina Bertie (her mother was a Grade 1 teacher at St Joseph’s) and many others! There was a boy called Jairaj who travelled in our school bus – he was an ex St Joseph boy who was attending the boys’ school. I have far too many fond memories of the place to relate them all here. My sister, who lives in India has revisited KGF but unfortunately I haven’t. It has been great going down the memory lane with you all. Thank you.

      • Hi Rohini
        You must have been in my sister Maryann White’s class.There is an active KGF group known as KGF friends around the Globe on face book. You will surely be able to make contact with your old firends through this group. Regards

      • Hi Rohini,
        I liked your comments on “awful” Mrs.Johnson.I’m Kesari, brother of Rammi and Sandhya.Mrs.Johnson was my class teacher in 1st and 2nd Std in the 50s. I suppose you’re referring to the same person.She actually used to poke our heads with a sharp pencil!!!

      • sarla varier Says:

        Hello Rohini,I don’t know you personally,but when I read your letter just now I felt I must bring back my memories too.I am a KGFite by birth having done my schooling in St Joseph’s Convent completing in 1962.Your teachers Vatsala Menon,Meera Prasad,Teresa Saldana were all my classmates.Teresa’s elder sister Joyce had taught me and i loved her very much.She was so pretty and humble and still fresh in my memory. I am very much in touch with Vatsala Menon now Mrs Vatsala Sudakaran residing in Hyderabad. I remember Joyce and Teresa’s brother too.Their father was also a famous dentist and i remember going to their house with clinic in front.I also know Nirmala Chacko and their family.I My studied in Mount Carmel College till 1966.Vatsala Menon was my classmate and room mate too there.I am Sarla Varier who lived in Top Block, Champion Reef from the time i was born in 1946 and then shifted to Robertsonpet .My parents have been stayng in 7th cross there till 1975,and then shifted to Bangalore.They are no more.If i start to write about KGF there is endless to convey I too have not visited the place since long.It is indeed a small place but has within it memories of a very happy precious life which undoubtedly all KGFites wiould like to share i am sure.The best thing was each one knew the other irrespective of class and creed and we all felt we were of one family. Few of my friends were Sarla Srinivasan who was known as T S Sarla,M D Gita,Vatsala Menon,Hema Srinivasan,Roxy Samuel,Linda,Pamela Casselle,Surya Iyyappa.Very eager to know about my friends who are in any corner of the world can contact me at the following no:0124 2577812.

        • Premila Says:

          Hi Sarla
          I don’t know if you remember me. Your sister Hema was my classmate. ( I hope I have the same person in mind) Last I heard I thought you were in Canada. I teach English in NYCity Public Schools, U.S.Sorry to hear of your husbands passing. My parents are also no more. My email is
          The bonds from KGF are unbelievable.
          Premila Chacko ( Ashok)

      • Meera Says:

        Wow. Just did a search in google on KGF and saw this. We are a family – the KGFites! This is Meera (prasad) now living in Charlotte, NC, USA.

        • Kesari Prasad Says:

          Hi Meera,
          This is Kesari, son of Mr. Hiriyanniya and brother of Rammi and Sandhya. It grieves me to inform you that both of them are no more.
          I’m currently in Dallas, TX with my wife Sudha. We are visiting our sons , both of whom live in the Dallas area.

          • Meera Says:

            Very sorry to hear about your parents. Since I just crossed 70 myself, not a surprise. Growing up in KGF was a unique experience. I predate most folks in this stream, I think. I graduated from St Joseph’s in 60, came back after college and taught there from 66 until 70 when I married! Mother Marguerite was the best teacher and mentor I ever had in my life. She was sorry we did not have a library when I was a student, and since I loved reading, she asked me to come back and help her set up the first library there. Of course I remember Vatsala Menon, Surya and Hema, all a few years my juniors. And Geeta Narayan is now a journalist/author living in Bangalore. She has a novel about KGF called ‘ colour of gold’. Best wishes and love to all KGFites.

        • Premila Says:

          Hi Meera
          Are you the Meera Prasad who was my Homescience teacher. I’m Premila Chacko, now Ashok and am teaching English in the New York City Public Schools. Have been here the past 12 years. My email is Do write to me if you remember me. You were our adored teacher, if you are the same person.

          • Meera Says:

            Hi, I did teach there from 66 to 70, but I doubt I taught Home Science. More like English, some Science. Your name is very familiar, though:)

            • Premila Says:

              Maybe it was Science you taught. Students always remember teachers ( school more than college) rather than vice versa. I should know being a teacher myself for more than 30 years. I had a chance to speak to Ms. Joyce 2 years ago. She was my English teacher and the one who nurtured my love for the language. I don’t know if you remember her.
              Do you live here permanently? Good to hear from you.
              Premila Chacko (née)

  6. Resourceful Says:

    Wow, these childhood memories make you very nostalgic indeed. I grew up in Hutti Gold Mines, Raichur Dist, Karnataka (1970-1985). I could relate to most of what you said, similar place and happenings.

  7. Maureen Says:

    Interesting article Bridget.
    Mine were in a similar vein to your memories . I lived in a Railway Colony in Podanur. Happy childhood memories , gone bu not forgotten.

  8. Arvind Says:

    Hi Bridget,
    You talk about your aunts being strict disciplinarians. Well, I studied in KGF School in the early 70s and I can vouch for that!
    We were absolutely terrified of Miss Morris and Miss White! But the time we spent at KGF school was great fun and infact 22 of us (all classmates of the school) met up only last week in Bangalore!

    • Jayaraj Says:

      Hi i too studied till 69 at KGF School..don’t recall but if you can contact then we can connect……..after all KGF was a small town

    • B V Lakshman Says:

      I am Lakshman BV. I was in Miss P White’s Section of 7th Standard during the academic Year 1070-71 at KGF School. What about you?

  9. Hi Arvind
    Yes my Aunts were feared and loved by all their students. Sadly they are no more. But everyone remembers them with affection. What’s you surname by the way. We used to live opposite the skating Rink.

    • B V Lakshman Says:

      I felt very sad to hear that our Teachers Miss White and Miss Morris are no more. I pray God that their Noble Souls Rest in peace. My father knew the Lodwins who stayed near Skating Rink.

  10. Fred Says:

    Hello Bridget!
    An interesting read. Thanks. My interest in Kolar relates to my Grandfather who worked on the Mysore Mine in the early 1900s. I’d love to know how I can verify his existence at the mines. His marriage certificate (1905) indicates that he was a “millman”. Would you know of any authoritative sources (e.g. historical society) in Bangalore or Kolar from whom I could get information? Pls let me know. Incidentally, I was born in Bangalore! I look forward to ‘hearing’ from you.
    Regards and good health. Fred

  11. Nandini Says:

    Hi bridget,
    I don’t know which year you studied inKGF.I studied in St.Joseph’s Convent and was in BEML colony.Yes, I remeber KGF very nostaligally. The strict nuns ( we had Sis MAry of JEsus, Sis. .Maureen.Sis Margaret and others)inculcated so much discipline, so hard to find these days… I too am a journalist.
    Would like to more about you and KGF if you still have connections

  12. bridgetkumar Says:

    Hi Nandini
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you both. I would love to meet up with you. I’m a self published author of 5 Anglo-Indian Recipe books. Please do visit I’m sure you’ll ind it interesting.

  13. bridgetkumar Says:

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. There’s no historical society as such in KGF. However, you could get some information from the churches and Mr Valentine Powel who tries to keep a record of the old people of KGF. You could also verify the British Records on line.

  14. Dear Bridget Kumar,

    Greeting for SJCKGF….

    we were glad to see your write up… if you can contact me to address :

    Sr. Elsamma Jacob.
    St. Joseph’s Convent Girls High School,
    Champion Reefs,
    Kolar Gold Fields – 563117.

    Ph : 08153-274555

    • Sr Jacob,

      We are a group of ex-students of KGF School and St Joseph’s Convent who passed out in 1965 or thereabouts. We are planning a reunion in KGF on 5th/6th Jan 2012 and we all plan to visit our schools.
      Would be grateful if you could send your email address to so we could keep in touch with you and keep you informed of our plans.
      Kesari Prasad

  15. USHA Says:


    • Jhansi Says:

      Hi Usha,

      I too studied at St Josephs around the same time that you mentioned. I remember a classmate of mine named Usha who lived near the Five Lights. Is that you? It’s been ages that I moved out of KGF but to be honest, I cherish the memories of my childhood days at KGF….Teachings of our Teachers hold high values. I remember most of them with high regards. Hope to hear from you.

  16. Venkatesh Says:

    We were neighbhours of the Gibbs in Robertsonpet. Mr Gibbs was a absolute delight, he had some really funny stories to share. He used to scold my mom for not feeding us chicken (we are vegetarians). And once my granny was really sick with a Asthma attack and he gave her a couple of teaspoons of his brandy. I remember Mrs Queenie Gibbs was so strict with us kids. I used to hate her as a kid, but can now to relate to her. I think the Anglo Indians really gave a lot of character to KGF. As a kid I also used to love watching them play hockey.
    I would like to disagree with the author of this blog about KGF being one happy family. I dont think a similar sentiment will be expressed by people in all strata, especially the ones who had to clean the waste.

    • Laurina King (nee) Gibbs Says:

      Hi Venkaatesh,
      Interesting on going thru your mail about the Gibbs family. I really cannot place you. Were you their neighbour in the Teacher’s Quarters? Yes my dad was good fun. He is no more now. I dont know if you knew Nigel the son, he too is no more. Sadly missed. My mother Mrs. Gibbs is with me now and is quite good. I would love to hear from you Venkatesh. Where are you now?

  17. Kumar S Says:

    Its great! to recall Memories…. of childhood of being KGF-ites

  18. Kumar S Says:

    As i born & bought up in KGF, i did my graduation in 2000, i would like to see people like Mr.K to share his thoughts as he did by everyone else.

  19. Jessie Singh Says:

    Hi Bridgette, & to all my kgfites who remember me

    Interesting writeup Bridgette, we all have wonderful memories of our roots KGF, I think I stll have the opportunity to retain my beautiful, lovely house at Oorgaum. My Dad A.R.Singh, am sure will be remembered with a lot of affection. Well, I write this with pride my Dad A.R. Singh was known as the LION OF KGF, seem conceited ain’t I, well I am, very proud to be known as his daughter.
    We sisters studied at St. Joseph’s Convent. Our teaching of the Nuns and Teachers were sure of high value. Strict disciplinarians. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with most of my classmates after 30 long years. Hope this reaches out to all my other schoolies. Love you all my kgfites.

    • Jayaraj Says:

      Hi Jesie
      I do remember you, maybe if you send your co ordinates we can re establish contcat

    • Rohini Chandrashekar Says:

      I had a classmate called Jessie Singh. Do you remember Nimmu Chacko, Nalini DChuna, Margaret DSouza, Pamela Antic,…. If they were your classmates, so was I!
      Rohini Chandrashekar (I used to be K.Rohini)

      • Premila nee Chacko Says:

        Hello Rohini
        I recognize so many of the people on this blog being an ex KGFite myself.I can empathize with all the nostalgia. Visited KGF about 10 years ago and was devastated to see the ghost town it had become. Since you mentioned my sister Nirmala Im writing to you. She is a published author of a book-A video, a Fridge and a Bride- and has been writing a book about KGF for sometime now. I am sure she would love to connect with you.

      • JANE HOOVER Says:

        Hi Premila,
        Did you go to St, Joseph’s. I remember you.I finished high school in 1968.Some of my classmates are Brinda Menon,Premila Chacko,Asha and Nalina Gowda, Girija Jayraj, Sree Devi, Sandya.
        Iwent to FGC. Now I am teaching in New York.
        Hope to hear from you

    • Rajan Says:

      Hi Jessie, I am your brother alex class mate,was residing at electric colony, near udaya, Your mum still in my memory, the smile she gives wen i wish her, lovely beautiful woman, i always admire your mum, teacher in dunlop school, hope amar is fine too.

  20. shantha Says:

    Hi Brigit and all others
    I too am proud of KGF. I studied at St. Joseph’s and left KGF in 1969 after my PUC.My mother still lives in Robertsonpet and I visit her often. I live in the US now. Will love to hear from any of my friends.
    Please reply

    • JANE HOOVER Says:

      Hi Shantha,
      I studied in St, Joseph’s.I did my PUC AT ST Joseph’s in 1969.I live in New Jersey.I wonder if you remember me.Do you remember Geetha and Sarswati(sisters),Sheila,Girija, Sree Devi. R.
      My last name was Rajarathnam.

  21. R S ANANDARAJ Says:

    hi Brigit and all others I Studied in KGF School early 70 s terrifed of Miss Morris and Miss White but the time we spentin KGF School have grate fun my frinds are BURDY CLDWINDISE ASHLY PETERS DERIC BROWN HUGIN PETERS And many more now I am 52 years old working in NMDC As Deputy manager in iron ore mines chhathisgarh north india.

  22. Amarnath Says:

    Hi Bridget Kumar,

    Thank you for bringing out some golden memories of KGF. I am a product of KGF School. Mrs Bothwick was my first class teacher followed by Miss. Pinto, Mrs Godfrey, Miss White and Miss Morris. Mr. Pinto was the Headmaster. I am proud of the teaching standards and discipline followed by the school, that formed the foundation to a successful career for me.I was living in Oorgaum (between the police station & railway station) and was neighbour to Miss Pinto (jr & sr). In my childhood days I was a frequent visitor to Oorgaum Hall to watch movies with my dad (VB Sudarisanan)and his friend ND Vogt. Later, I was working in BGML and used to visit KGF Club (ex Oorgaum Hall) and Nundydroog Club (Skating Rink). Now, I have settled in the UK. I would be happy to establish contact with my school mates and friends.

  23. kalpana Says:

    Hi Bridgette and all KGFites
    Iam proud of KGF. I studied at St. Joseph’s and left KGF in 2001 after my PUC.Transfered to Bangalore only for the purpose of job.though the life style is different today but the happiness what we had in KGF is different simple life with more of happiness.
    KGF life is really special with lots of sweet memories

  24. ravi chandran raj Says:

    hi briget,

    I am from KGF , A MINING ENGINEER live in NAVI MUMBAI.

    Every time i visit KGF , the roots. , wonderful memories ., the glories past of the place[little england] . , the great people who still love and pride KGF totally captivates me.


    i want to make a documentary film on kgf picturising the feeling of life in kgf through the people .


    been all over india there is no great place like the “little england”

    no other country, and no other govt in the world would have left a place like kgf to its current level of status. lee.

  25. Maria Says:

    Hi All,
    I am also from kgf and i am proud to be from such a beautiful place,i studied in william richards school and did my graduation in first grade college. i am really really happy to read this article about kgf….i am lucky to be a part it.There is no place in this world which i can compare to kgf..the love of neighbours,the celebration of all festivals, the 1st cross road, my college….i only have tears in my eyes now if i talk about my place. KGF is disappearing…..but i dont want it to happen. Is there any way to save KGF???? i want this beautiful place to be recognised again….Can we do something to save our place.i love kgf…i can never forget my memories in kgf…KGF hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  26. P.B.Rajeshwaran Says:

    Hai Maria,
    Im also from KGF, i studied my primary and middle school at st.Josephs Convent and my high school at st.Mary’s School, PUC at FGC and now working in the Gulf. I really accept all the fact what u have mentioned about KGF. “There is no place on Earth like KGF”. My parents still live in KGF and i visit them once in a year. I luv the place and the weather.

  27. bridgetkumar Says:

    Hi Everyone. I’m overwhelmed with the response from all of you to my little article on KGF. Thank you all very much. For some real KGF Nostalgia and for some lovely pictures of all the familiar landmarks of KGF please do visit my Blog I’m sure you all will long for KGF all the more. Bridget

  28. jeromias paul Says:

    Hi Bridget kumar,
    Thanks for your article, I along with my brother VINCENT PAUL studied from 1970-75, Still cherish the memories of my school days, I stayed in Marikuppam near Mysore hall, my friends were Samson,Simon jesudas,louis,chavan,bhartyfisher,keith brown,halge,morris,ashly peters etc.It was really great living in KGF we really had great fun,I am settled in bangalore right now.Hope KGF comes back to its glory some day.

  29. Suma Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I too am a KGF. I was born there but lived in bangalore. Since it is my birth place, KGF/Andersonpet/Oorgaum station is very very close to my heart. My grandmom and my uncles still live there. I am right now in the UAE but make it a point to visit KGF every year without fail.

  30. bridgetkumar Says:

    For some recent pictures of KGF do visit

  31. kanina bose Says:

    hi bridget!
    what a dream write up!i am from kgf too.studied in st josephz under sister mary of jesus.i passed out in 82 from school.your article has taken me back to those good old dayz!though we were from beml the anglo indian influence on us was daughter spent all her childhood summer holidayz in kgf and sayz that the bangarpet station is straight out of malgudi dayz!shez doing her architecture from delhi now.dr.saldahna and his family have been my friendz for u know them? in fact rosa his daughter was my class was truly wonderful going down memory lane. god bless and lotz of luck and luv reply!

    • Dhanalakshmi Says:

      Dear Kanina,

      Today is a wonderful day. I am Dhanalakshmi your classmate (St. Joseph’s Convent) lived in Vijayanagar (near BEML Nagar) now working as professor in the Management department of Acharya Bangalore B School. I recall my sweet memories. I could not meet or contact any of our classmates after I left First Grade College in 1984. I did my higher studies in Chennai, worked for ICAI, New Delhi then since 2010 I am living in Bangalore and will be joining as professor in Wen Zhou University, Chine in September, 2016. I remember our teachers and friends Mythili, Chithra, Viji, Hema and others. We had the pleasure of commuting together in the BEML Bus. Keep in touch. Looking forward to contact you. My email address is Kindly provide your contact details. Eager to hear from you.


  32. bridgetkumar Says:

    Thanks Kanina. You’ll feel a lot more nostalgic about KGf if you visit my Blog

  33. Napolean Says:

    Hi Bridget/And all great KGF friends

    Home Sweet Home Ther’s no place like home ,Dear friends I was born , brought @ studied PKSN/BGML SCHOOL batch 87/90 .old house 24 N.T BLOCK OORGAUM ,If i see any article or news about kgf my heart go’s back to golden days ,which will ever come ,going to mother of mines church,twon,sitting in railway station ,convent school girls waaa what a days ,christmas ,pongal time,my school & negibourwood friends ,when I will get all these back ,I sincerly pray god to bless the city of gold again & great good pepole ,,,bridget good work keep it up god bless you,,,,,Napolean Canada

  34. bridgetkumar Says:

    Hi Napolean.Thanks. Seasons greetings and a Happy New year to all

  35. Swarna Says:

    Hi Bridget, Thanks for your writeup and I too share the same memories of KGF. Too bad its almost dead now.
    I did my 1-10 in SJC and cant find such teachers anywhere now. The passion and discipline that they had is worth acknowledging. I am sending my Heart felt THANK YOU to all the teachers of SJC ( 1975-1985) through your blog.

    • Mary Elizabeth Latha Says:

      Hi! Swarna,

      Since, you have mentioned 1975-1985, i just wanted to know if you were in Ms. Malathi’s class i.e., in 9th B’ and used to sing classical songs alongwith Shailaja. If yes, i hope u remember me, I was in the same class, Anu, Helen, Managala and myself are one team. A line in response would be great yaar!

  36. bridgetkumar Says:

    Thanks Swarna. You could also check out whereI’ve uploaded quite a few pictures of KGF. You could also join the “KGF friends across the Globe” group on face book. You’ll be amazed at the number of old friends you’ll meet there.Bridget

  37. suba Says:

    hi, iam suba from the same school, studies 1 to 10 and left school in1987 i am from beml i love my school and very fond beml quarters

  38. APPAIAH. G. P Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I too am from KGF. I was born there lived there from birth in 1961 to 1978, studied in KGF school( completed X during 1978) & moved to Bangalore in 1978 for college. Since it is my birth place,Robertsonpet/Oorgaum/marikuppam is very very close to my heart. I make it a point to visit KGF as frequent as possible but have never found any nof my friends of 1978 batch – really very sorry and disappointed



    I lived 21 yrs in KGF b/w 1970 to 1991. Studied in william richards-st joseph covent-lindsy mem high school-kgf first garde – golden valley. Life was realy good in KGF Even today i visit just to keep the memories alive of a great place KGF.

  40. Hi Respected friends KGF

    My great Grand father Jackie Richards from England, Married to My Great Grand Mother Indian, had 5 childrens, 2 Daughters, May Richards and Kate Richards, and 3 sons, the youngest is John Richards all three left India in 1947, and settled down in Cornwall, Bath, Oval,I had contacts with my Great Uncle John Richards till 1990’s now he is no more passed away, He had 3 children , 1 son , 2 daughter, son name mark richards, daughters name kamala, carita, I do not have any touch with them, nor they visited India, May richards also passed away, she was a spinster, Kate Richards still doubt alive or not as no contacts from them,I am interested if any of you know them, nor their childrens, pls do let me know.

    I am also born in KGF, my parents are in robertsonpet, presently,I did my schooling from parkinson school and J.K.Lindsay school marikuppam. I know miss white, Morris, valrie, nicklace, d’cuna, miss corner, shamana, radhakrishnan,karamani, dorthy, vijanthimala, so on .i passed out in 1984 SSLC,PLS LET ME KNOW ANY IDEA OF MY FAMILY CONTACTS ANY ONE KNOWS, ONE Mrs.Nailer know my relative family in England, Mrs Nailer stays in white field.

  41. bridgetkumar Says:

    You could join the group KGF FRIENDS ACROSS THE GLOBE on Facebook. I’m sure there will someone who can help you get in touch with your relatives.

  42. Elizabeth Staunton Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog, although Im not from KGF, my ancestors were from there. I am tracing and compiling my family tree and would love to know where I can get any records or material linked to them. My great grand father Percy Frederick Staunton was a resident of KGF (assayer in the Nundydroog mines), I also think my grandfather could have been born there, Patrick Woodhouse Staunton (1904) – would really appreciate any help/advice you can give me. My maternal grandmothers family also lived there (Joseph Jacquet) so any info would be very very helpful…Thanks a lot.

  43. Col (Retd) Joseph Bantleman Says:

    Hello Bridget,

    It was really nostalgic reading your blog about KGF, the AI folks and some snippets of the good times in the good old days.

    I completed my education from KGF School in 1965 and joined KGF First Grade College. After completing BSc in 1969, I joined the Indian Army (Corps of Signals) in 1970, did my BTech in Telecom Engineering while in service and took VRS in 1996.

    Seeing your group photo with Our Principal Dudley Pinto and Ms. Monise of the KGF School brought back old memories. My batch mates are Leonard Ryder, Kesari Prasad, Achiah Appachoo, George Abraham, Mario Lobo, Rodney Marshall, Bertie Rodrigues, Raymond Brewty and others. I do remember with fond memories your late aunts Ms Pansy White and Ms Beryl Morris (not forgetting the other AI teachers Ms Sarah O’Hara and Ms Godfrey), who not only taught us academics but also value systems and groomed us to face the world. My deep respects to the KGF school teachers.

    I’m glad to know that Neil Joseph is taking keen interest to restore KGF school, which was on the verge of closure, and has done a lot of ground work. I’m in touch with my batch mates of 1965 who have promised to pitch in to support Neil with his restoration work. It’s the least we could do for the great institution which gave us so much.

    Thank you for the great effort to keep memories of “Little England” and “KGF School” alive.

    • Wg Cdr Jithendran Says:


      Glad to know Sir, that you studied at KGF School subsequently first grade college and then the Indian Army.

      Self and my brother Wg Cdr Rajendran studied in the same school and graduated from First grade college. Presently Iam posted at Delhi Palam and my brother is at Barrackpore. I studied between 1975 to 1987 at KGF school and my brother between 1971 to 1983 at KGF school.

      Presently where are you settled Sir ?

  44. Thanks Joseph for all the nice things you’ve said about my Blog. Who can forget dear old KGF. I’m bring out a book entitled KOLAR GOLD FIELDS – Down Memory Lane which will be published by a British publishing Firm shortly. Please do look out for it.

  45. Dear Bridget,

    I’ve just gone through your blog and the phenomenal comments .Good work and keep it up.

    I’ve just started writing my autobiography ( A common man’s story) and it obviously includes a lot of material on KGF.The website is

    Through this blog, I re-established contact with Len Ryder and Cornelia Bennet ( nee Stokoe) corresponds with me regularly.

    I was delighted to read the comments of Joe Bantleman and I was proud to note that he retired as a Colonel in the Indian Army.

    My email address is and I do hope my friends who read this will visit my blog site and also get in touch with me by e mail.

    I have a group photograph of my 6th Std class with Miss White and Mr.Pinto and I’ll be glad to send this to anyone who asks for it.

    Your brother John is in Chennai and spoke to me about a year back.We haven’t been in touch since then.

    Best wishes


  46. preethi Says:

    i studied in St.Joseph’s…i really enjoyed those has changed now but there is no words to express hw much i miss those dayss…i really miss all my teachers…friends…(surabhi,sushma,suma,yamuna,sneha,jansi,mariya sangeetha,grizendha………..)i hope all u people doing great…love u all miss u people

  47. P.Venugopal Says:

    Dear all,I am from KGF,lived at Headgears quarters for 22 years, my father Mr.Parasuraman
    was a pipe fitter foreman at Mysore mine, was a famous football goaler also. I was born and lived in KGF till 1979, left while joining SBI at Bangalore. Now I am 56, settled inGujarat with family. My two brothers live in KGF, My aged mom is also live at KGF with my brothers.during 2007-09, visited KGF thrice, never gorget to goround the whole area for half a day seeing every place of memory,visiting the house we lived. I had lot of anglo indian friends around my email id is MOb 09978915997. I request all those who remember me to mail me or phone me.The Idea of Mr. Aandraj having forums in the name of JOhn Taylor & sons is appreciable. I wish all of you and your families all the best in life.
    If there is one more life, We all should be born in KGF and we shall definately bring back the old glory if not revive the mines, atleast the living style. Thanks.

  48. Krishna Kumar Says:

    Hi to all the KGFites,
    It’s great to see that so many people remembering each other and bring back old memories . Yes i am also from KGF , born in in KGF hospital studied at the Convent School , Champion Reef and then at KGF School, and finally at Ist grade college. my father Late Mr Rao was a Surveyor at Nundydurg. I am also trying to locate some of my childhood friends and hope that this reaches out to them and will respond to me at:

    Bet Wishes to every body from KGF and look forward to hearing from you.

    Krishna kumar

  49. Felix Pinto Says:

    Hi bridget,
    At this hour of 2:45 pm, I was deeply intoxicated with the heavy lunch while I was left with my colleague bouncing our memories to cascade our childhood days to rekindle the motivation acquired with the society and the place as a whole, on recalling the very memory of the golden days in the golden city, my sober fingers slammed on the key board figuring the window of the world (google) to type my city name, K.G.F, while my eyes draping your words dragged my thoughts still altogether taken me to the good olden days , trust to meet you when I am in K.G.F——- GOOD THOUGHTS and the natural flawless experience.

    All the best for Down Memory Lane

    Felix Pinto
    Dubai, united Arab Emirates

  50. Rajiv Saraf Says:

    I am exemployee of BGML.I was working in training center from 1989 to 1991.Any one from BGML who know me can send email at

  51. Mrs.Rajeshwari Kumar Shastry Says:

    really very thrilling to see the oldage friends and good thaughts which i read in this link I born n brought of mumbai only, but my father in law was the mechanical engineer in 1930-50,his name was Shri.Krishnaswami Shastry,4 sons n 1 daughter’s if u know about him please give me details of my father in law

  52. Premila nee Chacko Says:

    Hi Jane
    Ya I am the same Premila Chacko who was your classmate. Did u send me an invite on FB because I just ignored it since I didnt make the connection. If you are in NY, so am I and a teacher too. I teach in the city, -where do you? Cant say I remember you as clearly as you seem to remember me. But the name Jane is familiar.

  53. Hi Everyone!!
    Thanks for all the lovely things you’ve said on this Blog Post of mine. To preserve our memories of KGF I’ve brought out a book entitled KOLAR GOLD FIELDS DOWN MEMORY LANE. Do visit to know about it. I think everyone from KGF should buy a copy. Bridget

  54. I’m looking for contact addresses of my classmates in KGF School from the Class of ’65. We’re planning a reunion in KGF in Jan 2012.We’re also inviting St Joseph’s Convent students of the same class. Kesari Prasad, Joseph Bantleman, Len Ryder

  55. S.SURESH KUMAR Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I was born & brought up in Kolar Gold Fields and I did my schooling till 7th Standard in St.Sebastin School, Coramondal, High School at St.Mary’s Boys School, and till IInd PUC I did at First Grade College and now settled in Bangalore. I would like to meet the Old people, Old Friends from my Golden Soil. If anybody is from KGF, please do write to my e-mail. I request all the People who are staying outside KGF to reunion in KGF and bring back the old memories and to help our people. Those who are interested please send the details to my e-mail.


    Hi Everybody,
    I just love KGF.
    I was born & brought up there, my father was an engineer in BEML, he is now retired and is residing in Bangalore.
    I did my schooling at,William Richards(1974-76),St Josephs(1976-83),Lindsay(1983-84),BEML school (1984-86),FGC(86-88).
    Presently in UK;
    Last time I visited KGF was in 2007,felt sad to see Lindsay memorial school almost in shambles.
    If anyone could recognise me,and are my class mates or school mates, please feel free to email me.
    Some of my teachers,
    St Josephs (Pvt)
    1st A standard-Gracy;
    2nd & 3rd A- Mary quinn
    4th A-Miss Kamali
    5th A-Miss Jayashree
    6th -Miss Nirmal
    7th Miss Vijayalakshmi
    Lindsay– Head Mr Shamanna
    BEML high school—Miss Jayasheili,miss jayashree
    some of my class mates (primary school); Keith thomas, Cyric Joseph,Peter D Rozario,Nicky,Paul,Kishore,Rupinder singh Paintal,Sunil Singh Rana,………….

  57. Mary Elizabeth Latha Says:

    Dear Friends,
    I am also an ex-student of SJC, 1984 batch, my class teacher was Ms. Malathi, and my classmates were Anu, Mangala, Helen, Chitra, Shaheen, Sabrina Taylor, Anita, Jyothi, Sarala, Swarna, Shailaja….. I moved to Bangalore after my 9th. I love KGF and can never forget those old memories.. I liked my class teacher very much, she was a very encouraging person. Ms. Victoria, i am sure no one can forget her. Master Das, Tulisiram singh, Jula Reddy….what a time it was…well i am in touch with Helen and Anu, but others i don’t know….if anyone out there please do keep in touch.

    • Maria Says:

      Hi All,

      Great to hear from so many people, If we have so much love for KGF we should definately do something for our place. Atleast a tourist place….where people can come and cherish their memories as well as know the hard work done by the people of KGF. Nothing is too hard…unless we take the first step.

      I would like to invite everyone who is interested to do something for KGF and bring the glory and make people turn back and see us once again.
      What do you guys think about it…..
      I love KGF…..
      Still i live in KGF and never would i imagine any place like KGF…ohhhhh awesome

      • Mary Elizabeth Latha Says:

        Sure Ms. Maria,

        That is a real good concept, if only we can do it jointly. i am sure we can do it….

  58. Maria Says:

    Mr.Bernard Butcher stays near my house..if anyone knows him and likes to contact him, please write to me

    • Hi Maria,

      I knew a Harry Butcher who used to maintain my daddy’s scooter which later got converted into a sidecar, in KGF. Please ask Mr.Bernard Butcher whether he knows Harry.

      My dad’s name is A.C.Hiriyanniya and we lived opposite Skating Rink.

      Kesari Prasad

      • Maria Says:

        Hi Kesari, Yes Bridget is right.

        I will convey this to uncle bernard when i go to KGF this weekend. Probably you should be knowing uncle leon as well.

      • sarla warrier Says:

        hello kesaari,
        this is sarla daughter of late A G Warrier who worked in mining office during your father’s time. I know your parents . we lived in top block, between champion reef and oorgaum and then shifted for few years to 7th cross road in robersonpet and then to Bangalore. love to read about KGF as I was also born there ,studied in st joseph’s till 10th std,did my college in Mt Carmel in Bangalore.i must visit K GF next time I go to Bangalore.reply if you have heard of me.
        sarla warrier

        • Kesari Prasad Says:

          Hi Sarla,

          Of course I’ve heard of your parents.My dad and mom used to speak of them often and I’m sure I’ve also met them.

          I’m sorry to inform you that both my sisters Ramadevi and Sandhya as well as my mother passed away within 7 months of each other.It’s a blow from which I’m still recovering.My dad had passed away in 1987.

          • sarla warrier Says:

            hi kesari,
            very sorry to hear about your deep loss which can be healed with time only. I knew about your father’s passing away.even my parents are no more and that means that strong bond between us is no more.where are you now?family?you are younger to me but I knew you all much.i am now in delhi with my husband also passed away in 2009.KGF memories are ever fresh in mind.i would like to know if any of our KGFite”s who were senior to you are anywhere around the globe?i would like to know about them. I have also not found any one in FB except vatsala menon whom I am still in touch with.she is daughter of P B Menon and my class mate,room mate in college too.felt very happy u replied me.

            • Kesari Prasad Says:

              Sarla, go to Facebook and ask to become a member of the Group “KGF Friends across the globe”. You’ll come across many of your old KGF friends and can keep in touch with them. Kesari

  59. Kesari, Bernard is Harry’s younger brother. Mrs Beryl Butcher, Harry’s wife lives in Frazer Town. Their children are all married and work abroad. Will pass on your regards to Mrs Butcher. Bridget

    • Thank you Bridget.I still remember Harry coming in every Saturday afternoon to maintain dad’s scooter. He was a fine gentleman and took the trouble to explain the scooter’s workings to me even though I was just a young kid—10 to 12 years old.
      Please convey my regards to Harry’s wife and tell her that everyone on my family remembers him fondly.

  60. This is to let you all know that I’ve published a book on KGF entitled KOLAR GOLD FIELDS DOWN MEMORY LANE – Paeans to Lost Glory!!. This book ” undertakes a nostalgic journey of almost 150 years, beginning with the historical and mythological origins of the Kolar Gold Mines, its golden progress through the years under the John Taylor and Sons Company, its gradual decline, and the final closure of the once prosperous Kolar Gold Mining Company in 2003. Thus ending a golden chapter in History, which now lies buried in the annals of time.

    It recalls the glorious and cosmopolitan life led by the tiny vibrant Anglo-Indian Community (a living legacy of the British Raj) in the early days of KGF who lived in sprawling bungalows with beautiful gardens and domestic helpers at their beck and call. It recalls the grand Christmas Balls and Dances held at the Skating Rink and the Jam Sessions and Pound Parties in Buffalo Lodge.

    It finally focuses on the author’s childhood memories of growing up in KGF in the 1950s and 60s, and of life’s many simple pleasures – home, family, school, playmates, entertainments, games, etc. It recalls memories of old familiar haunts and landmarks of KGF and the people who were an indispensable part of life in those days. The book succeeds in capturing and preserving the ethos and naunces of a bygone era.
    You could read about my book on KGF on my Website
    Please contact me for copies at

  61. Rohini Chandrashekar Says:

    Hi Kesari and Premila
    Thanks for replying to my note. Kesari, good luck with the reunion of Class of ’65 and the book. Premila, I would be delighted to hear from Nimmu. We kept in touch through high school but not after. I have been out of India for nearly thirty years now. Please give her my best wishes.

    I just now related to my husband, the story of the “Moonbeam” magazine which Nimmu and I had created with a few other friends. We were the writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, printers (we actually hand-sewed the little magazines) as well as the readers! A readership of a total of four! Great hearing from you. Cheers, Rohini.

  62. Premila Says:

    Hi Rohini
    Have forwarded your mail to Nimmu. I remember that magazine. You were pioneers. Nimmu actually has a published book called “A Video, a fridge and a bride”.-may be out of circulation now. She took voluntary retirement from the State bank of Travancore. However Nimmu isnt very tech comfy or is happier with other mediums. Hence many of her friends contact me and I leave it to her to decide. Recently Jessie Singh got in touch and I passed on the message. I do remember you. Take care and be in touch if you can.

  63. Narayana Rao Says:

    Hi to all the KGF ites , just got to see Bridgets wonderful posterity of KGF which brought back quite nostaligic memories .I stayed in the Electric Quarters for about 25 years, did my schooling from KGF school with a strong foundation from the relentless marvellous teachers right from the Nursery till I passed out , my gratitude to all of them right from Ms Carr , Ms C & D Pinto Sisters, Ms Josephine Nicholas, Ms Jospheine O’Corner , Ms Godfrey,Ms Morris ,Ms White , Mr.Venkatar( Hindi Teacher) Mr Radhakrishnan,Mr Venugopal, Mr.Shamana, Mr.Ramachandra, Mr.Pinto who was the Head Master and anybody else who I amy have forgotten passed out my 10th in the year 1973. Went on to do my PUC from First Grade College and moved out to Bangalore in 1975 where I moved onto do my Diploma from SJP. Am presently working for Mahindra & Mahindra Limited in Mumbai as a DGM- Technical. Some of my friends and neighbours who I remember are ( please get in touch if you happen to see this mail).Ryders, Halges , Appletons , Browns, Dias, D Cunnahas,Pice , Ross,O’Corners, Tapps, Jenkins, Carrs, Olivers, Taylors,Wheelers to name a few. I could aslo be contacted on my mobile – 09769965650. I understand that there is a reunion on the 5th / 6th of January 2012 , Wish I could make it.

    My dad Vittal Rao was a Foreman in the Electric Dept opp the ertswile Oorgaum Hall who incedently passed away in an electrocution of 24000 Volts on duty in 1972. My sisters Kubindra and Devika studied in KGF School till we had co-ed there and then moved over to St.Josephs in Champion Reefs ( unfortunately lost my elder sister Kubindra just a few months ago).

    Thanks to Bridget once again for taking that extra mile to bring back again .

    I would love to hear from all who know me so taht we could keep in touch.

    With Warm Regards and Cheers to all the KGF ites

    Yours Truly

    Narayana Rao

  64. v. ramachandrareddy Says:

    I V. RAMACHANDRAREDDY studied in KGFschool and passed my 10th std in the year 1979 my friendsa are snathosh from b-pet ian bantlemen mahesh,manivanan ,m.a.srinivasplease callme 9880401609 i am workin g in beml staying in parandahalli roberetsonpet KGF


    I am G.JOYCE SANGEETHA studied in St. Joseph’s convent school and passed my 10th std in the year 1991 my friends are Latha , Rama , roopa , Mythily , I am working in chennai
    If any of my friends see’s this message , Please reply to following email ID – or

  66. r j venkatesh Says:


    • Sarla Achu Says:

      this is sarla warrier who was in K G F in my childhood days,did my schooling till 10th std[ 1962 ] in st joseph’s convent.few of my friends and classmates were rocky samuel, surya iyappa, sarla srinivasan, pamela casselle, linda,m d gita, vatsala menon,hema srinivasan. i will be too happy to know the wherabouts of all my friends who will all be senior citizens now. i am in regular touch with valsala menon. when i saw the subject ‘K G F Nostalgia’, i could not but scribble few lines down the memory lane. K G F indeed is a beautiful small place. i wish i could live back all my childhood days! i wish i had settled down in K G F. Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 11:58:46 +0000 To:

  67. B V Lakshman Says:

    I am Lakshman BV. I studied at KGF School in the years 1970-72 in the 7th & 8th Standards. My class Teacher was the most revered, most strict, most affectionate, best English teacher, Miss. P. White. She used to handle Mothertongue English & Higher English for our class. My classmates were Vikram Srinivas, Shashank Gangadhar, Ashok, Allan D’Cunha, Bernett, Glaswyn Diaz, D’silva Masilamani and others. I still can recite those poems that Miss. White taught us – Motherland by Tagore, Coromandel Fishers by Sarojini Naidu and so on. They are fresh in my mind and are lingering to this day because of the Great Teacher She was. My salute to her. In 8th standard, Mr.Venugopal was our class teacher. Our Headmaster was Sri. Ramachandra Rao. Mr.Shamanna and Mrs.Lalitha srinivas, Mr.Venkatakrishnaiah were my 8th Std teachers for Science, English and Hindi. My namaskarams to all my teachers who taught us so well at KGF School.

  68. B V Lakshman Says:

    I participated in the School Day celebrations every year. When I was in 7th Std, I enacted the role of BHIMA of Mahabharatha in the Kannada play “Yaksha Prashne”. In 8th std, I was the brother of Gopala in the Kannada play “Nanna Gopala” written by Sri Kuvempu, the celebrated Kannada poet. When we finished our 7th Std, myself and my junior friend, Mr.Guruprasad had been invited by Miss White to her home in Anglo-Indian Colony at Robertsonpet and she had given us some “home-made” wine. She was a very strict Disciplinarian and would give” bendoz’ hits with a long stick on our lower leg portion, so very frightening and painful, when we made any mistake, be it grammatical or syntactical errors in English. I owe to that Great Soul what I know today in English.

  69. Shobha Says:

    i am Shobha. I studied in Richards school, then in St josephs girls school from 1980 to 1991. my classmates were uma, triveni, usha, liji( in high school) roopa, nandita, pratima. My teachers were st Teresa, mrs Uma, Victoria, St Berthelina.
    Life in KGF was life in paradise. I lived in B.E.M.L colony

  70. Dhanalakshmi Says:

    Hi, I am Dhanalakshmi. studied in St. Sebestian school, (1971-1977), St. Joseph’s Convent (1978-1982) then in KGF Fist Grade College (1983-1984). Stayed in Vijayanagar near BEML Nagar. Now in Bangalore. I express my gratitude to all my teachers.

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