World rejoices Sunita Williams’ safe return

June 25, 2007


12 Responses to “World rejoices Sunita Williams’ safe return”

  1. Pradeep Says:

    The amazing thing about the return — as always — was the clinical precision. Atlantis landed exactly at 1.19. Imagine the who thing is remote controlled from here on earth!

  2. Understand that after the previous death, people are worried about return of an astronaut but this is ridiculious to spend reems and reels of media just. Are there not so many accidents,deaths of so many astronauts – whats so special?

    People are aware of risks before they take up assignments and a wish for the best of luck is very much appriciated but this is turning to be too much of un-necessary coverage for that lady.

  3. latha vidyaranya Says:

    “Are there not so many accidents,deaths of so many astronauts – whats so special?”

    just imagine you have sent some one from your family to a far off place on a particular risk-laden mission. that person has completed the mission successfully and you are awaiting the return of that person very eagerly. and as the person is about to reach home, suddenly a big obstacle is encountered and there is every chance of that person not returning back live to describe to you how the whole mission went. how would you feel at that point of time? ofcourse, everyday in news papers you have been reading about all sorts of accidents and crimes. but still can you become that blase as not to worry about your own family member’s safe return? and how many telephone calls would you be receiving, in the meanwhile, from your kith and kin making enquiries about the condition of that person? when such is the case for an ordinary family like ours, how would it be when we consider the whole world as our kutumbha and this particular astronaut from our own india? and the large shadow of kalpana chawla’s recent death looming large in everybody’s mind! The media coverage is absolutely justified and the celebrations on their safe return absolutely necessary. And how the mission had connected people of India and America as brothers/sisters!


  4. Ms Latha,
    Media coverage does NOT ensure safe return. In such a case of known catestrophy you shouldnt have let your near and dear ones take up that ordeal itself!!!

  5. shark Says:

    I agree with mohan here! The media attention was a bit too much. What with various homas and all conducted and each of them telecasted on national news channel… too much!

  6. latha vidyaranya Says:

    i confess that i am not at all a TV/newsbuff and i did not even watch on TV the atlantis landing safely. i just happened to read the article on sunita and the two comments made earlier and dashed off my comment impulsively. perhaps this is what blog addiction does sometimes. now i do not know if i should agree to agree with you or agree to disagree :))

  7. Mysorean Says:

    It’s not the media coverage that’s bothering me, but it’s the desperation to brand the feat – ‘Indian’ that’s bothering me. I don’t think Sunita Williams has ever claimed anywhere that she is part Indian (that too by lineage!). Why this rush to claim something that is not ours?

  8. Hats off to this great lady!

  9. neela Says:

    @mysorean :gedda ettina baala hidiyuvudu namma dharma alvari

  10. latha vidyaranya Says:

    adu human dharma, allavenri? or the human drama???

  11. bachodi Says:

    “World rejoices Sunita Williams’ safe return” what about the rest of them sir ?

  12. prashanth.v Says:

    sunitha is luckey to come back from space .she had not done only reserches she also laid a path for woman.

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