How to identify a ‘Blog Addict’

June 26, 2007


… readers, (prospective) blog addicts can feel free to add more to the list…

Update: Read a few more additions in the ‘Comments’ section.

Don’t miss:

And here are a few ‘possible’ cures:


55 Responses to “How to identify a ‘Blog Addict’”

  1. 🙂

    Good compilation RK and your last statement confirmed my worst fears!!!

  2. Shruthi Says:

    Just too good! And I actually found myself nodding and smiling at so many of those – I have to watch out :O

  3. pArijAta Says:

    I could identify with a few points in the above list.
    That was neat!

  4. vinay Says:

    this is for readers of blogs and not the owners :
    1. u sign ur name on a printed form as ‘anon’ 🙂

  5. Shashikiran Says:

    hmmm…no thanks for catching me out!

  6. latha vidyaranya Says:

    thanks, RK, this serves as a very good checklist for me to confirm blog addiction in (myself) my clients. pls suggest a deaddiction programme!

  7. Pradeep Says:

    Good one, I must say… Many of them, though in lighter vein, true actually.

  8. Cuckoo Says:

    Hmmm So, are you an addict ??

    BTW, just saw your picture on Prashanth’s blog & commented there. 😀

  9. anoop Says:

    very good observation, bellur.
    thankfully many of the points in ur list didn’t identify with me. now that you have mentioned the symptoms of a blog-addict, it would be nicer if you can put in a little extra effort and state the cure too… 🙂 I’m sure there are many who can benefit by that.

    though its in context, i’m a bit hesitant to give reference to this link of mine –
    because, as per the current subject of your post it would mean giving extra publicity and extra hits to my webpage, signs of a blog-addict. but im willing to take the risk for the greater good of all… ;p

  10. Hi RK,

    Nice work all round, especially the way you ended the post. Interesting choice of typeface, too – it was perfect for the nature of the post.

    In the next couple of days, I’ll put together a post that mentions this as well as something on Debbie Gamble’s site.



  11. rk Says:

    more to the list:
    * you are more worried about your blog’s well being than the family, after your death

    * you consider it a duty to visit the blogs on the blogroll than calling/ visiting relatives & friends

    * you take longer time to name your blog than your kid

    * you take a moment to publish the post titled “you are just a minute away from getting married” or “just finished my father’s ceremony”…

    * you write in detail about the way you sneezed or burped and watched the reactions from people around you because it is of great significance to your blog

    * you buy a digital/SLR/mobile camera not because YOU need it but your BLOG needs it

    * you think about your blog more than your girlfirend/ boyfriend/ spouse/ kid…

    * you are having an intimate moment with your spouse and take a break to check comments

    * you get connected to the net everyday and the first thing you do is check the blog and not the mail

    * you get annoyed when your friend asks “what’s up” because you have already written about it in the latest post

    * you have written posts to tell friends that you have gone to the rest toom

    * you feel sad not being online from tomorrow because your spouse is returning back after a month long business trip thus affecting your blog schedule

    * you have attended more blog parties than family parties

    * you know the BLOG History better than Indian or World History (in other words, you are more interested in ‘Evolution of the Blog’ than ‘Evolution of Man’)

    * you have a signboard ‘Welcome to RwB’ at your home door entrance and another one ‘Thanks for visiting. :)’ at the exit

    * you have a secret blog to experiment stuff

  12. rk Says:

    Dear all,
    Just want to mention that I am a BA, that is Bachelor of Arts, but not the BA (Blog Addict) mentioned here.I may not yet qualified for this BA degree as yet!

    This post is written in a lighter vein.

    thanks. 😀

    thanks. i am sure you will take very good care of all your 3 kids: first A, then S, then Nyc!

    thanks. prospective BA? 😉

    good one!

    😀 😀

    latha vidyaranya,
    expect the de-addiction list. sometime soon!

    thanks pal.

    this post is categorised in the humour section!
    thanks for your nice words in prashanth’s blog.

    happy you liked them.
    lol! your second para is very well put!
    thanks for the link. very well written.

    thank you, thank you!
    eager to read your post!

  13. shark Says:

    I related myself to around 60% of the points… so still a long way to get the degree 😉

  14. Mysorean Says:

    Fixing a movie outing with your spouse over the comments’ section of a post is what had me crackling. And well, looks like I fit into 100% of the so-called “blog addict”. I always prided myself on being a person who could never get addicted to anything and today Rk you have totally punctured the ego of Mysorean the Great! 😀
    (PS: Use of Mysorean instead of Adi!)

  15. NAREN Says:


    Some Points are very true.. I guess u have experienced it. In India CGM-Consumer Generated Media is Minimal. only 2 out of 100 PPl are using Computer and very few are into blogs. In future the Scinario will be different. The Indian blogs are Quite intresting then the others. Only thing is Specialization is lacking. In future more Professionals are expected to blog. So, Watchout Guys……..

  16. decemberstud Says:

    Gawd ! I am close…one more reason for me to stop blogging….

    Very nice list RK…had a hearty laugh 🙂

  17. Oh! man…many of them…..:P

  18. Resourceful Says:

    Hilarious…I am close to becoming one!

  19. mouna Says:

    one from my side: you ponder as what your next article will be(and the title) in the middle of an exam… 😀

  20. neela Says:

    Timely post.
    Prevention is better than cure…
    Let there be breaks in our blogging !!(with apologies to Kahlil Gibran) anta kelavaru already chikka viraama togoltidaaralvaa.. 🙂

  21. RK,

    I have few points to add about myself:

    ● I’ll post an article to my blog soon after getting jealous on comments written in a colleague’s(Naren) blog.
    ● Will write article so that I can send the link to my girlfriend, give a impression to her and show her that what kind of a scholar I am.
    ● I invite my HR to write article to get her noticed about my writing skills during appraisal time, even if she says she’s busy/not interested.
    ● I take screenshots of good comments posted on my blog.
    ● I feel more happy when my friends say me a “Blog Master” than a “Good Designer”.
    ● I switch on my computer not to check my mails, but to see the comments & blog stats.
    ● I love to write articles at home than working on a good paying freelance project.
    ● Whether I’m traveling or visiting a tourist place, I will be stitching the words to write into the blog.
    ● I easily get demotivated when I receive no comments/someone writes negative for an article.
    ● I do not repent of waking-up late & missing my morning workout because I was writing article till midnight.
    ● Will plan out a schedule to make research & write a new post instead of planning to get prepared for certification exam.

    Hope this suffices for the moment. Will write more when experienced blog addiction heat.

  22. nilagriva Says:

    That’s a funny piece!

    It is good to know that a lot of us are on the same boat. I could identify with several of those items.

    But taking pictures/videos for my blog…. I haven’t done that.

    Anyway, you shouldn’t call it an addiction. Makes me feel bad 🙂

  23. NAREN Says:

    Thank god @least there is some1 to jealous on my Maiden(chochala) Blog!!!!

    @ B.C. Shetty,

    Sisya dont worry I will write an article on ur blog. HR’s R toooo Busy da. And do send my blog link to ur GF!! LOL!!

  24. Veena Says:

    And bed time reading is no more hard bounded books but the blogs instead 🙂

    Ha Ha.. Good post indeed… !

  25. Vani Says:

    Ayyo Devare !

    This is mind reading! Naananthu 100% Blog addict agbittideeni…as Neela pointed out, this is one of the reasons for my enforced blog break……

  26. I’m almost there! The other day I ended up chatting with a blog friend using comments in each others blogs! 😀

  27. rk Says:

    you are half way thru! 😉

    you have bowled me with that comment.

    yes, just some of them….not all.

    thanks pal. and no stopping your wonderful blog.

    list or comments? 😉

    so many in the club! wow!

    loved this one! hope you don’t mix the answer sheet with a rough draft…

    maybe some bloggers are taking break after seeing this post!! (just kidding)

    thatz a good addition which enhances the list! thank you. (2nd point is funny)

    yes, most of us in the same boat.
    ok, make BA (Blog Addicition) into BSC (Blog Saviyo Chata).

    i feel that was from personal experience! 😉
    glad you liked the light hearted post.

    hope you come out of it and get into blog world again!
    enjoy the blogfree life!

    claytonia vices,
    welcome vik to RwB! feels nice that one blogger’s imagination is another’s reality! keep visiting.

    best wishes

  28. Veena Says:

    Blogfree life…! Ha Ha… ee blog gaLinda innenu words gaLu utpatti aagatto..
    Dictionary tara blog-nary anthenaadru barbahudu ishTralle… probably another post with the commonly used terms in this blog world..

  29. rk Says:

    more additions:

    * you are about to die, and your last words are:

    * you go to a place of worship and pray to god: please bless me with eternal posts for my blog

    * you have a pet dog and you have named it: BLOGGY!

    * you print at the end of your wedding invite:
    With best compliments: Bloggers, Relatives & Friends

  30. neel3 Says:

    you buy a huge granite for the epitaph and write:
    dear fellow bloggers ,please engrave your comments here

    You bequeth some of your property to fellow bloggers.

    you nominate them on your insurance policy..

    out of blogitude…oops gratitude for having enlivened your blogjindagi by their bloggy presence!!

  31. neela Says:

    rkji,nanna comment rakshasa nungidane(yesterday’s)

  32. bachodi Says:

    ha ha ha .. wonderful compilation … and very true

  33. Lakshmi Says:

    Hi RK,
    I could not stop myself nodding my head and giggling and sometimes laughing out loudly on the BA list and the comments section. Please write a deaddiction list too. The best one was ‘you are dying and the last words m..y..b…l…o…g…..’ hahahaaa.

  34. jarvarm Says:

    Good one ,RK..I can identify with myself!!


  35. […] How to identify a ‘Blog Addict’ […]

  36. ozlady Says:

    Yup – I put my blog id instead of my name!!!! LOL

    Come vote for the best blog addict reasons on my blog – and I’m gonna add some of the ones you have identified!

  37. […] I have had some great responses on my post – Addicted to Blogging – and a big thanks to Deborah and RK for the inspiration on this one. Now it’s voting […]

  38. rk Says:

    bloggers nantu
    blog nighantu!!

    rofl!! good ones.

    thanks pal.

    really boosts me up when you all say nice things! thanks.

    surely…i know why!!

    you did a very good thing by putting up the POLLING BOOTH in your blog. have cast mine!
    when will the counting begin?
    waiting for the results
    thanks for linking to this post


  39. ozlady Says:

    Counting will begin the next day.
    Just kidding (about putting it in caps, not about being bribed)

  40. The Bach Says:

    I am a blogoholic

    Check your symptoms here. I was tested positive.

    in here via pradeep

  41. […] out if you are a bloggin addict […]

  42. Karan Says:

    Oh no… Me has tested positive!!

  43. Ankit Says:

    Oh my god !! I am a blog Addict … what do I do ? What do I do?

  44. […] your symptoms here. I was tested […]

  45. mbchandar Says:

    me too became the blog addict. you have said most of the activities exactly what i have been doing it daily.

  46. sathya Says:

    Yenappa devaru, jana innu yavuyavudakko addict aagthaare, adella harmful antha gottiddaroo. Idu biDi, idarinda bere yaarigoo apaaya illa, allavra?. At least, aa timenalli addictgaLinda prapnchakke/bereyavarige upadrava khandita irokilla. Bereyavara thale thinnuvudakkintha namma thale naavu keredukonDu kuLitukoLLodu kshema amboNa. Neevu yenu anthiraaa>.

  47. […] to identify a blog addict I came across this here. Please check out the link. I felt happy that I am not yet a full-fledged addict. The web site also […]

  48. aargeesworld Says:

    That was a nice post. But I am sorry, I couldn’t stop myself from providing this link in my blog….wait wait.. I am not yet a blog addict 🙂 nice blog. My first visit here.

  49. sadhana Says:


    Nice article!!! I am not quite there yet(just started blogging a week ago) but I know exactly what you mean!!

  50. […] I have had some great responses on my post – Addicted to Blogging – and a big thanks to Deborah and RK for the inspiration on this one, and to David for the promotion (hope your family is feeling […]

  51. […] Must say – it was refreshing to hear a promising voice, singing with Bhakti. Have cured myself of Blog addiction to a certain extent. That reminds me of […]

  52. emfajar Says:

    positive.. it’s me 😀

  53. Clarisse Says:

    OMG! I just wrote my post about this…and then I saw this!!!! I realized so many facts I left out *LOL* It’s really good. And yes! I’m not alone! Yippy! *bouncing off the walls*

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