‘Meet the Rambler’ & ‘Meet the Rambler Jr.’ by Prashanth M

June 28, 2007

It is an honour for me and my son to be featured on ace photographer Prashanth M‘s blog.

Having known him for a while now, I can say that Prashanth is a man of few words and more often than not he lets his camera do the talking. He simply loves riding his bike and going on adventurous trips. And he has very high levels of creativity and sense of humour too.

Once again, thank you Prashanth and best wishes!

To view fantastic pictures and read wonderful travelogues by Prashanth, also visit:


13 Responses to “‘Meet the Rambler’ & ‘Meet the Rambler Jr.’ by Prashanth M”

  1. PM …. in action is pure reel of fun!!!

  2. Cuckoo Says:

    Though I have not met him, I agree with your opinion about him.

    His trips & photos are always fascinating. And he knows how much I envy him for being a biker. 😛

  3. Prashanth M Says:

    Thanks for the nice words RK 🙂

  4. NAREN Says:

    Good Portrait prashanth.. Awesome……!!!!!!!!!

    RK, u look like RJ Chaithanya hegde.

  5. rashmi Says:

    Prashanth: Nice photos of father & son!

    Bellur: You are a handsome dude man! You remind me of Jimmy Shergill.

  6. jarvarm Says:

    So good,RK.. 🙂

  7. rk Says:

    agree 100%.

    true! he goes to places where we dream to go and comes back with fantastic pictures and stories.

    you are welcome!

    i love the way Chaitanya Hegde hosts his shows!

    thank you. thank you.

    nice to c u back bud!
    blogrolling u!


  8. Chitra Says:

    Good to ‘see you’ again! Cute boy, you have there! Must read Prashanth’s travel blog.

  9. Prashanth M Says:

    Thanks Naren & Rashmi..

    @Rashmi, you are so right… Jimmy Shergill 🙂

  10. PM and RK both rocking!!

  11. latha vidyaranya Says:

    the orange shirt matching with the orange rays of evening sun, the little one swinging and smiling to glory! cute, cuter and…………. where is the cutest – mrs rambler? prashanth, objection your honour!

  12. bachodi Says:

    Your kid is cho schweeet saar.

  13. rk Says:

    thanks. you will love the adventures and the travels in PM’s blog!

    but PM needs to be doubly careful coz he has a precious camera with him!

    latha vidyaranya,
    prashanth’s camera needs to answer this one! 😉


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