July 3, 2007

Rangoli: Srilakshmi Suresh

For more designs, visit the Rangoli page.


9 Responses to “Rangoli-10”

  1. lakshmi Says:

    you post really creative patterns!

  2. Rashmi Says:

    Great job!
    I have been seeing those outer patterns for a long time and somehow it reminds me of Bats and Ferroro Roche wrappers alternatively. 🙂

  3. rk Says:

    after reading your comment, i saw the above rangoli. me too seeing Bats and FR wrappers! i think you have hypnotised me!

  4. Cuckoo Says:

    This one is quite interesting. Difficult to draw as well. 😐

  5. ozlady Says:

    Wow – I love this Rangoli, and have often looked for it when visiting Indian households – although I have found it more common in Malaysia than in Singapore (in Indian households in these countries). Perhaps it is because in Singapore most people will live in units rather than houses, and space is at a premium.

    What a lively blog you have!

  6. rk Says:

    hello ozlady,
    welcome to RwB. it is really heartening to know that you love Rangoli.

    courtesy ms.srilakshmi suresh, this blog gets a steady contribution of fantastic patterns!

    your entry on Blog addiction was too good!

    thanks for your encouraging words about RwB. keep visiting!

    regards & take care


  7. Sandhya Says:

    really good paterns and easy to draw.. they are both traditional and contemporary…. Real good work…..

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  9. Shree Says:

    Very lovely and pretty rangoli. Very creative and simple to learn.

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