Love God more than you Pray

July 4, 2007

by Somashekhar S

As per our Indian tradition, usually every new born is named after a god/ goddess. The reason is: by calling a person’s name we will be remembering god. To think of god is really soothing.

As we all know, God is everywhere. The most common place and the vastest area he can be seen is in the LOVE we show towards each living being. We must love each human and animal and treat them politely.

We pray god for various things. But I feel we need to love him more than we pray him. We need to experience him from the inside, from our heart. By doing so, we will really love each living being on this earth, be it a fly or a human or an animal or a fish. This will make our behaviour more sympathetic.

God puts us in testing conditions regularly. May be he likes to see how we perform under pressure. I feel the most important behaviour he tests is our Patience, Ego and our movements. Here are a few thoughts:

Patience: God tests our patience not to put us into trouble. We must always remember that it is god’s way of moulding us when he tests us. He wants us to become more tolerant and more enduring. He wants each person to cross the hurdles and come out of the difficult situation every time he tests us. One must not get excited during happier times and one must not feel dejected during sad times. We must be balanced in our emotions always. We must accept life gracefully.

Negligence: Most of the times, it is because of this attitude that we get into difficult situations in life. We often get a positive result if we do not neglect anything in life. For example, we may commit errors in our day-to-day life. This may be due to our negligence or at times inexperience. If we look back at the errors with a clear mind, we are bound to find the answers. We are responsible for our deeds and actions.

Ego is another deterrent that causes obstacles in improving oneself. Apart from putting us in testing situations, god also gives us opportunities to improve ourself and our attitude towards life. We will learn faster if we come out of the testing situation by finding the answers ourselves. It may take some time for us to get the answers to life’s mysteries. How ever long it takes, we will surely benefit from the difficult conditions.

God may close one door but will surely keep at least a window open if not a few doors. It is up to us to choose the right path in life. By surrendering ourselves and by loving god, we can raise ourselves in the philosophical plane and become better human beings.


10 Responses to “Love God more than you Pray”

  1. A very good post asusual.

    These aspacts of god has been defined and somashekar has beautifully given practical tips for implementing the same.

    God does NOT either do GOOD or BAD to us – it just is SANCTIONED based on our karma ( Punya/Paapa). God is only like a accountant who loves every baktha without prejudice despite contra views. Its for us to do good things. If you read the epics of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramanmahrsi etc you will find they too suffered physical pain from diseases etc to clear their balance of pappa.

    To move ones self out of this self inflicted misery and pain,one has to just simply love GOD or love everybody including ones ememies – unless you are able to love everybody- GOD is just a concept.

    Just appriciate everything but dont support Paapa!

  2. latha vidyaranya Says:

    for me prayer itself is an expression of love and gratitude. god is like a close friend with whom you can share anything and everything and He is the only one who loves us totally unconditionally! even a mother’s love to her child sometimes is conditional. if the child is constantly irritating the mother, she can not extend that love unconditionally. but god accepts us as we are. he gives us all faculties and expects us to utilize them to spread love and cheer everywhere. we are His instruments and we need to feel grateful that He is using us to get good things done.

    god tumbles us only to humble us! it is thro experiencing difficult situations in life that we all grow our inner strength, become better human beings who can empathize with others’ feelings.

    god may not show up infront of us. but surely He is manifest in umpteen number of ways. what is that entity that is giving me thoughts to write this comment? what is that energy that is making you all read this and contemplate? is not that inner energy God? the very energy with which an atheist questions “where is God?” is that Godly energy!


  3. praneshachar Says:

    Agree 100% on the above. it is true testing times will come and we must withstand all these and look forward for the alternate doors/windows rather than worrying about closed doors.

    by surrendering to god we can raise ourselves and become above board and better human beings. no body can claim they dont have sufferings that is an impossibility. we must come out of tests and like metal should become brighter gain more value in life

  4. bachodi Says:

    Saar, adhika prasangi anta baibedi. Nange devranegoo artha aglilla 😉

  5. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Love God more than you Pray

    I agree completely.

    I remember a statement. Man “gets” and “forgets” but
    God “gives” and “forgives”

    Once some devotees of Sri Ramakrishna (SRK) said “God is so merciful” !!
    Immediately, SRK reacted and said “What do you mean ? He is your beloved, father, mother like. Did your parents take care of you out of mercy. No. Out of love they took care of you”

    He said in one of poems that he composed “deha mana prAnagaLa avanigarpitha mAdi prEmadArAdhanege manava salisu”. In this kaliyuga God has come in different forms and exhibited his extra-ordinary love towadrs his devotees. Sri Ramakrishna and his devine consort Sri Sharadamani (SriMatha) were known for their love towards mankind regardless of cast, creed, religion. Once SriMatha said, referring to a muslim dacoit ( may be Amjad ) and SharatChandra later Swami Shradananda, one of the 16 direct disciples of SRK “nanage Sharat hEgo Amjad kooda hAge”. She, a widow of last century, came from a traditional orthodox brahmin family, living in a village, serves food to Amjad with her own hands and cleans the area with her own hands. When some one passes a very strong comment on that She remarks as above.

    SRK said “you simply surrender to Her. You do not have to take any trouble. She will take care of you. She does every thing for you. Some body may come to you and say, ‘do that and do this’. She/He makes you do your sadhana properly. She/He will guide you”. What an assurance they have given to us !!

    Once SRK said “Imagine you come to know of a big garden owner. You establish a good relationship with him. Then he himself takes you around in his garden and show his garden. Even he opens his safe and shows you every thing. All his secrets, he reveals to you. Same way you love Him/Her and He/She reveals Himself/Herself to you.

    Only with love SRK could bind Narendra ( later Swami Vivekananda ), a boy with western influence, tremendous brain and all that. Narendra was a person who tested in so many ways, his guru till the end of his guru’s life.

    With love only we can establish a better bond with Him.


  6. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Our friend gmohanprakash has said

    “If you read the epics of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramanmahrsi etc you will find they too suffered physical pain from diseases etc to clear their balance of pappa.”

    I have a few things to say in this context. Based on what I have read or heard I put a few things here.

    Mahatma’s do not have karma at all. They do not have any “karma bandha”. Some times on their own, they get into maya, just to be in the body and do some good to the mankind.
    The devine consort of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sharada matha ( She herself is Mahaa Maaya ) had willingly got herself into maya bandha( Yoga maya) and taken the responsibility of taking care of her brother’s daughter Radha Rani who was an insane & suffers a lot. It looks to us that they are suffering but they are just enacting a drama. Just to be in the body and be in the lower plane, for some time for doing good to the mankind. Without Radha Rani Mother would be always in the samadhi and state and leave the body.

    When they are not in Maya bandha, no question of paapa at all.

    “suffered physical pain from diseases etc to clear their balance of pappa.”

    Regarding the deseases they suffer from, the body suffers because the body can not withstand the amount of saadhana that they do. Sri Ramakrishna paramahamsa did so many sadhanas which any person can never do in one birth. His going to samadhi state was a very daily and common action. Just hear some bhajan on Mother , hear some religious talk or hear about His/Her leela he used to go to samadhi state. He practiced dwaita, adwaita, sakara, nirakara and various bhaavas. Various religions also he practiced. All in one birth and in around 30 years of period. Frequently going to samadhi state can not be managed by this phisical body. One doctor advises/warns GuruMaharaj, towards the end of his leela drama, not to get into samadhi state, as otherwise his desease ( cancer ) would worsen. So this way their body suffers. Also many mahatmas take the sufferings of the devotees to their body and suffer willingly. And more over they can remain detached from the senses by some means and so do not feel the pain. But the devotee can not manage that way. So the mahatma suffers not due to paapa. And one thing is that even the avatara also undergoes the sufferings of all kinds like any other person by virtue of the body. They decend to our plane and get into a body not out of paapa karma of previous births.

    What ever I have understood I have just put it here in my own humble way. Please excuse me if I have erred.


  7. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    In responce to our friend gmohanprakash, I recollect a song, probably sung during the life time of Sri Ramakrishna:

    nAnAra dooSisali nAne thODida koopadaaLadali
    naanaage muLugutihenu
    arivargagaLa hiDidu ninna sukShetradali
    naane I baaviyanu thoDiruvenu
    kaalaroopada kariya nIreddu nugguthide
    O thaayi naa ninage SaraNenuvenu

    naaneyE nanage hage
    hEge thaDeyali hELu
    mEleddu nugguvI kaaLa jalava
    enna edeyuddakU thuMbi bandithu nIru
    nInalladinnaaru rakShisuvaru
    nInobbaLE rakShe ninoLage I BhikShe
    daatisaacheya daDake I ShiShuvanu

    Pray Mother, the karuNarUpiNi for guidence


  8. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Dear gmohanprakash ,

    I had left my opinion about your statement “they ( Mahatma ) too suffered physical pain from diseases etc to clear their balance of paapa.” Hope you read it. Sir, Waiting for your response…


  9. preethi Says:

    lovely post…
    But just wanted to add what my grandmother used to say..
    We name our children ..god’s names so that when we are taking our last breath we call their name because of the affection towards our children.But when we call their name we are also calling Gods name which actually gives us punya.

  10. Sathya Says:

    People of those days at least had the belief that they would be able to utter their dear and near ones. Now we are living in such an uncertain world that we do not where we end, though end is certain. In some cases when a person is hospitlised and so many tubes are put through his nose and mouth even before the person could say anything everything will be finished. That’s why the present day children have peculiar names, sometimes even the parents do not know the meaning of relevance. About GOD, it is personal. Whether you believe in God or not that is immaterial , but try to be good and do good. Compassion, love , humanitarian outlook – these if you develop it is more than sufficient.

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