Delicious Idli-Vade for 70 paise

July 9, 2007


Veena Stores (VS) is good, because a senior friend swears by it. In fact he and my other friend used to come all the way from Koramangala office to VS for the Idlis. Now my friend is working just a road away from VS, next to Aranya Bhavan. Heaven knows how many times he must have overtly or covertly (because he is the big boss in his office now) sneaked out to VS and eaten there.

I too have been to VS, but the quantity is too small for guys like me (Ravanana hottege arey kaasina majjige). Hence we used to devour in Janatha Hotel, whenever we were in Malleshwaram.There is also another hotel by the name Central Tiffin Room (Opposite Malleswaram Club). That has crisp Dosas. Of course the Dose in Vidyarthi Bhavan is mouth watering. We also have Dose camp in Jayanagar and other places.

In my college days, 1970-74, there was the Shanbag Hotel, near St.Joseph’s College which used to give at 70 paise a Rava Idli and 2 Uddina Vades. They were just delicious.

Later came Sapna Hotel on Brigade Road, which is now shifted to Residency Road, which had good Dosa and Idli.

D.V.G. talks about his Thindi habits, in his Jnapaka Chitrashale, wherein near Dharmarayana Gudi they used to have good mixture, sweet and coffee. I think the hotel is still there. I have eaten there, but I am not sure, if it is the same hotel DVG mentioned.

I still remember when a hotel near Netakallappa Circle in Basavangudi sold idlis for 5 paise each (Bellur says Idlis in his childhood days were 40 paise). I myself, as a young boy, have taken the parcelled Idlis many times.

Bangalore had and still has many good eating joints. Have hotte thumba thindi and burp or croak like a frog.


14 Responses to “Delicious Idli-Vade for 70 paise”

  1. NAREN Says:

    Thanks TSSM for taking back to our Nostalgic Days.. I like MTR.

    There was an good insight into Good old Bangalore hotels in CNN IBN Blog… By Bangalore Based Reporter its worth Reading.

  2. TSSM sir,

    We already have had too many dosa/idly articles…now one more to increase my hunger 😦

    Yes, I too remember talking 5 paise idly and 20 paisa uddina vada parcel but thats part and parcel of life alwe?

    You have visited all the divya deshams of idly/vada known to mankind in bangalore without bias! may the god bestow you many more idlies/vadas!!


  3. latha vidyaranya Says:

    i have always wondered how this ‘idli-vade’ combination became such a hit and not any other southindian jodi!

    idlis, as everyone knows, are the most innocent of the thindis, that even doctors recommend idli for a patient who is just starting on solid food after a liquid diet. how come the not-so-innocent vada joined the idli to create such a terrific combo?!

    one reason for vada to be such a hit is that vadas are generally not prepared at homes except for the annual ceremony of the pitris in the family. or at the most we can get vada on ‘mahalaya amavasya’ day. thats it. perhaps it is this prohibition that has made this item score so high on the ‘hit list’ !

  4. Veena Says:

    TSSM avare,

    hoTTe tumba tinidi…
    hasuge boosa hindi
    inta articles ge kondi
    bloggers praNa hindi 🙂

    tindi potaru maatra omnipresent alva?

  5. Kishor Says:

    Hi RK,

    How are you? Blog partially outsource maadi bittidira? I tried to visit your fav CTR this time around, but was unsuccesful again.


  6. praneshachar Says:

    idli vada dosa yella bangalore thumba tindiddira nivu enjoy madi
    venna vidyyarthi CTR matte nenapisiddakke vandannegalu
    5paise idli 25 paise masala dose yella iga bari nenapu
    thank you sir for all old memories and relished via e files

  7. Praveen GK Says:

    Yes, you are right!!! These places are just wonderful! Nothing to beat the small darshinis in Malleswaram – CTR is my fav masala dosai joint?

    By the way have you heard of Sahyadri? It is on 8th cross bus stop on Margosa road. Of course, the benne masala dosa is not as good as CTR, but nevertheless it is one of the good joints around!!!

  8. If you are a resident of Basavanagudi / NR Colony / Jayanagar then you would never miss “Masale Dose” & “Kaapi” in “Upahara Darshini”. It’s not a too old restaurant, but for me it’s quite old one. Whenever we make a visit D.V.G. Road(Gandhi Bazar) my father never missed masale dose for us.

    It is the first of it’s kind of restaurant which had a NextGen appeal. The food tokens are made up of plastic with picture of food stuff printed on them, trend-setter for stand & eat culture, good interiors, ambient lighting, mild music and neatly uniformed staffs.

    Upahara Darshini(UD) was really a big boom then. I still have “Bonda-Soopu” in UD everytime I go.

    The another trend-setter was “Dosa Camp” in Jayanagar 4th Block. As I remember it was whopping Rs. 6/dosa. Which got it’s promotion through “word-of-mouth” advertising principle, which is still considered best in industry.

  9. TSSM Says:

    Dear All,

    If you think that the ‘digestive juices’ are getting ‘hyper-activated’, then the credit goes to RK.
    He keeps churning up the ‘creative juices’ always ‘ON”.

    We are all TPs. (Tindi Potharu naavella).

    As one grows old, appetite is supposed to decrease (does it happen actually?),
    but ‘baayi chapala’ keeps increasing.

    Go to ‘MTR’ on an ‘MT’ tummy and enjoy.

    have a nice day.

  10. Srikanth Says:

    TSSM ravare,

    Hale nenapugaligagi tumbaa dhanyavadagalu. Basavanagudi’ya Dwaraka Hotel Khaali dose neevu saha saveedirabeku? Aa chatni mattu dose combination yaaru taane mareyalu saadhya? Haageye, VV Puram’na Janata Hotel Rave Dose saveediddira?

    Nanage nenapiruvange, Bengaloorinalli 15 paisegeeradu idli mattu 15 paisege ondu uddina vade sikkata ittu ondu kaaladalli.

    Iga avellavu nenapugalu matra.

  11. Narayana Sharma Says:

    TSSM ravarege namaskara,

    I enjoy visiting with my family UD(malnad kadabu), Roti Ghar(dose), Dwaraka(khale dose- set dose), Adigas(rave dose and irulli dose- diagnally opposite to ganesh juice centre). Also a must visit place is Namma MTR on KR Road for a take-away masale dosa(but not available now). I live on Mallikarjuan temple street walking distance to these hotels.

  12. Sathya Says:

    yaako janakke DBD …. ade swaami Davangere BeNNe Dosai… andare hechchu ishTa aagtha ide. Idli_VaDe royal combination jotege ichege DBD-Menisinakaayi Bajji…Neetkallappa Circleninda haage sanje horaTare aa masuku beLakinalli kaTTe mele kuLitu aanadisuvavara noDi .. janarige chapalao, baayichapalao illa kaiyalli kaasu iruvudo, illa onTithanada besaravo athava companygaagiyoo..anthoo mane biTTu horage hoguva GanDasara/Hengasara sankhye hechchittide…kaala badalaadanthe abhiruchi-ruchiyoo badalaayisuttide.

  13. Sanjay Guha Says:

    I used to frequent VS during mid to late eighties. His idlis and Vadas were good and his chutney amazing. Chase it up with a Khara Bhath and coffee and you have really enjoyed your breakfast. It was also a delight to watch how the owner of the place(I suppose it’s the owner) drove his team to deliver those goodies in a jiffy. Malleshwaram is what I remember every time I dig into a tasteless idli and bad chutney in Mumbai

  14. Proper Says:

    these are some good multi cuisine restaurants in bangalore…try these if u have time
    restaurants i found in an bangalore classifieds

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