Kids are a powerful force – I

July 12, 2007

(in the pic) Cute baby: The author’s new born nephew ‘Raghav’, photographed a few hours after his birth on June 8th, 2007

by Manjula Harpanahalli

At the moment, I share my views about children, based on my experience and observations as a mother, aunt, sister (to many little cousins), friend (a few of my daughter’s friends are mine too), and lastly as a Psychologist and a Counsellor. My life has not been the same since September 7, 2000, the day my daughter came into this world. She will soon be seven and believe me, it has been a journey of non-stop activity and entertainment.

I have always been fascinated to see new born babies making different facial expressions and crying in different tones and sounds to convey some needs and also something they probably enjoy hearing. The magical moment is when the  baby sucks the mother’s breast which is a natural reflex on the part of the baby. So this behaviour or actions demonstrated by a normal and healthy baby is innate or inborn and not taught.

Then begins the growing up process where the child reaches each cherished milestones and starts school. It is also the beginning of a learning process, and developing new behaviour patterns, by watching, sensing and feeling from the proximity of the environment and people present in it.

The focus is now on learned behaviour which is absorbed or learned by training and it marks the beginning of the on-going live project for parents, especially once the child starts going to school. Everyday there is a new twist to the tale, new problems and newer challenges, and parents have to pull up their socks and be a few steps ahead, equipped with mind blowing strategies and solutions. I am sure many parents who are working will agree that this exercise will facilitate them in their boardroom meetings and also when dealing with a difficult boss.

Picture this. My daughter’s first day in school after summer vacation, she loses her new pencil box and losing one thing or the other becomes a common phenomenon. The term ‘exam’ begins and she has generously given her class work book to a classmate. Today her class teacher is the sweetest human being, tomorrow the same teacher is the most dreaded and hated creature in the world. But she does not like to hear any undesirable comment about her teacher from us.

Wow! These kids bring in a volley of emotions in us. I find my Blood Pressure rising one moment, and in the same breath, I roll over with laughter. The Psychologist in me goes for a toss and I remain a parent only. So now you know, these kids are the powerful force who keep your life packed with surprises.

(To be continued…) 

Read the second part here: Kids are a powerful force – II 

(Manjula Harpanahalli is an educational counsellor and a psychologist by profession. She runs an advising center in Hyderabad called Educational and Career Information Resource Centre (EdCIRC). She advises students on various educational and career opportunities in India and the United States.)


5 Responses to “Kids are a powerful force – I”

  1. neela Says:

    I too find new borns a great source of enjoyment. I remember the first smile of my it began with the puckering of his eyebrows and slowly spread to his cheeks which slightly and ever so slightly quivered and then the petal like lips blossomed into a out of this world smile.
    nice post. ” The Psychologist in me goes for a toss and I remain a parent only” 🙂

  2. Hmm… Learning for the baby never stops even when 92!!!

    For a mother everything is a joy!!! Good post.

  3. such a lovely and heart warming article. I loved it!

  4. latha vidyaranya Says:

    it is always heartening to note how much a parent enjoys his/her child’s pranks. even more heartening is the fact that the psychologist in a mother remains silent and there is spontaneous enjoyment of just motherhood without going into analysis of child’s behaviour! i wish all teachers in schools take pleasure in studying a bit of child psychology so that children can enjoy their childhood without the UNDUE academic pressures heaped upon them by the schools that make a parent start further pressurising his/her child.

    manjula, enjoy your child’s childhood, for very soon the child grows up and wants to have wings of its own!

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