Piece of thought on piece of paper

July 18, 2007


While cleaning my bookshelf yesterday, I found a piece of paper (kept as a bookmark) with the above message scribbled on it way back in 2001.

Update: Just realised that it was exactly an year ago that I “Copied” my blog from Blogspot to WordPress. (Really a coincidence that I published this post today!)

13 Responses to “Piece of thought on piece of paper”

  1. NAREN Says:

    yes… Karnatakadhalli Copy(Kapi) Bele jasthi!!!!!!

    But i feel writing blog is difficult than writing exams..!! Enanthira..??

  2. Srik Says:

    Lol Naren 🙂

    RK, wise thoughts from a learned man. I totally agree with ur equation

  3. Prashanth M Says:

    Nice thought!!

    @Naren, but copying from other blogs is easier than copying in exams 😛

  4. neela Says:

    May I put it on the display board in our school??

  5. rk Says:

    naanu bari coffee bele jaasthi andhkondidde….
    as srik, says….lol!!

    srik & prashanth,
    glad you liked the equation! thanks.

    you can certainly put it up.

  6. neel3 Says:

    I too liked it! 😦

  7. praneshachar Says:

    worth putting on school notice boards
    atleast some will be benefitted
    good one from past memories
    keep going bellur

  8. TSSM Says:

    Good piece.
    In m(an)y case (s) the formula gets mixed up.

    P.S: Dear all,

    Pl. visit G.Suresh’s blog site.
    His offering for the day (I wish you are a born loser), tickled me to no end.
    ‘ Mysorean’ , the quotes are specially for you to beat your blues.

  9. rk Says:


    suresh gundappa’s posts are real treats, specially if you are in a depressed state. actually, even when you are over the cloud, it is advisable to read his posts ‘coz it will bring you back to reality.

    thank you sire! very happy to see you back in action.
    trust everything is fine at home.
    take care and regards

  10. Nifty adaptation of Einstein’s formula!



  11. latha vidyaranya Says:

    i suddenly remembered the “raama naama kaapi pustaka” that we used to copy to improve our handwriting! now i realize that copying the raama naama can take me towards Raama!

    i have always felt that those who copy in exams are not such dullards, because you need to have some intelligence to copy the right answer to the right question!

    i have heard that in universities abroad, some exams are conducted wherein you are provided the text book and also a question paper to answer. and many fail such exams too!

  12. Karthik.B Says:

    Awesome thought Can I use it @ my college for some imbibing moral values ( its not that we are bankrupt with values 🙂 ) ???

  13. rk Says:

    thanks mate!!

    ‘rama nama copy pustaka’: yes, my mother used to mention it sometimes. nice way to realise god!
    maybe ‘copying’ is listed in the 64 arts!
    true, even if you give an open book test, one must know where the answers are!

    sure, you can use it. hope soon your college overflows with moral values! 🙂

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