Cultivating a Hobby

July 20, 2007

by Ramaadevi Nagaraj

Everyday life is a usual routine for almost each and everyone, more so for the elderly, be it men or women. Their capacity for physical work would have naturally lessened to some extent; as such spending time would be a tedious effort. At this juncture having cultivated a hobby comes in very handy. Some nurture it in their youth, whereas others develop it in their later years.

A hobby keeps the mind in good spirits, each day is filled with a new kind of enthusiasm giving no room for stray thoughts.

The habit of reading is one of the best hobbies, it can be done anywhere, anytime and at any place, it imposes no restrictions whatsoever, and the only material needed is an interesting book and perhaps spectacles to read the printed matter clearly. The reading hobby when developed in childhood certainly goes a long way in helping to bide the time especially when no other options remain: while travelling, waiting in the airport, bus or train platform, an appointment with the doctor or just at home cuddled with a book when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Reading good books enhances one’s vocabulary and knowledge, and slowly but definitely it leads us to the spiritual side of existence which should be the ultimate goal of all human beings.

Initially what starts as a hobby may also become career oriented, it may be just a past time too, but it certainly acts as a soothing balm to the drudgery of our daily chores, and in the midst of our trials and tribulations.

Hobbies may be one or many like painting, drawing, photography to name a few. Indulging in these activities help us to focus our mind and derive joy from the perfection achieved in small tasks. A hobby helps as a crusader to pen our feelings and as said earlier a hobby is a must to take us through the evening of our lives.

7 Responses to “Cultivating a Hobby”

  1. latha vidyaranya Says:

    “a hobby is a must to take us through the evening of our lives”

    very true, smt ramadevi. with a hobby, in old age, we can spend our time very usefully and productively (in the sense of emotional health) with out becoming a burden on others’ time. i have seen so many elderly people who do not know how to spend their time and waste their energy in picking up useless family issues and becoming a nuisance to all.

    u have rightly said that hobbies can become a soothing balm to the drudgery of our daily chores. when one indulges some time in a day in a hobby, it rejuvenates you so much and u can get back to the routine with enthusiasm.

    it is very true that reading as a hobby can lead one to acquire spiritual wisdom coupled with life experiences.

    ramadevi and RK, thanks for the nice post.


  2. Resourceful Says:

    Hobbies are stress busters as they give a lot of joy. It is very true that the elders should indulge in it to keep themselves meaningfully occupied and contended. Nice post.

  3. neel3 Says:

    Well said,Ramadeviji.
    Most old people spend time cribbing and complaining.
    I know a senior citizen who is the darling of the neighbourhood ‘yuvatiyaru’ as she teaches them rangoli, jhatpat recipies, devaranamagaLu etc. She lives all alone but is never lonely.

  4. Pradeep Says:

    It’s very important for all of us to have some hobby. It keeps one engaged, and keeps the mind and body fresh. Sadly it is not an attribute commonly found in India, especially among elders.

  5. Reading, drawing, painting, photography? All the things I do in my spare time. I’ve even posted a couple of sketches on my blog. And I paint watercolours too, but will try oils when I’ve finished this novel for Penguin.



  6. I agree with Ramaa Devi and Resouceful that Hobbies are stress busters. Having a hobby especially when one is retired occupies the mind and keeps one from brooding or getting depressed which could later lead to depression and dementia in old age. Reading is an excellent Hobby and should be inculcated in children from early childhood.

  7. Madhukar Says:

    Hobby – a must for every one. Most of us think that we do not have time for any hobbies. But they spend hours in front of the tv – that itself is a hobby for them. Hobbies not only are stress busters, but also great in building up an understanding of life in general. If the hobby is interactive – interaction with others increases an understanding of life, cultures and a lot many things. As one great person has said “Life is not made to rest and rust, but to work (replace with “have a hobby”) and prosper (replace with “enjoy life to the full”)


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