‘Harry Potter’ of a different sort

July 23, 2007

Design: RK


28 Responses to “‘Harry Potter’ of a different sort”

  1. Lakshmi Says:

    wah RK, what a nice way to see Harry Potter in Bhakta Kumbara!

  2. shark Says:

    he..he.. that’s a very good one!

  3. […] Efron Link to Article harry potter ‘Harry Potter’ of a different sort » Posted at Rambling with […]

  4. Srik Says:

    Hahahaha This made my day!!

  5. Kishor Says:

    RK, you’re a true Annavru fan 🙂

    Did you hear the desi sequel of the famous series — Hari Puttar!

  6. Veena Says:

    Ha Ha…Harry potter is created by J K Rowling and Hari Potter by R K Rambling 🙂

    Good one!

  7. Prashanth M Says:

    ha ha!! good one RK 🙂

  8. Pradeep Says:

    Good one..!!!

  9. praneshachar Says:

    creativity at its best
    nice one bellur anna avre

  10. VV Says:

    Very creative !!

    Good one RK 🙂

  11. pArijAta Says:

    Very nice one!

  12. neela Says:

    hats off,rkji.
    height of lateral and literal thinking !!

  13. Shashikiran Says:

    …and an enduring one…good thinking!

  14. Satya Says:

    Hahahaha!!! Have been reading your blog for sometime, never commented. This is amazing!!! This is what sets apart a genius from the regular and mundane!

  15. LOL……verrrrrry cool!!!

  16. NAREN Says:

    lol.. thats awesome!!!!! hari potter!!!! That’s an intresting comparison..

    bhakhta kumbara matthu harry potter…..????

  17. greatunknown Says:

    GENIUS = RK.
    Need I say more?

  18. TSSM Says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha!

    Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince.

    Kannada version

    ‘Hari Bhattar matthu arey raktha rajakuvara’.

  19. Karthik.B Says:

    Man u simply rock 🙂

  20. mouna Says:

    lovely! mindblowing stuff 🙂

  21. Sanjay M Says:

    ROFL at the same time the caption is deeply touching!

  22. Aram Says:

    RK: you have a great sense of humor and parody.

  23. Aram Says:

    RK: I would like to reproduce for the benefit of my colleagues in the office a poster of your Hari Potter – the pic and the wordings, if you permit me to do so. Your name and blogsite will, of course, be mentioned. Can I go ahead? No probs if declined… Thanks either way.

  24. Rashmi Says:

    Interesting comparism… this morning I saw a cartoon of a roadside sweeper looking sleepy and dozing over his broom..
    and a school child turning around and remarking “Harry Potter”….

    BTW, does any one know of a link where the story of Bhakta Kumbara is narrrated ? Or can someone narrate the whole story, for the beniifit of site visitors ? …


  25. rk Says:

    Dear all,
    Thank you very much for all your encouraging words and appreciation.

    You can certainly reproduce the poster of ‘Hari Potter’.

    We are fortunate that the story of “Bhakta Kumbara” was made into a fine movie in which Dr. Rajkumar has emoted the Bhaktirasa to the fullest. Who can forget the pathos in his eyes as Gora Kumbara, who in complete devotion to Vitala, tramples his child to death unknowingly (while mixing the clay for the pot) when in a trance of singing to the lord and then realizes what has happened… That scene is amazing and would have melted even a stone hearted person.

    Another highlight of the movie is the highly philosophical all-time hit song “manava dehavu mULe mAmsada taDike”, sung by PB Shreenivos.

    I want to share a couple of stanzas from the above song that touched me to the core when I recently heard it. The purport can’t come out in toto in my translation (the reason why I reproduced it in kannada for those who know the language). Food for thought.

    The stanza below means that the body is just a lump of flesh and bones and as long as you breathe, why be with the attitude of Me, Mine, and the moment the breathing stops, it is crematorial rites. Then why be so self seeking materialism (feverish desire) for the sake of this decaying body that would be consigned to the earth.

    “usiraaDuva thanaka naanu nannadhemba mamakara
    nintha maru galige masaNadhe samskaara,
    maNNali berethu, mellage koLethu, mugiyuva dehake vyamohaveke?”

    The gist of the song is – unlike any other so called lowly living beings, human body has some value only as long as Prana (breath) is present. The moment human body stops breathing , it becomes useless (while part of many other animals find lot of uses even after they die, ivory of the elephant, wood from the trees, hide of animals like buffaloes and cows that goes into making leather etc). Human body is disposed at the earliest (traditionally before sunset). It is only when the light of life glows in the body that it has any charm, after that even the closest of the relative (wife, children) refer to it only as a Body. What a depth these words carry, isn’t it? Are we acting so petty or mean to maintain this piece of flesh? Degrading everything around us that made us in the first place.

    The song goes on to say, we came into the world nude, we will go from the world nude and from the time or arrival to the time of departure (between life and death) it is darkness. So brighten you life by immersing yourself devoted to the Lord.

    baruvaaga beththale hoguvaaga bethethale
    bandu hOguva naduve bari kaththale
    bhaktiya belaku baaLige beku
    mukthige vittalana kondadad beku

    Kindly read this article to know more about the story. The reason I have just given the storyline and not the full story is because it is a film one ought to see for its performance and direction. And of course for the songs penned by a genius called Hunsur Krishnamurthy.

    I will share the interesting story behind the making of this wonderful film some other time, if you like.

    Regards and take care


  26. Rashmi Says:

    Thanks RK for such a vivid description of the story.

    In fact I am sharing this link with a US Client I used to work with. His name is Harry Drake and was nick named Harry Potter. He had an enviable work cube on the 24th floor with a fantastic view of a lake and an island. With the work pressure and escalations he had to deal with, he would sometimes tell us he wished he had a magic broom so he could jump out of the window and fly over to the magic island had have some fun.

  27. rk Says:

    i am glad you liked the story. don’t miss to see the movie.
    thanks for sharing this link with your US client. wow! your brief description of his workplae itself made me J!

    After reading it, for a moment, I had a wild imagination of all our bangalore corporation sweepers flying about in their brooms between 7 am and 9 am in the morning, chatting mid-air to one another: innu yeshtu road gudisbekavva” while the other replies flying further lorry bandhbidthakka, innen vante…

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