President Elect’s Victory Sign

July 26, 2007

Newly elected Indian President Pratibha Patil shows a victory sign at her residence in New Delhi, 21 July 2007. (AFP/File) 

Vishwanathan R

I was bewildered when I saw the 13th President of India showing the victory sign after the Madame won the elections. I was always under the impression that the august office is the noblest one in our country and free from all kinds of mortal weaknesses.

If this is so, I wonder what message does this victory sign is meant to convey. Surely it cannot be construed as a personal win since this august office is beyond such petty personal glories. Besides the Hon. President of India does not belong to any political party to so celebrate. It cannot be a victory for democracy either since this is hardly an acid test for any democracy. But the sign itself cannot go without a message. If the message points to none of the above, I wonder what the sign was meant to convey!


4 Responses to “President Elect’s Victory Sign”

  1. Mr. Vishwanathan…how naive!!!

    Anyway, for one, she did defeat someone in the election and that is considered victory, isn’t it?

    Well, entire India minus the idiots leading the country didn’t wnat her to be the President….that’s a different story.

    Hey, but it’s easy to remember her as PPP – Puppet Prathibha Patil or President Prathibha Patil, as you please.

  2. NAREN Says:

    PPP thats hilarious..!!

    well, its almost well planned. Now president’s role is important. Thanks to hung(hanging) Parliament due to colations. The President has been chosen keeping in mind the 2009 elections.

    so, its politicians habit to show the Victory Symbol. no hassles!!Welcome Mrs. Patil!! let the Ghandhi Dynasty Rule…

  3. Lakshmi Says:

    Well …….agree with both the comments above. PPP was hilarious…

  4. Cuckoo Says:

    I know I am late. 😦
    I too agree with the post. And PPP is very apt name. What was she trying to convey?

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