“Raghavendra!” exclaimed the Doctor

July 31, 2007

(Based on a true incident)

On a sunny morning, Lakshmi was doing the usual household jobs. But she got a pleasant surprise and the much needed break when her friend Ratna visited her after a long time. Ratna was really happy to see her friend, who was expecting her third child. She asked Lakshmi to take good care of herself. After the usual enquiries, Ratna, sipping a cup of Coffee, asked Lakshmi to bring a coin. She tossed it in the air and saw the coin show ‘Heads’. Ratna, an astrologer, told Lakshmi to visit Sri Raghavendraswamy temple every Thursday for a safe delivery.

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Lakshmi followed this advice obediently. Being the eldest daughter-in-law, she took good care of everyone in the 20-member joint family. She had time for everyone and every household work. Amidst her busy routine, Lakshmi visited the temple every Thursday, usually with her eldest daughter, and sometimes with both her little girls. She did it till the very last Thursday before delivery. She developed the pain on a Wednesday night, and as luck would have it, she gave birth to a baby boy on a Thursday. Interestingly, the lady doctor who was there when the baby was born, lifted the boy from the womb exclaiming “RAGHAVENDRA!”

And for Lakshmi, the boy was always Raghavendra, although he was officially named after the deity Sri Raghavendraswamy always prayed.



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(Source: Sri Raghavendraswamy Mutt, Mantralaya)


2 Responses to ““Raghavendra!” exclaimed the Doctor”

  1. TSSM Says:

    Blessed one

  2. Srik Says:

    True blessed one Ramakrishna!!

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