300 not out!

August 3, 2007

Design: RK 

Dear Friends,

Rambling with Bellur is truly happy to announce that this is the 300th post in its blog journey. I wish to dedicate this post to my friends, readers and fellow bloggers who have encouraged me all along the way.

Sincere and humble thanks to all readers for taking time out to visit and comment here, and guest writers for contributing high quality articles covering some of the best topics around with all of us. I also thank my friends who have shared lovely photographs and cartoons published in RwB.


Timeline & Stats:

  • 177 days for the first 100 posts
  • 144 days for the second 100 posts
  • 109 days for the third 100 posts

May 31st, 2006
RwB is born

July 18th, 2006
Shifts from ‘Blogspot’ to ‘WordPress’

August 30th, 2006
Starts the ‘Quiz’ section

November 9th, 2006
Gets 2559 hits on a single day, courtesy Helmets!

November 23rd, 2006
Touches the 100-post mark

April 16th, 2007
Touches the 200-post mark

May 9th, 2007
Starts the ‘Rangoli’ series

May 25th, 2007
Gets One-lakh hits

May 31st, 2007
First Birthday

August 3rd, 2007
Touches the 300-post mark


Let me repeat what I wrote in the Thanksgiving post published earlier this year:

This blog is nothing without your active participation, encouragement and support.

With much gratitude and appreciation

Best wishes

Bellur Ramakrishna


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28 Responses to “300 not out!”

  1. Cuckoo Says:

    Heartiest Congratulations !!

    May your blog lives million more posts and more… 😀

  2. jarvarm Says:

    Congratulations buddy.
    It’s a great achievement. Would love to see you reach more and more milestones. 🙂

  3. praneshachar Says:

    heartiest congratulations
    nagalotadi odutide nimmablog
    shathaka dwishataka mugisi
    trishatakada bavuta hariside
    mundesagali innu mugisali
    shatakagala shatakavannu
    tarali nammelarigu harushaha
    ade nammelara abhilasha

    let the flow of good and useful post continue
    we all get enriched

    I am happy to be a tiny part of this journey
    kudos to you and all of us

  4. praneshachar Says:

    300 notout stamp with RK is simply superb
    great idea great concept

  5. shark Says:

    congrats!! so where can i come to get the treat ;-)?

  6. Prashanth M Says:

    Stamp idea is too good… & congrats RK

  7. Gowri Ravichandran Says:

    Congrats !! May you and your blog live long!!

  8. Srik Says:

    Stamp design is super Mahatma Bellur Rambler!!

    Congratulations. Heege Hit mele Hit mele Hit kodtaa iri saar.

  9. pArijAta Says:

    Congrats for the score.
    That design was simply great!

  10. TSSM Says:


    Stamp- Ha, Ha. UTL ( Un-Thadiable Laughter).

    Congrats !

  11. Srilakshmi Says:

    Best wishes for a bright future….

  12. Naren Says:

    300 Not out……!!!!!!

    Gr8 Mile stone…….. ur Blog is simply superb. Catching some new trendz among blogosphere.

    So me and ur gr8 fan Bala shetty are waiting for Treat!!

  13. neela Says:

    Great design!
    Great blogger!
    Wonderful human being.

  14. some body Says:


    i disagree that you are 300 not out. it is more like an unbroken 300 run partnership – you should rename the blog to ramki’s ramblers :-). congratulations anyway!

    also, nice stamp. what’s with the hair?!

    – s.b.

  15. greatunknown Says:

    Many congratulations my dear friend!!!
    Great design and creative thinking… errr… am I using ad world jargon here!?!

  16. Veena Says:

    wow bellur stamp design is awesome. how did u managed to morph the image!! ??


  17. bachodi Says:

    Congrats sire.. its pleasure to read you here

  18. rk Says:

    wow! thanks a million!

    thanks for the wishes.

    you said it: truly, kudos to all of us!!

    RwB-ya namana
    for your haaraikeya kavana.

    CTR, Veena Stores….(hope you are not a member of AKDIVS – short for “Akhila Karnataka Dose Idly Virodhigala Sangha”)

    thanks guru.

    gowri ravichandran,
    thank you.

    lol at “Mahatma Bellur Rambler”!
    yaav hitt beku saar? akki hit, godhi hit, maida hit?

    thanks madam.

    NMBHN* at UTL

    * Nelad Mel Biddh Horladdkond Nagthidhini

    thank you.

    thanks for those lovely words.
    surely, let’s fix up a date for the meet and the treat.

    wow! thanks a lot! i will cherish this compliment forever.


    certainly, RwB has had wonderful partnerships in scoring this 300. no denying that at all.
    thanks for the wishes.
    re: the hair, that picture was taken sometime back, long before the ‘mottai boss’ gave it a new look.

    thanks pal. haha…ad-verse effect!

    thanks! no morphing at all. that image is 100% rk.

    thanks buddy, pleasure to have you and all my friends visit RwB.

    cheers and best wishes,

  19. some body Says:

    “yaav hitt beku saar? akki hit, godhi hit, maida hit?”

    ramki clean bowls srik with a hit trick! 🙂

    – s.b.

  20. rk Says:

    lol at hit-trick!!
    sb, you are great wordsmith!

  21. latha vidyaranya Says:

    great going! keep it up!
    u r a very good score keeper :))
    congrats on completion of thrishathaka or three-shathaka posts! and very soon we would be congratulating you on your 4th century, the way you are galloping !

  22. rk Says:

    Latha Vidyaranya,
    Thanks a lot for your wishes. All the contributors have made RwB complete the third ton really soon. Really enjoy your comments and your wonderful articles.
    Best wishes and take care

  23. Ramz Says:

    masthagi mugsidaare munnuru
    namma RK-annoru
    mugsebidhatre i-noooru
    namm bellurainooru

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