Malleswaram Memories

August 4, 2007

The history of Malleswaram, located in the north-west of Bangalore, dates back to the Maratha times. Shivaji’s brother Venkoji (Ekoji) is said to have built the famous Kadu Malleswara temple (on Sampige Road). Geographically, Malleswaram extends from Yeshwantpur in the north, bordering the great campus of the Indian Institute of Science, to what used to be the Minerva mills (where ‘Mantri Sampige’ is coming up), and from the Milk Colony to Vyalikaval extension horizontally. The grid of roads are called ‘Main roads’ (North-South) and ‘Cross roads’ (East-West).

I have been a resident of Malleswaram for close to 30 years. As a kid, I loved playing on the streets and grounds of Malleswaram which was developed as a suburb during the great plague of 1898 that caused many people to move out from the city centre. Malleswaram and Basavangudi together represent Bangalore’s oldest residential localities.

My earliest memories of Malleswaram include walking to 8th Cross with my parents and sisters to have a Masale Dose at Janatha Hotel or a sugarcane juice near Malleswaram Circle. One of my cousins introduced me to Bhagyalakshmi Gulkand Stores when I was in Class 3. I have drooled over it ever since. Having studied for most part in Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram, I loved seeing people wait in the 18th Cross bus stand. Sitting in the class next to a window (whenever our class was towards the bus stand), I used to sketch the different postures of people waiting. Another fond memory is accompanying my eldest sister to Sri Raghavendraswamy Mutt near 8th cross and buying vegetables from the old market (just the smell of fresh vegetables makes me nostalgic even now.)

It was a pleasure to walk lazily with one of my uncles, stopping at irregular intervals to narrate a story or an anecdote related to some old house or a shop. He would be in his elements when he had a packet of ‘Hurigalu’ to accompany him on the walks. And he once demostrated to me the art of eating Hurigalu!

My father used to take me to Kadu Malleswara Devasthana every year for Upakarma. That was where I tasted the prasada (Sattakada Hittu) following the ritual. I wish I get it every day!

I rarely got new slippers. My father always got the old one resoled from a cobbler whom many old timers might remember for the peculiar style in which he announced his arrival on every street. It went in a very rhythmic tone: ‘Boootts reperiyyyyyyyya’! Haven’t seen him for a long time now. When on an odd accasion I did get a new slippers, it was always from the fellow who still sits at the corner of 8th Cross and Sampige Road.

After I lost my father, me and my mother used to go to CGHS on 8th Cross for her regular check-ups. It was a custom for us to visit Janatha Hotel  and sometimes to Geethanjali Theatre after the delicious breakfast to watch a Rajkumar movie. ‘Annamayya’ was the last movie that I saw with her a few months before she passed away. Incidentally, it was at Geethanjali Theatre.

As a kid, I loved Ramanavami, which always meant Panaka-Kosambari-Neer Majjige and singing a few songs and bhajans on lord Sri Rama. My cousins and friends used to gather in my house by noon and start going from temple to temple in Malleswaram. We used to spend a lot of time near Rama Mandira where Panaka-Kosambari and Neer Majjige would be distributed throughout the day. The volunteers would shoo us away by evening as we would have had buckets of Panaka and Neer Majjige.

AN Arts is another fond memory that I associate with Malleswaram. As a kid, A. Narayan’s artistry really fascinated me (It still does). I used to see him work and was simply amazed seeing him paint pictures, logos and draw each letter so beautifully. I loved the way he mixed the colors, pouring certain quantity from one paint ‘Dabba’ to another, thus getting a certain shade. And since his shop was next to a ‘Bonda Angadi’ (Pradhan Sweets on 15th cross Malleswaram), sometimes he used to treat me with an occasional Coffee and Bajji-Bonda. I loved to see him paint nameplates and banners. Perhaps it was here that I also fell in love with the smell of paint!

Diskab library was a place I really wanted to live in in the mid-80s. The friendly library had comics and more comics. Thanks to my neighbour who shared his membership number, I read plenty of Amar Chitra Kathas, Tinkles, Tintins and Asterix comics.

Penning down some random names (in no particular order) associated with Malleswaram (Readers are welcome to add to the list):

Margosa Road
Sampige Road
Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram
18th Cross Bus Stand
Hurigalu Angadi
Central Tiffin Room (CTR)
Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha
Malleswaram Circle
Veena Stores
VR Book Sellers
Rayara Matha
AN Arts
8th Cross
Janatha Hotel
Jatka Stand
Bouquet shop next to the Jatka Stand
Malleswaram Grounds
Mahaganapati Devasthana
Rama Mandira
Shankara Mutt
Asha Sweets
15th cross Pettige Angadi
Talagere Stores
Sahyadri Hotel
Basketball in Beagles
Pradhan Bakery
Kadu Malleswara Devasthana
Sai Baba Temple
Malleswaram Market
Bhagyalakshmi Gulkand Stores
Krishna Xerox
Railway Station
MES College
Lakshmi Maternity Home
Malleswaram Ladies Association
Ammanni College
Circle Maramma
Eat out
Canara Union
Numerous Apartments (Jayanthi, Maitri, Shashi Kiran, Chitrakoot, Chitrapur, KT, RV, MSIL to name a few)
Lakshmi Nrsmha Temple
Popular Medicals
Chinese Gaadi
City Central Library
Sampige Theatre
Savitha Mini
New Krishna Bhavan (NKB)
JB Bakery
Several Second Hand Book Shops
16th Cross Typing Institute
Jayam’s Shopping Centre
Anantha Bookshop
Malleswaram Co-op Bank
Malleswaram Club
Gandhi Sahitya Sangha
Nobel Tailors
LoveLuck & Co.
Sudha Embroidery
Mitra Bazar
Vikas Studio
Grandhige Angadi
Sudarshan Traders
Sri Rama Coffee Works
Santhosh Baby Care Centre
Satyanarayana Musicals
KC General Hospital
Geethanjali Theatre
Ubhaya Vedhantha Sabha
Venugopalaswamy Devasthana
Pipada Stores
Malleswaram Book Depot
Srinivasa Kalyana Mantapa
Kashi Mutt
Seva Sadana
Vedanta Book House
Sugarcane Shop
Khan Cycle Shop
Prabhath Opticals
Meena Medicals
Chamundi Scouts
Benne Lakkappanangadi
Amruth Ice Cream
Vema Lodge
My home
and plenty and plenty more unforgettable memories…


94 Responses to “Malleswaram Memories”

  1. greatunknown Says:

    Am waiting for you to take me to all these places… and no… I am NOT kidding:)

  2. praneshachar Says:

    great notalgia
    I can add
    gomatha juice centre and chats
    muthukumar tailors 18th cross (Deaf & Dumb)
    (Presidents award winner)
    Rottti Angadi where we get Dharwad Pedha 11th cross ?
    swimming pool extension
    Shanti Sagar
    Adigas sampige

  3. Shruthi Says:

    Obviously, LOVED this post… coz I have very similar memories!! (Lived in Malleshwaram for 20 years)

    LOL at riperiyaaaa!

  4. Srinivas Says:

    I just wanted to add few the places which are left out.

    1. Malleswaram sanky tank
    2. Peetelu Chowdiah memorial hall (Building which is in the shape of Violin)

  5. neela Says:

    great walk down the memory lane for all of us malleshwarites!!
    I get goosebumps each time I enter the area on reaching bangalore…
    I shall send this to my mother. She too will love this.
    Atma Stores was the place to buy KV books, then.

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  7. Vasuki Says:

    Nice nostalgic post!

  8. amchigello Says:

    Having been in Malleswaram from 1952 to 1981, I returned in 2004 to find Malleswaram a concrete jungle with not an inch to spare – I am talking about the area below Sampige Road. You have mentioned Sree Rama Coffee Works. It was a pleasure to talk to Mr. Upadhyaya surrounded by the aroma of fresh coffee being roasted and ground – after a hectic round at the Malleswaram Market (old). Then across to Phillips’ Green Shop to meet the Regos …..

  9. praneshachar Says:

    nice memories right from your childhood three decades of nostalagia from Malleshwaram. enjoyed it thoroughly.

  10. Cuckoo Says:

    Very nice & close to heart post. Never been to that side of country though.

  11. bachodi Says:

    I heard Malgudi was malleshwaram and basavanagudi … is it true ?

  12. rk Says:

    pleasure would be mine. but some in the list do not exist anymore.

    thanks for adding to the list. 🙂 and glad you enjoyed the post.

    thank you. i feel the road where you stayed, was and is comparitively quieter than most other roads in malleswaram.
    ‘love’ to Avantgarde!

    thanks for the additions sir.

    for me, it was always dhanalakshmi book stall in yeshwanthpur where i got my kv books. thanks for sharing this with your mom. would be great if she could share a story or two about malleswara.


    off late, malleswaram is getting more and more commercialised, what with malls and complexes being set-up on small cross roads and conservancies.
    i love the aroma of coffee emanating from any coffee shop!
    thanks for the memories.

    i invite you to come to this part of the world. you might like it!

    yes, that story is doing rounds from RKN’s times. but i have read a piece where Narayan has denied this story.

  13. chitra Says:

    It is such a wonderful feel to walk down the memory lane!!

    Congrats for hitting 3 centuries!! Honoured to have been blogrolled by u!!

  14. Praveen GK Says:

    Lovely post….anything about MVM is enough to set me happy!!! Nice way to bring about the MVM glory 🙂

  15. TSSM Says:

    Hi RK,

    Superb narration.

    I remember Malleswaram Railway Station and its railway track along which, we (the cousins) used to walk.

    In the Sankey Tank (it was ‘open’ those days, with out the boundaries as it has now), we used to immerse Ganesha Idol during the festival. (I do not know whether you consider Sankey tank a part of Malleshwaram).

    Thirdly, I remember a couple of parks “poori park’ and ‘chapathi park’, as we used to call them, where we spent a good amount of time playing in, whenever we visited our grandma’s house.

    Malleshwaram had some of the biggest dwellings in those days. They had huge compounds. About 3 or 4 of these buildings would cover a road. Alas, they have all but gone now.

    Incidentally, Basavanagudi and Malleshwaram may not be the oldest localities in Bangalore. The oldest localities were(are) in Chikpete, Akkipete, Balepet, Cottonpete, Nagarthapete etc., all of which are near City Central Station, Avenue Road and City Market.

    Basavanagudi as a locality was developed much later, somewhere in the beginning of 20th century. I have very fond memories of Basavanagudi, as that was the place I grew up in my childhood. It is a fab place even now. Sadly, Malleshwaram has changed a lot especially on account of ‘flats’ coming up all over, much more than in the case of Basavanagudi.

    Have a nice day.

  16. Chitra Says:

    Very nice post RK! I have fond memories of Malleswaram also, though we didnt really live there. I often go to Malleswaram even now. Husband and I take the kids for a weekend breakfast to Janata. In fact, we had our breakfast there yesterday! 🙂

    Congrats on completing 300. 🙂

    I have tagged you –

  17. Gowri Ravichandran Says:

    Hi RK,
    Good one.. once more !! How I long to be in MWM. Being a woman, how can i forget the Sesha’s matching Centre on 8th cross. A small shop but you can get all colors on earth.. atleast that’s what I think:-) ! I was saddened to see the Geethanjali theatre getting smashed down for yet another shopping complex. I cherish lots of childhood memories. I remember how we used to queue up in the morning for booking in advance for a movie. I have seen “Malaya Marutha” 3 times.. he he he.

  18. Veena Says:

    Wow!! great memories there Bellur. I think I still need to visit so many places over there(other than the hotels).
    I thought Navrang was one of the oldest theatre there but no mention about that. Isn’t that part of MVM ?

    I wish if somebody can write such a post on Kuvempunagar-Saraswathipuram, Mysore.

  19. rk Says:

    thanks, and pleasure is mine.

    i know how passionate you are about Malleswaram! was idling in the railway station for a few hours last saturday, and remembered you.

    eager to read your basavanagudi memories. loved reading your wonderful comment. thanks.
    please tell us where are these poori and chapathi parks situated. i feel sankey is more a part of vyalikaval than malleswaram.

    thanks. suggest you visit CTR, on 7th cross. am sure you will love the benne masale dose there.
    thanks for the tag. will take it up soon.

    yes, sad to see geethanjali going down. my first film there was probably kavirathna kalidasa. and the last was annamayya.

    navarang is apart of rajajinagar. glad you liked the attempt.

  20. Chitra Says:

    RK, we did go to CTR. Unfortunately, I don’t think we liked it as much. Others seem to really like it tho’. One of my friends only ate here when she was preg, and I tease that her son is a CTR product!

  21. latha vidyaranya Says:

    i came to malleshwaram after marriage from jayanagar where my parents lived. and i remember losing my way on these cross roads and getting totally disoriented! i confess even now these cross roads confuse me! i need to reorient myself with the help of 8th cross and 18th cross that are most popular and firm anchors for me!

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  23. Diya Says:

    A great post – for a lovely walk down memory lane 🙂 My mom always says that if u’ve lived in MVM even once, u will forever be attatched to all it’s varied yet unique flavours 🙂 I add that it’s also something that is hereditary… My parents have both lived in MVM and me n sis have the same love for it as them, though we’ve lived in neighbouring Rajajinagar all our lives 🙂

  24. Vijayalakshmi Says:

    This is the best blog of malleswaram.
    I have tears in my eyes as it kindled so many lovely memories – I lived in Malleswaram for 23 years!!
    i love this place!!!

  25. maddy Says:

    bet you have not come across ‘mount ganesh coffee works’!!

  26. Guru Says:

    I can’t agree more with Divya’s mother’s thoughts. I have lived in Malleswaram for around 3-4 years (short period compared to most of you, not that lucky i guess ).

    The feel of Malleswaram is something i can’nt get any where else in the world, its magical. Initially i thought it must be my foolishness or memories of past life which is pulling me back to the place again and again. But after reading all your comments, it sure that the place is magical.

    May be we should add the Post Office, Nirmala Rani and Sanky Tank to the list mentioned.

    I accept that the place is turning into a concrete jungle but the magic is still there, i make it a point to visit everytime i visit India and love it. I just hope, i can go back and stay in Mallesawaram again in future.

  27. Hemant Nayak Says:

    22 years in Malleswaram!! Was the greatest growing up exp !! lived in Mill Qtrs 8th main/13 cross later Dattaprasad. Janata Dosais were to die for!! But I loved Mutton Biryani and chicken Masala too and that was available only in Breeze(circle) and later on picnic(poor qlty meats but super cooking especially ‘chilli pork’ ) 18th cross 8th main ,ummm!! Plenty of cricket and movies(majestic was a short cycle ride!) hindi old movies. Learnt to Booze on 8th cross south of sampige road, cant remember those joints. Rum, masala vada and dry mutton….Fishing for First few sex books from Discab!! Nobody can take those memories away. Never.
    But we cant go back after 20+yrs in US. Malleswaram is now a big yard of concrete structures disjoint and asymmetrical. SOme old faces are still around(behind MES college) and we sit down drink and reminisence. What else is there?

  28. Aditya Bellur Says:

    Hey…Gr8 post. Tooooo Gooddd
    Sri Vidya Mandir and ishore Kendra, BPL Indian High School, Hymanshu… some extra landmarks and memorable places…

  29. balasubramanyam k s Says:

    add to list :

    M K Ahmed stores,
    Cothas coffee, 11th cross
    jatka stand, malleswaram circle
    capital radio, near malleswaram circle
    Dr Krishnarao, Usha clinic
    Mount Ganesh Temple (next to market)
    Kanika parameshwari temple
    Janatha hotel, 8th cross

    • sudhi Says:

      Add to list
      Gupta library
      Santhuram tailors
      Shakti restaurant
      Hotel suhas
      Raghu hotel near mill corner
      Regal stores
      Hotel bridavan
      Breeze hotel
      Bandbox dry cleaners
      Khadi gramadyog
      Shankar disc club

  30. Sanjay Guha Says:

    more additions to the list
    Madhubans Bar&Restaurant(Akki Happla with Beer)
    Shakthi on Sampige Road(Northie food for bachelors)
    Hotel Moonlight( Kaka delights like Ceylon Paratha)
    Royal Haircutting Salon
    Iyer’s Mess(8th cross)
    Canara Union

  31. boshu Says:

    Amazing! I am very happy to have discovered the existence of this site. It feels like as though some-one has put all my feeling about Malleshwaram in one article

  32. NS Says:

    Awesome post ! You have made me so nostalgic right now …I have lived in Malleshwaram for the first 18 years of my life and two other cities in India after that and now in the US….but NO experience has ever been the same as the Malleshwaram of the 80s and early 90s that I remember. I could recollect about 90% of the list that you’ve put in. The rest are obscured in memory but none seemed unheard of. Dattaprasad, I believe is the oldest apartment complex in Malleshwaram. The huge temple next to the railway station did not exist as per my earliest memories. It started of as a stone with colour splashed on it placed under a tree there and has grown to what it is today. The tranquility of the Ganesha temple on 13th cross and between 8th and 6th main is etched in memory. Can we also make a list of some of the people that we would have seen in Malleshwaram. Like the cobbler with his typical call, the pujari of the Ganesha temple, Lakappa of the Angadi. prakash Padukone, the marwadi shopkeeper of the bookstore on 8th main 13th cross.
    Was a fun read……thanks !

  33. rk Says:

    did you order for benne pizza or dose? 😉

    as a kid, i always remembered landmarks in jayanagar keeping the 4th block complex as the centre. and for a long time, in malleswaram, i used to refer to anything very far as ‘beyond janatha hotel’ and anything close as ‘near veena stores’.

    nice to know that!

    thank you.

    thanks for sharing the link. loved the story.

    glad you liked the post. hope malleswaram doesn’t become “MALL”-eswaram 😦

    that was a lovely and crisp trivia you have given us! couldn’t relate to the NV hotels. of course discab, janatha…unforgettable memories, alwa!

    thanks for the additions maga.

    bala and sanjay guha,
    thanks you for still more +++s

    thanks for dropping by.

    you have a terrific memory boss! great to know that you remember the cobbler who said ‘Boootts reperiyyyyyyyya’ in a peculiar style – (have written about him in the 6th para above). also the old man at the now closed ‘Malleswaram book center’. and do you remember Shetty at Srinivasa traders on 8th main – 18th cross? Now his son is taking care of it.

    Veena Stores ‘Pradeep’ jnaapka idya? He has remained the same for the last 2 decades! Prakash padukone’s mom (Deepika Padukone’s Ajji) takes a walk everyday twice in front of my house. Mallige Apartments, another old apartment complex badly needs a coat of paint.

    MES Kishore Kendra and BP Indian have changed their uniform design. Sadvaidyashala has the same thatha taking care of it. remember the ajji with matted hair who used to sell old magazines and books near 11th cross sampige road footpath? she is no more, her daughter is carrying over the business now.

    there was one young boney fellow (terrific fan of ‘rebel star’ ambareesh) who used to deliver gas cylinders to our homes. saw him doing the same thing – now he resembles a cylinder!

    mvm railway station is still an ADDA for many, young and old guns!

    more updates some other time.


  34. shri Says:

    malleswaram is just a great place to be….me here from 18 years……one of must seee places are sankey……

    thanks to all ya

  35. sunil Says:

    I do stay in malleswaram, how could u do tht long list of places. i tried but i could write only few places in tht list, nice post sir

  36. sachin Says:

    can any one tell me the list and directions to a few second hand book stores in malleswaram???? i have been trying to find them ……



    Good memories of Malleswaram or Malleshwara. But this is the Grand Old Woman of Malleswaram writing. I have been here all my life – which makes me roughly as old as Malleswaram itself or may be slightly younger than “Kadu Malleswara.”
    And how beautiful my Malleswarm was in those days and how ugly and terrible its become now. But I still live here and will die here. When I was a kid (yes – there was a time when I too was a kid !!) I used to tell everyone that Malleswram is the Capital of Bangalore.

    How many of you know, or have seen, or heard of these:

    1.Malleswaram Circle (there was a huge circle which beautiful table roses plants inside and the traffic police used to stand in the middle of that circle directing the traffic. They used to wear “shorts” in those days and not trousers.)
    2.Malleswaram Post office which was above M.K.Ahmed & Sons on 6th cross, Sampige Road (now both are not there )
    3.Dwaraka Pen Centre,
    4.Ananta & Sons,
    5.4th Cross Petrol Bunk (which’s now become UP Royal Arcade),
    6.Murugan Temple near Geetanjali,
    7.Breeze Hotel (now no more – something else in its place,) 8.Malleswram Shishu Vihar (was in the place where Canara Bank now exists & where I studied),
    9.Brindavan Hotel (I saw the owner sometime back and he looked just the same !!),
    10.Evergreen Drycleaners,
    11.Santhuram Shirt Co.,
    12.Devidayal Steel House (now no more – something else there),
    13.Malleswaram Oil Stores, (now no more – something else there),
    14.Ratan Mahal,
    15.Dr.Parthasarathy’s clinic on 6th cross and his house on 1st cross,
    16.Dr.Vijayaraghavan’s clinic on 2nd cross,
    17.The Planters’ Coffee Home which has now become the famous HALLI MANE,
    18.The famous “Halla” (Pit) of KC General Hospital – (where we kids were prohobited from even taking a peak even in the mornings – since there was a “Bhoota” living there in those days !)
    19.Sudarshan Chit Funds building,
    20. Bangalore Photo Studio,
    21.The Kulla Park,
    22.The Bhashyam Park, (still there – thank goodness)
    23.The Aane Park ( of 8th cross)
    Oh…Oh….the wonderful memories of that Malleswaram… I can go on and on and on and on…..

    I have only mentioned a few locations and that too starting from only 6th cross to only 1st cross. There are still many many many locations on the other sides of Malleswaram which are sadly no more or have been neglected or simply have become something else ! AND, “That”, like Mr.Kipling said, “is another story”.

  38. Sethu Says:

    I have been living in Malleswaram for the last 2+ years. Without a doubt, I won’t consider living anywhere else in Bangalore.

    Having lived in Mumbai for 15+ years and seen what is called “modern (or should I call it “Mall” living”, when we shifted into Bangalore from Mumbai, we wanted to move into a “traditional” locale and where everything was available and ready to start living. Malleswaram it was for us!!

    It is nice to see many posts from “Seniors” who lived in Malleswaram for many years reliving their experience. Truly it is a wonderful place to be.

    A few nice things that I love being here!!

    – I still see the god’s idol being taken out in procession during special festival occasions. This is lovely and reminds me of my childhood experiences in Madurai where we were staying to the Meenakshi and Chokkanatha temples and the god’s were taken on procession via the main roads with petromax lights to illuminate them. Nice to relive this feeling in Malleswaram yet again!!

    – Excellent social infrastructure and support system to practice our relegion, culture and physical fitness!! (Many Carnatic music classes, Arts/Painting, Chinmaya Vidyalaya/Shloka classes, Prakash courts, 18th Cross Grounds) where my son goes for Cricket coaching … and lots more around). Place for balanced living (physical, intellectual and spiritual)

    – Tree lined roads/avenues. Keep them that way and plant more trees!! I am sure the trees we have now is perhaps much less than 10 or 15 years ago (Seniors would vouch for that I suppose!!), but even this is lots for me having lived in a concrete jungle like Mumbai!!

    I think it may be a nice idea to start a website dedicated to Malleswaram where we can capture past/present as well as express our expectations of the future of this place and bring the local community online as best.

    Warm regards,

    Dt: 5th Oct 2008
    Malleswaram, Bangalore

  39. M Shanker Says:

    Great Blog Dear Sir Ji!!

    Superb Memories. I was also a Regular Visitor of Diskab Library, My Uncle was a member. Now it has been Shut Permanently, But all of Diskab Libraries Books are available at a Second Hand Book Shop – Diagonally Opposite to Sree Rama Coffee Works – Behind Shree Krishna Temple & Below The Former Ubhaya Vedanta Sabha.

    I Enjoyed this blog thoroughly.

    I also do miss Popular Stores – Near Diskab.

    Hope you have been to the Idli Vada Shop near Malleshwaram Railway Station. It is Fantastic!!

    The Old Malleshwaram had lots of Trees & Greenery. Now only a handful of them remain.

    Now, the New Malleshwaram has a New Post Office & a Renovated Kaadu Malleshwara Temple.

  40. Karan Says:

    the thing that i most miss about malleswaram is the calmness & the peace…it was like wen i played with my friends we were the only sources of noise…not any more though

  41. rajendra prasad Says:

    Good reveiw about malleshwaram. I lived here with my parents during 1965-1970. It was really awsome. As we were small childern we dint notice the importance of the place, I moved to mvm after 30 yrs buying a expensive property near 16th cross. I regret for the same.
    mvm has lost its charm for ever, bad foot paths too much of noisw, apartments, too many people to eat one dosa at CTR , mad beggers , and confused younger crowd who doesnot fit past or present and have just returned from USA … Dirty bars and restns , lousy mvm club, Horrible parking outside the houses, too much pollution., very small lanes, regular accidents at 16 th crosss, 11th main junction by young girls on scooty……
    MY god itis hell..not worth living…
    u may have security for old people who stay hers more than donkey,s years…
    Hundreds of widows on road .. with old traditions which their children hate….

    Any how kadu malleshwara only should save this place and culture…
    Any how you may feel bad but this is the fact…can the local MLA,s do something to rejuivinate this horrible place…!!!!

  42. rajendra prasad Says:

    Good reveiw about malleshwaram. I lived here with my parents during 1965-1970. It was really awsome. As we were small childern we dint notice the importance of the place, I moved to mvm after 30 yrs buying a expensive property near 16th cross. I regret for the same.
    mvm has lost its charm for ever, bad foot paths too much of noise, apartments, too many people to eat one dosa at CTR , mad beggers , and confused younger crowd who doesnot fit past or present and have just returned from USA … Dirty bars and restns , lousy mvm club, Horrible parking outside the houses, too much pollution., very small lanes, regular accidents at 16 th crosss, 11th main junction by young girls on scooty……
    MY god itis hell..not worth living…
    u may have security for old people who stay hers more than donkey,s years…
    Hundreds of widows on road .. with old traditions which their children hate….

    Any how kadu malleshwara only should save this place and culture…
    Any how you may feel bad but this is the fact…can the local MLA,s do something to rejuivinate this horrible place…!!!!

  43. siddavanahalli venugopal Says:

    during the independence movement to give vent to the youth energy gandhi sahitya snagh was started to infuse patriotism and defuse violence. krishna sharma, rajaratnam were guiding the day a library, prakruti jeevana kendra, a school are there. we went house to house to collect money to build a memorial. during that period i have roamed all the strets mentioned. it is good to remember all that. it has retained its flavour.

  44. Your blog is very nice… i like your blog ….

  45. rajasekhar Says:

    Atma book store in 1952, I used to buy my primary school books and other school supplies. Then his store was on the east end of where it is now. I am in my sixties now but surprised to see the original owner still running the shop with his children.

  46. ARUN BK Says:

    Thanks RK,
    Please add “Malleshwar Hair Dressers” on 13th Cross and “Decent Hair Cutting Saloon” on the 17th Cross as the best place for haircuts. Further, the Malleshwaram Railway Station, MES College have their aura of memories.

  47. Great effort indeed. Nice io recollect my own memory having been living in Bengaluru since over sixty five years. Some names I remember:-
    St. Peter’s Seminery

    Malleswaram swimming pool

    North end hoyel

    Vishnu bhavan

    Ganesh Bhavan

    Bande Ganapathy

    Sir. C.V.Raman’s Residence

    Jewel Filters

    Central Talkies

    will come back with more later

  48. jaya Says:

    Yes indeed those who have been associated with Malleswaram will even today would love to take a look at the old places. Of course, as time has gone by, many changes have taken place except a few building at West Park Road, East Park Road, down old market, Janata Hotel, Ganesha Temple (of course this has also changed with times), 18th cross where we used to see many gulmohar trees and pick up kundumoni – a red bead like faling from trees and pick them up to play pallanguzhi,this was near Jewel Filters near 18th cross, CV Raman’s residence whose wife was our relative and she used to visit our house often, watch my father and his friends play badminton opposite our house – an open ground now Ubayavedanta Kalyana Mandap has come, visit Rama Mandir every day and Ganesh Temple as our father used to be there every day, listen to music in Malleswaram Sangeetha Sabha , every Saturday take Prasadam like copri sakkare after the bhajan, walk down 15th cross, opposite there used to be a mill from where we used to buy gingely oil with the bullock going around, visit Krishna Rao clinic often, drink badam milk near circle, walk down the malleswaram railway station with our father to wave at people travelling by train , smile at people walking by our house in the evenings, invite all to our house for dasara golu, Malleswaram Tiffin room etc

    Ah what times were they dear, i have lot more to tell of my childhood memories i shall definitely once again come back to this blog and write all.

    Now i find that lot of changes have taken place where we dont have walking space in Malleswaram .

    People were friendly in those days and smile at us whenever we used to see each other now lot of reservation is there i find

    • Raghu Says:

      I used to visit the Malleshwaram railway station regularly in the 70s. They used to have cement seating on a little hillock under the trees as you enter the station. We used to wait for Venkatadri Express and Arsikere Passenger trains and wave at the passengers. Who can forget Chaddi Chikka’s bhajji and bonda near the gaadi stand at 4th cross? Awesome place overall. I remember the Malleshwaram circle that slowly got neglected and torn down eventually. Malleshwaram has a charm unlike any other place. It will always be one of the greatest places that showcases our culture and customs.

    • Radhakrishna Says:

      Well, I did not know so many people feel so emotional and nostalgic about MWM and have expressed it as the best place to live ( at least MWM of those years 60s-70s-80s). Here I also stake a claim to the citizenship of MWM having born in KCG hospital and completed my KG to PG! Went to MLA in 1959 for nursery and IISc for ME in 1978. Can connect to each and every location people have mentioned and finally bought a house in the same East Park Road where I lived before shifting to Bombay for work. Like so many others I should have also be back here to leave my memories. Wish I could meet some childhood friends.

  49. sathyeshwar subbakrishna Says:

    wow great!!!
    thats malleshwara all off us loved to be in.
    list can also have- dattatreya devasthana near rayara mata and BES school.

    thanks for taking us down the memory lane.

  50. Srinivasa Says:

    Wonderful article. I remember a Vinayaka temple off 8th cross very well. Was there a Sri Rama Mandira there too – on East Park Rd? Was it a temple or just a building of sorts? Can someone say when this was built? For example was it already standing in 1979?

    • Radhakrishna Says:

      Hi Srinivasa, keep bumping into nostalgic folks on these blogs often ! seen your responses on other blogs too….

      I was born n brought up in East Park Road from KG to PG between 10th & 11th cross. Lord Venugopalaswamy was a neighbour ! Rama Mandira existed much before 79. This was not in the same bracket of Krishna / Ganesha temples as far as temples go, but was more a cultural space and I have as a kiddie in 60s, have witnessed biggies (MS, MLV etc) perform there. Miss MWM so much ….gimme back those days! I m currently in Mumbai and not sure as to how I will live in the NEW malleswaram if I go back there. Radhakrishna

  51. Radhakrishna Says:

    I will be in MWM from Bombay for a week from 5th june 11 and hope to visit as many of those places to relive the past.

  52. Sudha Says:

    Nostalgic….though I am not from MVM, similar experiences in B’gudi. I used to visit my uncle & aunty near pipeline and cousin in 14th cross, the bustop for that was Kaadu Malleswara devasthana.

  53. KV Says:

    This is just such a great blog….
    I am from malleshwaram and pride myself to be one of the boys hanging around the beagles basketball court playing basketball and eating the fantastic idlis at veena stores.
    I studied in MES college and have great memories of the college and the surroundings.
    Recently been to bangalore Malleswaram seems to be unrecognisable now. I am too scared to cross sampige road on foot, most of the memories have become only memories now unfortunately as Bangalore huffs and puffs with the big population overflow.
    As one of my friends said its not Bangalore anymore its Bengaluru taking its old name with new promises and new problems.
    Great blog .. well done


  54. It is great works of Malleswarm to read from so many persons . Ofcours to day it became different shape . But still I feel the sampige Road is equevalent to AgemalHan Road of Delhi.

  55. shyamala. Says:

    Naanoo malleshwaradavale. We lived in 14th cross. next to Himamshishuvihara. Sattyanarayana shashtri is my fist friend in my life. he still is my friend. I and my husband Hiriyanna. went to malleshearam ladies association. We still keep n touch with a group of school friends. I miss my home malleshvaram
    Happy deepavali to all.

  56. sundar Says:

    Do you remember anjana

  57. GIRI Says:

    BEST REGARDS, GIRI. 97410 44336.

  58. shyamala. Says:

    Can any one tell me where is padari hoovina mara/gida? I remember walking on it on footpath with my sister, sharada., Who lives in 2nd cross Malleshwaram.I miss it. No one seems to know as to what happened to it. I need to see the gida/mara again.

  59. Aruna Says:

    Awesome post….a sporadic visitor to MVM, I could still relate to the post and enjoy it wholesome. I had visited most of the places you’ve mentioned…I wonder how I missed this rama mandira….couldnt figure where it comes it in the Vyalikaval part of Mvm? The smell of flowers/vegetables gave way to pizza and burger stalls on 8th cross….miss the old aromas and the old beauty

    I only wish and hope I too own MVM as you guys do! Did you miss Ganesh Vihar (bachelor’s hostel) on Sampige Road? (My husband lived in this hostel as a bachelor for over 7 years and he’s so damn attached (as much as he is to his native place) to malleswaram!

    To the eternal glory of MVM,
    Aruna Ram Kumar

  60. shyamala. Says:

    chennagide. Belated happy shankranthi. Malleshwara is becoming maaleshwara. Kirloskar ittalla alli i beleive one more mall is being built. My family is in 2nd cross malleshwaram. we lived in Margosa road next to Himamshu shishuvihara. Son of Pradhan Angadi was our class mate. Have a great day. I wish there were some photos to remember all the shops mentioned.some are no more

  61. jaya Says:


    yes indeed it is great to knowthat many people associate themselves close to malleswaram and think that they are there even today

    is there any one from malleswaram even today who remembers the person who built ganesha temple and associataed with rama bhajan sabha and sangeetha sabha as i am belonging to their family

    i still remember how great carnatic musicians used to visit our house and stay and also remember bhagavathar like sri pudukottai gopalakrishna bhagavathar, sri anantha rama dikshidar who used to stay in our house our house was like a big choultry andeven now i miss the same and the good old days and old market and people of eastandwest park road, margosa andsampige road


  62. jaya Says:

    the memories of malleswaram till late1970s are still fresh inour minds

    the roads were so neat the shops , people were friendly and the houses where we used to visit for navarathri for sundal dressed like krishna radha etc and during ganesh chaturthi weused to visit the ganesh temple along with my father who was in charge and stay till 10 to 11 pm in the night and during rama navami times people all prominent carnatic musicians used to stay in our house and we used to have great times and in our house almost every day used to be festival day

    then on the last day of ganesh festival procession used to be there we used to go around malleswaram and what fun it used to be

    people were so friendly especially all of us used to know each other andthe people in 8th cross market opp. ganesh temple vegetable vendors, philips green shop, muller patern medical shop, dr venkataachar, dr parthasarathy, dr krishna rao , royal dry cleaners, MTR,CTR, Janatha Hotel,Mariamman Temple, Rama Bhajan Sabha, Mallewaram Sangeetha Sabha, Ganesh Buter Stores, Faashion House, Mount Ganesh,The small dispensary between 8th and 7th cross, Mitra Bazaar who came later on, Ganesh Provision Stores, Kumkum Shop; at 8th cross, etcetc still bring a lot of memories

    then we could walk onthe road without any fear of so many vehicles plying since only a few vehicles were there not many autos, and not to forget jatka stand opp to KC general hospital, Premier Diary, Raja Mills, Malleswaram Cooperative Society, mALLESWARAM x rAY cLINIC ,

    Our house was so big we had mangoes,neem tree, lots of plants like jasmine, rose ,daylia etc and we could accommodate manyk persons at a time and even conduct one wedding with many people around

    Not to forget Gandhi Vidyalaya, a small school where we studied, samajam now MLA as it was earlier known, Malleswaram Cooperative Bank, The swimming pool extension and kodandarampura were having small hut house like including dhobi ghat and many walls used to be seen with cow dungs and what fun it was to visit malleswaram railway station and sit and watch one ortwo trains that used to pass and wave at people

    oh still if iremember some more places i shall do so as i am never fed up of writing about mallewaram and its greatness


    • rk Says:

      hi jaya,
      great to know that you have a such a vivid memory about my dearest place, MALLESWARAM!
      waiting to read more from you about this lovely place!
      thanks for your detailed comment!
      keep visiting RwB!

      tk care

    • shyamala hiriyanna Says:

      I was in Bangalore and of course n Malleshwaram, Saw Padarihoovu at 8th cross
      The tree is still there. . Some shops are dissappering, but most are still there.
      I am also a student of. Samaja or MLA. I am also one of the students of 1st batch of High school.
      Miss Malleshwaram so much!! Wandered around malleshwaram market and spoke to a few vendors,whom we used to know.

      • rk Says:

        you must have been thrilled to find some old vendors! privileged to know you are from amongst the first batch of Samaja (High school)!
        do share more of your “malleswaram memories”! would love to read it!

        tk care

  63. Balachandra Says:

    Nice Memories

  64. C N Ramesh Says:

    Just to remind again, I was your typing instructor at Prasad Institute of Commerce,16th Cross, Malleswaram. How is Srividya. Please get in touch, We stay now on 18th Cross, 6ht Main, just two streets away to your place.

    • rk Says:

      The TYPING INSTITUTE & POPULAR STORES have gone into the pages of history! Hard to believe they existed! The Institute (how many souls learnt A-S-D-F…SEMI COLON-L-K-J there under you), the staircase next to it, and Popular stores – this was such a popular ADDA…and even today, that ADDA tradition is still continuing! But the place has changed dramatically, just like Malleswaram itself!

      Let’s meet anytime, Ramesh, over a CTR Dose and By-2 Coffee! 🙂

  65. C N Ramesh Says:

    A nostalgic trip of my four decades
    My birth place is just “Mysore” but rest and best part of my four decades I have been a resident of Malleswaram, more precisely Maruthi Extension, an area just attached to Malleswaram Railway Station. For me entire Malleswaram is East and Gayathrinagar, Subramanyanagar, Rajajinagar are immediate West. Srirampuram, Lakshminarayanapuram, Nagappa Block just to the South and Milk Colony & Yeshwanthapur just to the North. I got a lovely opportunity to understand good, bad and ugly an unique mix all experiences of life.Midlife crisis of middle class, Poverty suffered by poor class and heights of life enjoyed by very rich class were my daily scenes in life which altogether offered diversified exposure for my overall development due to the geographical segmentation thus divided equally with cross cultural contributions. My childhood friends have turned out to be notorious criminals or rowdies on one side and highly accomplished achievers in life on the other side. The journey which I carried on amidst all of this is the entrance to these four decades of my nostalgic trip. I know that I cannot be complete in all aspects in terms of coverage, but will attempt to cover some of them. My memory lane just recalls my very early childhood where my grandfather C R Lakshminarayana Rao used to take me to Malleswaram Railway Station to show me some trains. Many of you must be knowing Malgudi Days of R K Narayan- wherein the reference of Malgudi is originated from Mal(Malleswaram)Gudi(Basavanagudi) and my childhood was almost a replica of Swamy & Friends of Malgudi Days, incidentally, Master.Manjunath himself around 7 to 8 year younger to me as well studied at Sharada Vidyanikethan, Malleswaram and identified by Shankar Nag who again resided at 10th Main, Malleswaram on the same street 11th Cross, B Saroja Devi, on the same street 12th Cross, now Jaggesh and many more to write. I think I loved playing a lot on the streets most part of my childhood days which included playing with all traditional street games which I don’t see them now at all and some sport games at Malleswaram Grounds, Halla Grounds(Now Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose Grounds just after Devaiah Park Over Bridge) 18th Cross Grounds etc… Well, the formation of Malleswaram was due to aftermath impact of a severe plague of 1898 goes the old story. Malleswaram & Basavangudi together represent Bangalore’s oldest residential localities respectively from North & South Bangalore. My curiosity on my loved Malleswaram also made me to make some historical checks and as a finding, Kadu Malleswara temple on Sampige Road was built by Maratha Emperor Shivaji’s brother Venkoji. Kadu Malleswara paved the way for the name of this wonderful suburb of those days as Malleswaram. Just opposite of this temple, my father in-law’s family resided and still residing beyond 100 years.
    Malleswaram is just a heaven on earth I can say. IT WAS, IT IS & IT IS GOING TO BE. As I said nostalgia, I just write some of the names, places, significances and just pick for your memory if you know about Malleswaram. I also point mostly to the oldest and some of them are not in existence now. Here is the list Malleswaram 8th Cross,Janatha Hotel(owned by friend Sudheendra’s family), Rayara Mutt, Market, Mount Ganesha Temple(Sathyanarayana Shastry/Ghani, friend’s uncle), Bhashyam Park, New Krishna Bhavan, Sampige & Savitha Theatres, Indian Coffee Depot Outlet, My Raghavendra High School, Planters Coffee Home, Brindavan Hotel, Rathan Mahal, Malleswaram Circle,Bhagyalakshmi Gulkhand Stores, Sugar Cane Juice shop owned by two old men, Popular Store, Old Saibaba Temple( Now shifted to 15th Cross, originally belonging to friend V J Umapathy and his uncle film music director Vijay Bhaskar’s residence), Iyer Mess,Bata Show Room, Asha Sweets, Hurigaalu Angadi,Cothas Coffee, New Market, Pradhan Sweets( ownership belonged to my father in-law’s brother), Hebbar Sri Vaishnava Sabha & 18th Cross Bus Stand on Sampige Road and Margosa Road, Ganesh Darshini, Veena Stores, Sahyadri, CTR( Now Shree Sagar), Malleswaram Grounds, K C General Hospital, Jataka Stand, Geethanjali Theatre. I stop over naming conventions for now. I cherish my great memories of my teaching at Best Institute, Mill Corner for PU & Degree students and equally cherish my role as a typing & shorthand instructor at Prasad Institute of Commerce,16th Cross, Malleswaram where I trained many students from MES College and many working professionals.(one comment by one of my students Bellur Ramakrishna goes like this “The TYPING INSTITUTE & POPULAR STORES have gone into the pages of history! Hard to believe they existed! The Institute (how many souls learnt A-S-D-F…SEMI COLON-L-K-J there under you), the staircase next to it, and Popular stores – this was such a popular ADDA…and even today, that ADDA tradition is still continuing! But the place has changed dramatically, just like Malleswaram itself! Let’s meet anytime, Ramesh, over a CTR Dose and By-2 Coffee! in his exclusive blog about Malleswaram Memories makes me proud) ,
    Now, it’s the time to remember some of my friends who belonged and played at lot at 5th Cross Maruthi Extension. What we played is a list unlimited-Gilli-Daandu, Logori, Chood-Chendu, Ice-Spice, Kalla-Police, Race, Buguri, Goli, Soda Mucchala, Gaalipata, Cigarette Packs, Match Boxes, Baccha, Kunte-Bille, Chowka Baara, Aliguli Mane, Hunase Beeja, Paarivala Beeja, making of Cork Ball, organising Ganesha festival events like screening of movies, well known orchestras with a brand Sri Vinayaka Seva Mandali, cycle race, Cricket matches, video games and what not ? B K Seshusai(Ramapriya) trained me cycling and driving his Dad’s Lamby Scooter when I was just in 5th Standard. Today he is an entrepreneur by himself. K R Ravikumar(Bonda) who trained me in writing love letters while I was at the same 5th Standard and also gave unlimited skill sets for my growth and development. Today he has taken VRS from Power Gear and managing a shop of his own. B C Suresh(Choori) & myself had stolen a geometry box from a Modern School student’s bag and were caught and beaten left and right, so the learning is that even if we find a crore today, we won’t touch it. B C Suresh is a top notch software company top executive today besides co-founding a school. In the year 2005, he proposed an idea that he, me and his brother B C Umesh(Appi) jointly buying a building at Malleswaram having Ground,First & Second Floor and occupying each floor by each one of us. Those two brothers declared that I am one of their another brother and went ahead with bank loans etc… I got a bank loan sanction letter as well, but we could not finalise that house on account of heavy price. But, the same sanction letter I utilised to buy out my own flat on Hesaraghatta Road, Defence Colony within next three months. As many other friends knows, my childhood’s best friend M B Rajesh Gowda qualified both in UPSC & KAS exams with good rank and today a leading top level official in Government Administrative Services. We also used to canvass a local councilor in the same neighborhood who incidentally studied at my high school is S Suresh Kumar, Law & Parliamentary Minister, Government of Karnataka. Friends list is as well big, but I close out by saying a funny incident. We had a good and innocent friend who used to play cricket with us. His brother had made some small appearances in the Kannada Film around that time. Our friend used to say that his brother is settling in Cinema and after sometime, he will accommodate him as well into the industry. We used to mock at him and tease him. But he was too sincere and decent friend who is none other than popular Kannada Comedy King- Komal (Komalkumar) and his brother yet another success Jaggesh.
    I finally end up with here with some more names of my childhood friends who always are fresh in mind. Madan,Manu,Kumar, Pandu,Srikanth,Bhaskara, Thiru,Venkatesh, Sathish(Sahukara), Sathish(Madan’s cousin who died few years back ),B C Ramesh(Rummy), B C Ashok,Krishna Swamy(Kitta) ,Hucche Gowda,Sathish(Puppy),Vadivelu ( who died after a severe road accident), Krishna Nayak, Kiran, Ravi(Bhoo Ravi who died together with his father Ramaiah at Dharmasthala),Vasuki, Thammanna, Neelakanta, Raja,Kariya,Chandra,Punter Vasu,Venkatesha,Kumara, Shekara, Paramesh Gowda, Dharanesh Gowda, cable Vasu, Jayamohana, Shivu, Babu, Somi,Jayanth, Srikanth(Vasuki’s brother) , Prashantha, Ammi, Subbi, Vijaya, Kalpana, Bhavani, Shankar, Geetha, Hanumantha and lost but not the least the DON of 5th cross, who died at an early age after big time contribution to rowdy-ism – SHIVU, 5th Cross Shivu Alias Srirampura Shiva. I guess K R Ravikumar and myself roamed a lot with this SHIVA without knowing what we were doing but being in the company of a Don. Another surprise, I did not take myself into either smoking or drinks inspite of many oddities of life. Perhaps, my dad C L Nagaraja’s strict discipline on reaching home early and fear of dad made me achieve what I am today.

    • rk Says:

      awesome ramesh! hats off for taking us on this nostalgic trip! thanks a million for sharing your malleswaram memories! 🙂

      • C N Ramesh Says:

        Thanks RK, you are the initiator, your blog made me to just write about.. it just came spontaneous. I wanted to restrict to the size and condensed best possible. But, writing anything about Malleswaram is no doubt unlimited.

  66. harishkumarn Says:

    A funny irreverant take on Malleshwaram. Nice.

  67. […] Malleswaram Memories  was written by yours truly on August 4, 2007 right here on Rambling with Bellur. And it was well accepted by my readers here. […]

  68. Jay Says:

    I left Malleswaram in 1988, and came here to US for higher studies. I have since settled here, but not a day passes when I don’t think of home, sweet home. Some places which I fondly remember are – the Meenakshi Nursing Home which used to be across Bala Tripura Sundari Kalyana Mantapa, Cluny Convent, B.P.Indian High School, the Iyengar tailor shop by the corner of 6th main and 9th cross, MES College, Malleswaram pavilion grounds, LIC building grounds (opposite the newer BES school), 18th cross grounds, S.S.Vasan’s house on 8th main road, B.Saroja Devi’s house, Shankar library, City Central Library, Janatha Hotel, Dr.Krishna Rao, and the many other icons of those times. There were’nt too many houses back then, and we felt the whole place belonged to us. The beautiful gulmohar, sampige and tall silver oak trees that lined our street is still vivid in my memory. I still dream walking through the streets of Malleswaram and see all the familiar landmarks, old friends and familiar faces, A dream I’ll never forget.

  69. Ramaa Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. fantastic. Even I lived in Malleswaram from 1965 to 1980. Even now, I visit my parents’ place once in a week. Lots and lots of changes in Malleswaram. Sir. C.V. Raman’s Panchavati was the best place to spend our evenings. There was a library and a godambi tree behind the library. We used to bring the fruit and burn it and eat. I still remember…. Thanks for reminding me my good old golden days….

  70. i am not getting old friends

  71. Suhas J Somayaji Says:

    Ah!!! Malleshwaram. For me Malleshwaram is Bangalore. I was born Vyalikaval and brought up in Vyalikaval/Malleshwaram and I still live there (Palace Guttahalli to be precise). I have spent 3 decades of my life here (actually that’s my age). Even though a lot has changed over the years in Malleshwaram, nothing can steal the charm and aura that Malleshwaram oozes. I don’t know how many of you remember the things I am going to list below.

    Juice shop opposite Chandu’s military hotel.
    Dattatreya swamy devsathana.
    Jayanna from Jayannana Matha (That actually is Rayara Matha)
    Bata Showroom
    Varsha Traders(Operated by brother of the proprieter of Sudharshan Traders)
    Rajesh Hotel on Vyalikaval main road.
    Vyalikaval Rama mandira.
    Tank ground (Vyalikval football ground which still exists was called thus, because it has a huge overhead tank)
    The lady who still sits in the junction of 15th cross and sells Elaneeru. This lady a dog called Tiger who used to eagerly wait for me and my sister to come out school, because we used to make it a point to keep some part of our Madhyanada Tiffin to feed him. (I studied in Swami Shivananda Education Society beside Karur Vysya Bank. My school has now made way for a swanky complex now :-()
    Karur Vysya Bank
    Tirumala Vidyaniketan School
    VES (Vyalikaval Education Society)
    Adarsha Bhavan (Opp. MES)
    Aranya Bhavan (Opp. 18th cross ground)
    Shivaratri fair.
    Shivaratri ratha, that still happens the day after Shivaratri. (We used to get half a day leave)
    Swimming pool extension Rayara Matha
    Kodandaramapura Annammana Jathre (Which still takes place)
    Vatsalya Pet Clinic behind Beagle’s Basketball court
    Dakshinamukha Nandi Theertha(Was discovered when we were in school and we had made the discovery all the more sensational by scripting amazing stories)
    Vyalikaval Dhobi Ghat
    Saraswathi Studio on Vyalikaval Main Road.Interestingly those were the guys who had captured my picture in Moggina Jade(though I am a guy, it used to be fad back then for middle class Brahmin families to dress their sons in a girl’s attire with Moggina Jade and all :facepalm: ) and also my marriage photos.
    Sahyadri Hotel
    There was a mentally disturbed guy called Ramesha and we used to torture him a lot as kids 😦
    Seva sadana where our school’s annual day used to take place
    Vidya Mandir, Hymamshu Jyothikala Peetha, MES (these were our enemy schools 😛 )
    Enne angadi next to Meena Medicals.
    Janhavi Medicals on Vyalikaval Main Road
    VGP opposite the 15th cross market.

    I can go on and on and on writing about Malleshwaram and different landmarks. I am currently in Berlin for training for only about 5 months (Out of which I have completed 3 months and I’ll be back this month end for visa renewal) but it feels like its been ages since I left Malleshwaram.

    I was missing Malleshwaram so much that I simply Googled Malleshwaram and stumbled upon your blog. Thanks a lot for bringing out this blog. You have made my day.



  72. KB Says:

    Although I do not stay in Malleswaram at present or any time , I have some very pleasant memories of the locality which I used to visit very often due to the presence of my grandmother who lived with two of her unmarried sons ( maternal uncles for me) during my childhood days in the late fifties and early sixties (1959-62or 3 to be precise).Me and my mother used to frequent the Malleswaram 18th cross road where my grandmother lived in the front portion of a house which was left with only foundation for half the area. Behind in a separate large portion lived the owners, a very affable beyond middle aged couple, with their four sons all of whom were good friends of my uncles. The owners themselves were quite intimate to my grandmother. Next on the right side lived a doctor and his family and on the left side lived a family which had some relation with the Ravalgaon suger Co. This was known by the frequent visit of a delivery boy on cycle carrying Ravalgaon company products. About 4 to 5 buildings on the right was the famous building of Kalashilpi Venkatappa with a portion of it being vacant site which exists even now. Another 4 to 5 buildings on the left side was a couple of large vacant sites with many earthmoving and construction equipments abandoned for a long time. The 18th cross bus stand of BTC still existed those days from where several buses plied on route 11 to Gandhi bazaar.

    One reason for the affinity of the place was that we ourselves lived just a few houses away in the opposite direction in an outhouse before moving to the house constructed by my father in a new locality known as Jayanagar.
    My mother used to come to pick me up from the Home school in Basavanagudi where I was studying with some snacks and after having the same we used to board a bus to Malleswaram from the stop at taxi stand near the club.

    We used to stay for at least 2-3 days at the grandmother’s house. I had a toy pussycat to play with. My uncles used to bring the 78 rpm gramophone records on cycle to play the latest popular songs. At nights my grandmother used to serve rice and buttermilk flavored with karibevu specifically prepared in stone vessel. After night meal we used to come out on the open foundation to watch the sky. During those days there was the long running Kamala three ring circus whose searchlights used to circle the night sky. If we come down to 18th cross bus stand we could see the tower of IISc and the darkness in front of it was disturbed by lights from a bus from Yeswantpur passing towards Shivajinagar (route 17/17A) or Jayanagar (route 1). Whenever we stayed there for the night we would invariably hear the long shrill whistle piercing the ears of the passing trains in the silence of the night through Malleswaram station.

    At this period was a setback when my younger uncle suffered an attack of fits followed by high fever and had to be treated in hospital. We again moved from Jayanagar to grandmother’s house for extending moral support to her to overcome the crisis. The other event I distinctly remember was near the bus stop of 18th cross where I was running across the road and just managed to escape being hit by a two wheeler (may be a moped)which was quite scarce. The rider was himself shell shocked and extremely apologetic and was much relieved to know that I was ok, though it was not any of his fault. However this incident taught me a lesson.
    These were some of the aspects that do not erase from my memory even after several decades. But the beauty of the place and the pleasant residential atmosphere exists even today although many big compounds have given way to apartment blocks.

    • rk Says:

      dear kb,
      more than 50 years and you remember quite a lot of malleswaram of the fifties and early sixties! thanks for your detailed description!

  73. Rama Says:

    V R Book Sellers
    Atma Stores
    Kiran Stores
    Juice shop near Kadu Malleswara Temple
    Lodge in 18th Cross Sampige Road
    Muthu Kumar Tailor
    Dasara Dolls shop in 12th Cross
    Gurunath & Sons
    Cholera Bhavan 8th Main 17th Cross
    Sri Lakshmi Provision Stores 8th Main 17th Cross
    Dr. Bellubbi Clinic 17th Cross 8th Main
    Sir. C V Raman Panchavati 15th Cross

    • Rama Says:

      Hurigalu hurigalu .. one person used to come in the night to sell very tasry hurigalu.

      • Rama Says:

        Hurigalu hurigalu .. one person used to come in the night to sell very tasry hurigalu. Ghani was the Chief Priest or Ganesha Temple in 7th Cross Malleawaram adjacent to Sri Rama Mandira. He passed away in the recent past. Now the Temple has got a new look with one more God installed.

        • Rama Says:

          There was only one Bata Show Room and one Carona Showroom in 8th cross near Janatha Hotel. In Carona we used to buy White Canvas Shoes if we missed it in Bata since Bata would be filled with people during March.

      • rk Says:

        true. i remember this. i think he came on a cycle with a box on the carrier?

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