21 Responses to “Out with the old, in with the new”

  1. matt s Says:

    And really….what would constitute an improvement anyway? You could have switched the old and new column and most people wouldn’t really have blinked an eye. I think that companies that are still pouring money into focus grouped logos and “brands” are really missing the point. As Seth Godin said “Starbucks is not Dunkin Donuts with a clever sign.”

    Your experience with the product becomes the brand. Regardless of what the marketing department has always thought.

  2. Niranjan K Says:

    Totally agree with you. Once they start becoming irrelevant, instead of focusing at the core, they start giving themselves an external fresh makeover. Which I think is a desperate move and won’t help anyway.

  3. Ebrahim Says:

    Intel and AT&T logos are definately an improvement in design, doesn’t matter if they really needed or not. However, the Kodak logo is a waste.

  4. ken Says:

    I’d love to know how much they spent on these new designs. Can anyone find out? I bet it was in the millions.

  5. james Says:

    intel’s old logo is better as is at@t’s as is the old kodak logo. basically all the new ones are worse. estimated cost of asking a designer to make a new identity by an experienced designer $5-7000 . Then if this assignment comes through an advertising agency and is for a big client $12-15,000 dollars+. not including all the formats needing changing (letterheads,billing,products,etc).


  6. pixel Says:

    James…”$5-7000″…dream on. It’s in the millions as it’s used on so many things. It has to be analyzed, tested, etc. Then there are corporate identiy guides so everone in and outside the company know how to use it properly in ads, on literature, for sinage and finally on products. I don’t recall exactly what it cost 3M to make the change to the simple “3M” but it was millions and that was over a decade ago.
    $3-5K may work for a small startup but rarely for something larger and rarely for a change. $3-5K probably doesn’t even cover the designer’s travel expenses in these cases.

  7. Todd Says:

    Intel’s new identity is an improvement. Their old logo with the dropped ‘e’ always looked corny and slipshod, and the typeface was about as inspiring as Arial in a Microsoft Word document.

    AT&T, sorry, at&t will probably look like mud when reduced to small dimensions, unlike their old logo which held up well in any situation.

    Then again, I personally think 3D in any logo is a mistake, so I’m biased.

  8. rajesh Says:

    Kodak’s unexciting new logo is one way to go – or they could of just continued investing in ASSvertising. Did you see that gimick?

  9. vijay Says:

    2D or 3D, at&t still looks like the death star to me. 😀

  10. ramesh Says:

    Kodak’s new logo does’nt relate to the digital space,they have lost the plot in this space.

  11. Vishwanathan.R Says:

    New logo:
    Intel — Nice looking and apt to the business
    Kodak — to say amateuristic is an understatement
    AT&T — looks like it is not created by design profession. Totally unimaginative
    Unilever — Unable to understand what it conveys. Such a reputed company with unlimited resources could have spent a little more time in selecting the all important corporate identity.Best to frame and hang on a wall. Definitely not print friendy or fax friendly.

  12. Srik Says:

    Wow…what a lot of info!

  13. Vasuki Says:

    Very interesting and informative post!

  14. Shruthi Says:

    Very interesting. Would like to see more of such posts.

  15. anoop Says:

    nice commentary for the logo changes.
    intel – i cant decide if its a major improvement, no originality, but at least they have not spoiled it to a big extent.
    kodak – the next time i roam the streets for finding a photo studio, im sure i’ll miss all the kodak shops.
    at&t – i think this is a definite improvement. the new logo looks more fun, the old one looked so rigid with such sharp edged fonts. And the 3D ball is more pleasing.
    unilever – the old logo looks like a weapon, the new one like a horse shoe. and both look like a ‘naama’ (kannada). except the font nothing has improved.

  16. whatsinaname Says:

    Very informative post and yes logos have surely revolutionised the way we look at products!

  17. Veena Says:

    Very Interesting. I think lot of thoughts go across branding.
    Well, what makes them to change their logo basically?

    There is a rule to the usage of it also, the lenght breadth etc., In our company, they say this needs to be treated next to national flag..thats the the way country is represented, and this one to represent the company…

  18. Ramz Says:

    my view on changes done to old logos

    intel has moved inside
    Kodak -one has read between the lines
    At&T seems to have gone out of the world
    Uniliver – seems to have blossomed into a beautiful flower

  19. rk Says:

    dear all,
    thanks. glad you all found it interesting.

    zimbly zoober! loved it.

  20. […] couple of months back, I wrote a post titled Out with the old, in with the new. It was really nice to read your comments and opinions. Let us look into a few more logo redesigns […]

  21. Intel: Change is good.
    Kodak: Just simple
    AT&T: Just Awesome. Looks beautiful with all type of media. Lower case type makes it more elegant.
    Unilever: Trend Setting.

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