Why Himesh Reshammiya sings ‘OOoooooo…’

August 10, 2007

Just have a look at the above link which is simply hilarious to the core. Hats off to Kedar Joshi for the concept and Deven for the animated stuff!!

Don’t miss: At my wits’ end. by Shruthi, and as she says in the update, don’t miss the comments on this one!!


3 Responses to “Why Himesh Reshammiya sings ‘OOoooooo…’”

  1. Prashanth M Says:

    That one is hilarious.. got tht by mail couple of weeks ago 🙂


  2. neela Says:

    hinnnnmeshbanshinng seenson i guess…

    please see this too….


  3. bachodi Says:

    Sir, Have you heard
    OOooooooooo 13 13 13 Suroooooooor ?
    May fav of Him

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