15 August, 2007 was a lovely day

August 16, 2007

Cartoon: RK 

(The guy is telling to his friend: I see ’60’ all over the town)

The fantastic sunrise woke me up to a wonderful morning. I could not wait to read the special editions* of all my favourite newspapers at home. After scanning a few pages, I went to the nearby newspaper shop and bought a copy of some other newspapers. On my way home, bought a packet of milk and excitedly sat in the balcony to read the special articles. I had just finished reading the article by Manmohan Singh and Amartya Sen in The Hindu when my son woke up. After the morning duties, my wife dressed him up and fed him breakfast. He is used to seeing me with a couple of newspapers everyday. But today he saw me flooded with papers all over. I showed him a few pictures of our national flag. And that was when I got the idea of taking him to my school (KV Malleswaram) to show him some real flags and children celebrating Independence Day.

On the way, I showed him a few autos which had tied the flag to one side and had loud music playing inside. But he was concentrating more on the stray dog which was waiting to cross the street!

Entering the school, we saw an ocean of kids holding plastic flags while the hoisted one kept flying high. (I got vivid memories of the time when I was studying in this school and the many Independence Days that I took part in.) My son was really happy to see a boy playing drums on the stage for the song ‘Vishwa Vinuthana Vidya Chethana’. We saw a couple of other cultural programmes and went to the front portion of the school where we saw a fountain and an aquarium. My son loved those colourful fishes.

From there, we went to a park that my son visits every evening. The main reason why he loves going to the park, although there are swings, see-saws and slides, is because there is a cow shed opposite the park. And next to it, a railway track. On some days, he not only gets to see the cows, but also a train. Yesterday was one such day.

While he was playing in the park, there was an Indira Gandhi speech that was being played by a patriot Indian. She said: “Nearly half of India’s people have been born free and have no personal memory of the colonial days. We are engaged in building the nation, in giving political freedom its full economic and social content….”

More than my son, I was really having a wonderful time playing in the park. He kept humming a few songs and rhymes while playing. In between he asked me to sing his favourite songs. The sun kept beating down and I asked him if he wanted to play or go home. He told ‘Manege’ (home). As we left the park, I saw an old lady carrying a heavy load of vegetables on her head. And Indira’s words continued to be heard (and faded away): “We women have for years played a prominent role in the freedom struggle, in politics and in public life. We have women engineers, women governors, women ambassadors, women judges, women diplomats and administrators….”

And I heard the old lady shout, “Tarkari, Soppu”…

* Will take me a few days to finish reading yesterday’s newspapers.


RwB celebrates India at 60:

9 Responses to “15 August, 2007 was a lovely day”

  1. Vasuki Says:

    Great ending to a well written post!

  2. Lakshmi Says:

    As usual u are a gr8 writer RK. Your post reminds me of recent nachinal day (as said by my 5yr old son) celebration of Singapore. Akash is fascinated by all fla-s (fill in the blank as Chinese here don’t spell all the words). Yesterday Raghu showed him India flag and said today is India nachinal day…..A says show me the flag….and says no daddy! this one don’t have moon n stars (Singapore flag has 1 moon and 5 stars) ….hehehe we had to explain him that every country has a different flag…ummm I really don’t know how much went into his brains coz he was busy drawing the flag and coloring it! Someday I will to take him to my school to show him Independence day and Republic Day celebrations….

  3. praneshachar Says:

    narayan is really lucky to get a appa like you
    really you are making his early childhood wonderful
    I see very few parents taking so much of interest as you
    keep going and your series of articles on india 60 are a crowning glory and the collages are like a diamond on the crown

    great committment and have a nice day

  4. neel3 Says:

    Lucky you..
    You could visit KVMB-3.That too with Narayana!!
    We went to KV1 Vasco .
    Wherever I am the hoisting of our Tricolour and the singing of The Anthem makes me undescribably happy.I also shed some aananda bhaashpa..

  5. Praveen GK Says:

    “On the way, I showed him a few autos which had tied the flag to one side and had loud music playing inside. But he was concentrating more on the stray dog which was waiting to cross the street!”

    Very nice sentence!!! Simple and elegant 🙂
    Touch of RK”N” in it 🙂
    Am sure I made your day 🙂

  6. Sathya Says:

    beru neladalli iruttadaye horatu melalla. duDidu thinnuvavanige deuDithave devaru. bevaru oresikoLLaloo purosottu sigadavaru nammalli yeshTu mandi illa. Svathanthryakkagi maDidavaru, thyaaga maaDidavru desha naithikavaagi ii sthithige barali yendu bayasiralilla. mundina peeLigege jeevana maulyagaLannu heLikoDabekadudu yellara karthavya. Allave, mitrare.

  7. latha vidyaranya Says:

    india 60 everywhere in the town. tricolour flying high. 60 is indicator of senior citizenship. but our india’s 60 is youthful! marching ahead with head held high in those independence day parades. india in the forefront in IT field! but are our ITians free? do the ‘techies’ that we all look up in awe with their tags round their neck enjoying freedom? freedom from work on independence day atleast?? the answer is a sad ‘no’. it is slavery of a different kind, slogging 15 to 20 hours a day without proper food (only junk food) and rest or sleep. we parents are enjoying the luxuries while the children slog it out in that bonded labour! i think ‘software engineer’ is a euphemism for ‘soft-loss-of-independence’. i may be wrong.

  8. chiroti Says:

    It seemed so simple and normal to read your activities on Aug 15th with your son. Very nice.

  9. harish Says:

    Yeah, it’s very interesting to read these special editions that newspapers bring out on these special days. Filled with black and white photographs, replete with articles that bring out the rare incidents of yesteryears, columns that eulogise the nation and ones that are concerned about things that are wrong in our national life, preachy editorials, guest columnists predicting the future – all these make for absorbing reading.

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