August 17, 2007

by Latha Vidyaranya

Congrats, RK, for that lovely article on the pleasures of fathering a young kid! It is very rare in these days of hectic work schedules that I hear a parent speaking in such exultation about the little achievements of the kid or the happy quiet moments of togetherness with the kid! Narayan is truly blessed!

I agree that parenting is the toughest job on earth. It seldom gets its due share of acknowledgement, and generally goes unsung. It is the most difficult job, where you get hands-on training on the spot, on the real platform always! No prior rehearsals are possible and no ‘undo’ or ‘delete’ options are available if the errors are committed. Though there are thousands of parenting manuals available in the market, all suggestions given are at the most guidelines only and not the absolute truths. That is because no two kids or two parents or two families are similar. Each one is unique with their own amusing characteristics that one man’s Visha (poison) can become another’s Amrutha (nectar) in this matter.

And don’t we all agree that we start realizing and appreciating our parents’ efforts only when we become a parent ourselves!?

And how soon the birds are ready to fly out of the nest! And then starts our lamentation of how I could have spent that time with my kid and how I should not have done this or that and how I could be a totally different parent if only I am given one more chance now to parent my little kid all over again! 

So all you young parents, come on, slow down with your other “more important businesses of life”, grab this chance of spending good time with your kids helping him or her to evolve into a beautiful human being tomorrow. Be there for him or her when he or she needs you the most. If not physically possible, at least be there ALWAYS with your kid EMOTIONALLY. Say it in words how much you love him/her, say that you always trust and respect his/her views, you are always there for them both in their achievements and more importantly in their failures too! 

I am reminded of a child’s words to its parents:

“Papa and Mama, Love me most when I deserve it the least for it is then that I need it most”.

(Latha Vidyaranya is a Special Educator and Counsellor and has founded ‘Empower Counselling Centre’ in Malleswaram, Bangalore.)

6 Responses to “Parenting”

  1. neela Says:

    Parenting is one class which one attends till one lives and however ‘studious’ the learner she trips often…
    I am a mother of a twelve year old.Please bear with my rants.

  2. Family Man in the City Says:

    Thank you for the touching reminder that, though our worlds* are quite distant from each other, our joys and challenges are often the same.

    (*India & the U.S.)

  3. Veena Says:

    Latha, very good piece of advice and ideas to new poarents like us. We are blessed to have u as one of the guest writers..
    Rk, soon we should meet her with our fellow bloggrers.

  4. kim Says:

    A parent should always cherish each moment with their kids. Because before too long they will be off on their own. You should always spend as much quality time with your kids as you can. When you look back on those years you should have something positive to say about the time that you spent with your child/children.

    All families are different and parenting is a job that doesn’t get enough credit. A childs emotional health is always important for a parent to say I love you, I care about you to a child besides saying it, parents should show it. Always be there for your child/children as much as possible whether they succeed or fail in different parts of their lives. They will remember you for that so be careful how you treat your child/ children.

  5. coachingparents Says:

    “Papa and Mama, Love me most when I deserve it the least for it is then that I need it most”.

    Those words reached right into my heart….so very lovely! It is an incredible (and sometimes scary) thing to realize that you are raising a human being that will one day…have the responsiblity for raising another human being. And on and on. Who says one person can not change the world. Parents do it EVERY day!


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