Blog Cartoon – 5

August 22, 2007

Cartoon: RK

Also visit the Cartoon page on RwB.


15 Responses to “Blog Cartoon – 5”

  1. Cuckoo Says:

    Ha Ha… enjoying thoroughly your blog cartoons. 😛

  2. jacks2007 Says:

    That sucks, come up with a better cartoon

  3. Praveen GK Says:


    I can see the reference somewhere 🙂 or is it just a coincidence 🙂 Of course, I couldn’t control my laughter….!!!!!

  4. Lakshmi Says:

    Hi Rk,

    You are fantastic.

  5. pArijAta Says:

    your blog cartoons are really, really funny!
    Absolutely amazing!

  6. praneshachar Says:

    yarigappa yechaarike ctr veena vidyarthi bhavanao dwarakano……………………………………………
    sakattagide nakku nakku susto sustoooooooooooooooo

  7. Good one. But, your ‘vade’ rate is too steep at Rs. 8!


  8. rk Says:

    you almost have a hawk eye….it is 5….not 8. 🙂

  9. dinsan Says:

    hahahahah coooooooool one buddy 🙂

  10. Sathya Says:

    svaami vosi adjust maaDkobeku, naaLe palya mikkiddare vosi jaasthi badisthaare. blognaage neevu hotel hesru bardare avarige adu advertisement allavra…

  11. Veena Says:

    super cartoon.. dose 12/- parvaagilve 🙂
    food blogger he jai…

    next traffic cartoon aa?

  12. guruvE, yAva hotellAppa adu? We can avoid it next time 😉

  13. Lakshmi Says:

    Hi Rk,
    Inspired by your cartoons I too tried making one interpreting a ‘daily scene’ of my house. Well, only later I realised how many people are sailing with me……:-)

    My hubby says thanks to RK! nanna hotte koogu kadegeu blog ayithalla……

  14. rk Says:

    you’ve a lovely cartoon on your blog. keep it up. thanks for the appreciative words.

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