Blog Cartoon – 15

September 3, 2007

Cartoon: RK

Also visit the Cartoon page on RwB.


11 Responses to “Blog Cartoon – 15”

  1. Shruthi Says:

    Ha ha !! 😀

    You are getting better by the day!

  2. Vasuki Says:

    Haha very funny!
    Hey, is there any software you use for creating cartoons? Please let me know if there is one.

  3. rk Says:

    thanks shruthi!

    vasuki, i create the freehand doodles using illustrator.

  4. Prashanth M Says:

    Yes, getting better day by day… this one is ultimate…

    ps: there is a guy by name Loganathan.. but checked in address book, his initial is R 😛

  5. Chaitanya Says:

    Too good! Bellur, you are simply amazing!

  6. pArijAta Says:

    Cliched as it sounds, superb!

  7. Ramz Says:

    i really liked the caricatures…….. good job, saar

  8. dinsan Says:

    oh my god ………… superb………. and yea.. brilliant observation ..

  9. Anand Balaji Says:


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