Blog Cartoon – 22

September 12, 2007

Cartoon: RK

Also visit the Cartoon page on RwB.


11 Responses to “Blog Cartoon – 22”

  1. Shruthi Says:

    Ha ha ha!!! 😀

    Tooo good!

  2. Vasuki Says:

    Haha…simply superb 😀
    Really one of your best!

  3. Cuckoo Says:

    Ha Ha Ha….
    Couldn’t resist myself from commenting. 😀

    You are genius !!

  4. Sathya Says:

    Good. Where else can he go, if it is very urgent…

  5. dinsan Says:

    yea.. and thanks for the idea 😉 we can take pictures and post on blogs so that they will think twice even before doing it in their bedroom toilets 😉

  6. latha vidyaranya Says:

    very good idea! surely discourages the educated-roadside-‘pee’-rs :))

  7. neela Says:

    does reflect on the state of our public toilets…
    and its environs..

  8. praneshachar Says:

    nakku martu bidri antha helakke agalla
    really a great cartoon with great message for
    people let this improve the situation

  9. Anand Balaji Says:

    Now, there’s a thought… especially when we’re done using gods and goddesses fotos:)

  10. Chitra Says:

    So true! I am always carrying the camera too, never know when you catch something in action. 😉

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