Sir MV: A Visionary Engineer par Excellence

September 14, 2007


Which is why even to this day.. the brightest kid in class is usually referred to having “Vishveswarayanna thale”…

Truely a remarkable man! Salutes to him!
We had gone to “Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum” during one of our school educational trips. I was moved beyond words after seeing the acheivements of the man… he was really a treasure.


…I pass KR Circle almost everyday on my way to work. Whenever I look at his statue near the SKSJT clock tower, I remember the ideals he stood for. I always am in awe of him. It amazes me that such a person had actually walked amongst us in flesh and blood.

One other note which my grandfather keeps mentioning abour Sir MV (BTW, my grandfather is 104 and quite active for his age). Apparently Sir MV was extremely punctual and had avery good sense of time. A friend of my grandfather was supposed to meet Sir MV at 6 in the evening. Apparently he was “1 minute” late. Sir MV was walking out of his office at 6:01 and pointed it out to my grandfather’s friend that he was late by a minute. Obviously, he had to take another appointment to meet Sir MV.

Absolutely, Sir MV is perhaps one of the greatest men born in India !!! We salute you sir.
December Stud

(A few comments from the article
Sir M. Visvesvaraya published in RwB last year.)

7 Responses to “Sir MV: A Visionary Engineer par Excellence”

  1. Anand Balaji Says:

    A genius and a humble human being in every sense. The combination is very rare. Trust me, it is, hard.

  2. Srik Says:

    ok publish this comment of mine next year….okna? 😉

    On a serious note, Sir M V is next only to God in this part of the world, ‘coz he has given us water, food, electricity and job to do!!

  3. praneshachar Says:

    a great statesman visionary and administrator.
    Industrialise or perish the what he said holds good for all times.
    committed individual and when the bhardravathi iron works went into red he took over the reins and brought it back on rails and during the period he took only a nominal salary of Re.1 per month. stayed and worked and saw that it was back and today it is named after him but no such person who can really bring it back to good times.

  4. Sir M V was Voted Best Kannadiga in an recent CNN IBN Online Poll. This show the Popularity of MV even today!!!!!

  5. S.N.MURTHY Says:

    Sir MV was and is an ideal for not only engineers,but also for every professional.Any time I ,an engineer who worked with TATAs,read about sir mv.I get motivated-now I am 63and working in a consultancy firm.Regarding punctuality of sir mv-it should be a great motivation for our great nation.One common cause of being late–is of our owm making.We do not decide and commit to reach in time-very seriously-but only give excuses-such as tiffin was late,traffic jam etc.
    IF this one disciplene-of reaching intime is achieved by us INDIANS-I feel that the great nation has woken up-and will not lag behind anyone.

  6. SIR MV solved Musa river problem at Hyderabad.In 1958 some engineers discussing with sir mv- wanted some details .Sir mv got the report from a shelf-immediately (even after 50 years).Amazing was his sharp memory.Really a unique engineer -par excellence.

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