Blog Cartoon – 28

September 20, 2007

Cartoon: RK

Also visit the Cartoon page on RwB.

21 Responses to “Blog Cartoon – 28”

  1. dinsan Says:

    oh yea !! we are looking for something for our blogs almost all the time πŸ˜€

  2. preethi Says:

    I feel the Ganesh immersion thing has got out of hand …atleast in Hyderabad..
    Initially there used to be mud Ganeshas which were dropped in a well or a pond…
    Nowadays its a business of crores and they spoil the environment..I hope God loving ppl listen to this and spend money constructively towards welfare of humanity..

  3. Resourceful Says:

    Superb depiction!
    Ganesh Immersion in Hyderabad is a big business indeed. I pray the public realizes that “GANESHA” doesn’t want all this hungama. This year with the terrorist attack threats, it is advisable not to venture out on the streets of Hyderabad on Sep 25th, 2007.

  4. parijata Says:

    Good one…
    My little one saw the Ganesha idol being immersed in the water in a ‘koLadappale’. He tried doing it with my FIL’s cellphone too! Result – the phone is not working!

  5. rk Says:

    here’s How you identify a β€˜Blog Addict’!


    I hope God loving ppl listen to this and spend money constructively towards welfare of humanity..

    i really hope people follow your advice.

    thanks. hope your and your family are doing well.

    glad you liked the cartoon .

    the phone is not working!

    aayassu mugidre yeno ondhu kaarana saaku.

  6. praneshachar Says:

    right one for the present bangalore or karnataka situation
    great imagination and nice cartoon. RWB is going big with amazing cartoons keep going………………….

  7. Srik Says:

    Did u guys get it? RKL’s common man makes an appearance on RWB, for the first time …

    Boy….is it a look alike?

  8. Arch Says:

    This is so cool!

  9. Veena Says:

    Bellur, color ganesh haakidralla ? ….
    super cartoon, specially those two guys on the teppa πŸ™‚

  10. Anand Balaji Says:

    Another gem!

  11. neel3 Says:

    @srik : B C no. 26 nallu common man bundhangittu…

  12. rk Says:

    praneshachar, srik, arch, veena and anand,
    thanks for the appreciative words.

    a clarification:
    no where in the blog series have i tried to depict the common man. i will never dare to. it just happens that there are a few places where a bald man is there. certainly he is not the ‘common man’, immortalised by RK Laxman. in this particular cartoon, the bald man has no moustache (which is one of the features of Laxman’s Common Man).

    aditi de writes this in the hindu about Laxman’s most famous creation:

    One of the most famous Indians of our time doesn’t exist in real life- the Common Man. With his hair and glasses askew, in his crumpled dhoti and checked shirt, this always puzzled, ever silent being was created by Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Laxman, a cartoonist who has been synonymous with the Times of India ever since your grandfather was a child.

    Laxman once said of his Common Man, “He’s been with me throughout my career. I didn’t find him. He found me… I would say he symbolises the mute millions of India, or perhaps the whole world, a silent spectator of marching time.” Half a century ago, he would draw a Bengali, a Tamilian, a Punjabi and so on to represent Indians. These figures dropped out of his cartoons gradually, until he was left with this lone character.

    thanks once again for all the encouragement.
    regards and best wishes

  13. Anand Balaji Says:

    RK… chill. You’re NO plagiarist. You’re as original as they come! Power on brother!

  14. rk Says:

    thanks anand!

  15. tarlesubba Says:

    saar genius alve neevu?

  16. Since there are a billion plus common men, there is so much scope for originality πŸ™‚ Awesome cartton RK!!!

  17. neel3 Says:

    ramki ya cartoonige ramki ne saati ,holuvaraarillaaa
    nimmee blogige neeve saati
    bere yaarilla.
    nimage neeve saatii sir.
    I thought that particular man was as if RKL had come there to approve and appreciate .
    I am sorry for making that observation.It wasn’t meant to be taken that way.
    I repeat the bald man makes one feel as if RKL is there to applaud your cartoon.

  18. rk Says:

    thanks neel! nice imagination!!
    raamana cartoonige lakshmanana prashanse ennabahude?!

    (ps: today’s blog cartoon (32) has both raama and lakshmana in it.)

  19. neela Says:

    jotege naanu ideenalla budhi….

  20. rk Says:

    πŸ™‚ blog cartoon-32 maadakk hortaaga 2-3 options holeethu. nimm hesaru sersona anthane ee reethi maadiddu. πŸ˜‰

  21. neela Says:

    hoovina jote….
    ramana jote kapi nu…. πŸ˜‰

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