Rooted in the ground, they reach for the sky

September 28, 2007


Last week, saw another tree being felled near my house. Made the above design after seeing the stats graph on WordPress.

Also see: June 5 is World Environment Day

10 Responses to “Rooted in the ground, they reach for the sky”

  1. dinsan Says:

    nice one 🙂 we need more enviro blogs.. what you think ? we can set up one with input from many right ?

  2. rk Says:

    Thanks Dinsan.
    Yes, Enviro blogs will be really useful for all of us.
    Found some interesting ones in the blogosphere:

    * Newscientist
    * Wendy’s blog

    We need to become more aware of the environment hazards before inculcating awareness in children. Let us accept the fact that we have double standards when it comes to keeping our surroundings clean. Atleast in India, we tend to keep our homes clean while we throw the garbage out, because there is someone paid to clean it up. This is in contrast with the developed countries, where littering, spitting and using public places as toilets are punishable severely. We tend to follow the West only to our convenience and fail to take the good things from them.

    Politicians care a damn about environmental issues because they are more concerned about the votes and Kurchi. They are not bothered if huge trees are uprooted to make way for new highways, or lovely trees cut to lay a foundation for a highrise building. No tears are shed for their loss. Rows of trees are felled to make way for an unnecessary underpass.

    Awareness of the environmental issues is minimal in our country. May be now it is catching up but still very few schools inculcate in the students a deep love and attachment for Nature. No wonder they grow up without any concern for the environment. We must let the kids know that environmental issues are not what you just read as a lesson in class. Also, we ourselves need to understand that environment hazards are real and not scary sci-fi articles to be read leisurely in a cozy room.

    Remember, Nature asks very little from us but gives plenty in return.

    Sorry about the big sermon.

    Best wishes

  3. Satya Says:

    gida nedi gida nedi gida nedi
    maneya mundondu gida nedi
    maneya hindondu gida nedi…

    I am sure all people my age will remember this song played on tv during our primary school days. That successful campaign by Hegde govt saw blore transform into a garden city. Its unfortunate, that trees are being felled now. But I guess, they have to make way for development. But whenever trees are cut, they should make amends by planting 3 saplings probably!

    Anyway, this is the first time I am commenting on your blog, but I ve been reading it for a long time via my google reader. Great job! Your cartoons are good!

  4. rk Says:

    dear satya,
    thanks for your comments. i remember the ‘gida nedi’ song. also, i remember during hegde govt. time when most footpaths had pits dug up and left untouched for a few months. we used to hide in the pits while playing hide-n-seek. And whenever me and my friends used to stand near the gate and chat, I would warn: Hegde thodida halladalli Hagalu beelbedvo (In broad daylight, don’t fall into the pit dug by Hegde)
    keep visiting

  5. sanjay Says:

    Very good one RK!
    Here’s a nice magazine one can e-subscribe to as a free fornightly email newsletter:

    Down To Earth

    Some excerpts:


    I remembered how in the late 1990s, when Delhi’s air was dark and dirty, we had run an advertisement in the newspapers: “Roll down the window of your bullet-proof car, Mr Prime Minister, the security threat is not the gun it is the air of Delhi.”

    Now Bangalore is similarly afflicted. What we have to consider is why we don’t seem to learn from each other’s mistakes. Why each city has to go into this vortex which sucks and pulls you down. I suspect we don’t learn because we don’t know how to do things differently. We live with the arrogance that we can tame the beast. Alternatively, we don’t care. We don’t roll down our windows. We don’t smell the air.

    But then why worry? After all the movers and shakers of Bangalore, will tell you that their city is in transition. These are merely growing pains. Wait, till we have made our buildings higher, our streets broader, our many multi-level automated parking lots, our bridges, highways, tunnels, flyovers. Wait, till we have our city infrastructure in place. Then this problem of pollution and congestion will be a thing of the past. Just wait, don’t worry.

    This is an infantile illusion. The fact is that cities in the poorer world-which lack investment to clean up technology or governance to get rid of old technology-have not been able to deal with pollution.

  6. Arun Says:

    Thats as awesome as it could get Ramki; very beautiful design. is probably the biggest enviro blogging group project around. I have been toying around with an idea of starting one myself for sometime.. It has been getting postponed..

  7. rk Says:

    thanks for the link sanjay.

    great to hear from you arun! glad you liked the design.
    really hope you start the eco-friendly blog soon. good luck!

  8. Veena Says:

    wow! such a neat design. It has a great message in itself.
    RK, blogging itself is environment friendly in a way as its a ‘paperless’ communication what say..? 🙂

  9. rk Says:


    blogging itself is environment friendly in a way as its a ‘paperless’ communication

    read sometime ago that penguin and sulekha are organising a competition wherein a few blogposts will be published as a book. unless the book is published in recycled paper 🙂 cannot say blogs are 100% eco friendly! 😦

  10. sowmya Says:

    Can any one let me the URL for the song gida nedi gida nedi —kannada bhavageetha song??

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