Coming soon: RwB’s Blog Hiatus

October 3, 2007

Dear friends,
I’m planning to take a blog hiatus by mid-November. It’s high time to re-think my blogging habits.

After publishing the remaining drafts, RwB will take the much required break, of course with a heavy heart. Will surely miss you all. 😦

Hey, but wait…I’ll be there to bore you till mid-November. 🙂

Cheers and Regards

17 Responses to “Coming soon: RwB’s Blog Hiatus”

  1. Chitra Says:

    It almost sounds like you won’t be back after mid-Nov, RK! I hope it is going to be just that – a hiatus. Sure, you need a break. Have fun. Will miss visiting your blog.

  2. Anand Balaji Says:

    Hope your sabbatical is shorter than mine!!!

  3. TSSM Says:

    Dear RK,

    My God, it almost sounds like a farewell !!
    though you have mentioned ‘hiatus’, why ‘with heavy heart’, may we ask?

    Are we making the heart heavier ?

    Take the much needed break for the body mind and the soul.

    But what are we going to do in the meantime?

  4. Cuckoo Says:

    If this is called boring then please bore us.

    We all know that one must have a break at times, not more than that. So enjoy your hiatus and come back soon. Will miss visiting your blog.

  5. Anna bond Says:

    goooooooood barek!!!!!!!!!!! y do bloggers take break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should bloggers take break..??? Anyway happy break!!!!!!!

  6. latha vidyaranya Says:

    yes, RK, you need to de-blog yourself and re-connect with other activities. go ahead. but do come back and stay with your blog in moderation!

    have a great blog-free mind!

  7. Chappar Says:

    What the hell ???
    Why on earth do u need a break ?? NO RK this sabbatical of yours is turned down. I mean how can u do that??
    OK OK understand u need a break then the only solution is suggest a blog that is as good as yours ??? can u atleast do that loyal readers like me always wnat to see the feedburner number get apended against your blog every day. Will really miss the blog RK

  8. Anand Balaji Says:

    Errr… Chappar… I don’t quite like your nick, but completely agree with what you say!!!

  9. shark Says:

    Oh NO!!! Oh Why??? 😦

  10. take a break and come back to write more posts!

    see you soon!

  11. praneshachar Says:

    have a break and come back with big bang
    It is really heavy to digest your post
    any how take a shortest break possible
    all the best for break plans
    come back soon with a bang early in 2008

    rwb illa antha nenpsikondre
    agutte talamala adaru
    beku nimage ondu sannu breaku
    ibreakannu sahisuvevu navu
    banni bega matte hos hosa vicharagalodane
    RWB mattomme vapas ba kela kala mareyagi

  12. Ramz Says:


    My Head Says :-
    U deserve a break after serving us all such sumptous posts/cartoons
    ( but ensure that break doesn’t leave us starving to death )
    My Heart Says:-
    Ella Ok, “break” Yakke

  13. RK,

    I can imagine……all the ebst pal, and will surely miss if you don’t return. I just hope it’s a sabbatical and not retirement!

  14. this is the only post I hate to read on RWB. 😦

  15. Enaythu, saar! Hope you are back before the dawn of 2008…

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