Blog Addiction: Possible Cures

October 9, 2007


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11 Responses to “Blog Addiction: Possible Cures”

  1. Binny V A Says:

    Why did you write the text in an image? Why not provide it as text?

  2. rk Says:

    hi binny,
    the font i’ve used above is usually not found in all systems. in those that do not have this font, a default font will get replaced, and thus the effect is lost. (effect in the sense the above font has an informal look [to go with the post] to it where as a verdana or an arial will look pretty serious).

    also, this is in continuation of a previous post titled How to identify a ‘Blog Addict’ where the same font has been used.

    just came to know that you are a web developer. can you suggest any other method where i can use ‘gilky’ fonts and still have no font problems?


  3. Shruthi Says:

    Good post, RK. One more thing, which I am trying nowadays is: Go to my laptop, but do something else… see how long I can hold it without checking comments. It is very difficult… but it fortifies me! also, I have decided to set aside a time of the day for the internet.. mails, blogs, everything…. and stick to that time only, and not even think about accessing the internet otherwise!

  4. vinay Says:

    i saw that u had a watermark also …cool, but i must confess i didnt read the whole article

  5. Lakshmi Says:

    wow RK such a simple remedy to get deaddicted! umm..I am not an addict anyway ..I only love to comment n read on RWB 😉

  6. neela Says:

    aapne hi dard diya haaai..aapne hi dava bhi diya hai.your posts have been compelling reads.
    Your cartoons are eye catching..
    inthadraali blog addictaagodu sulabha.

  7. Prashanth M Says:

    thanks for the prescription RK 🙂

  8. Sanjay M Says:

    bellur, Im having a reverse problem! I havent been able to get to my blog for ages… No particular reason but Im just not able to do it any more – just not finding the time for it and now this has just become a habit where I’m starting to lose inclination as well. I have so many ideas to write about but i just cant get myself to write any more! I feel so many things are getting missed out. Here is a list of pending posts all piling up… writing it here before I completely forget…

    1) fan of a cricket star vs fan of Ramaha Maharishi
    2) those crucial moments of hope in a cricket match – compared to hope in those moments of love
    3) my first unix script
    4) automating connectivity settings from home and office
    5) how old are you? fascinating process of evolution
    6) beyond mediocrity, compromise and complacence – a higher quality of life
    7) getting the little fellow to sleep (link to shruti’s post)

  9. […] suggests some possible cures that involve rediscovering what daily life is like […]

  10. […] For a few days in between, I felt like a Senior Rehab Expert when some readers asked me serious questions about a peculiar disease called Blog Addiction! Some asked me deeper questions when I posted possible cures for Blog addiction! […]

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