Learning Disability in children

October 18, 2007

by Latha Vidyaranya
I come across so many school children who experience learning difficulties that require special remedial teaching. These children find it very difficult to cope with the school lessons in some or all the subjects. It is equally difficult for the subject teachers to give individual attention to the children in a class of 50 to 60 children. Thus, such children lag way behind others in academics and become target of blame, insult and punishment both at school and home. They are branded as lazy, dumb, good-for-nothing etc. These children are routinely sent to tuition classes in their neighbourhood and hardly make any progress as the regular tuition teacher is unable to focus on the special problem areas of these children like reading, writing, spelling, retaining memory, language comprehension and arithmetic. There are many resource centres to cater to the learning needs of these children.
Children who may lag behind in studies due to mental retardation, emotional problems or other physical disabilities like hearing or visual impairment do not fall under the category of learning disabled (LD). Children with LD have average or above average levels of intellectual capacity and they may be smart in other aspects like orally giving out the answers, but unable to write these answers. Also, they may be good in language and poor in numerical skills or vice versa or may be poor in both language and arithmetic.
Minimal brain dysfunction is the cause for this learning disorder which is coming to light through the latest brain mapping techniques. Academic learning requires perceiving things through visual mode, auditory mode, kinesthetic mode (hands-on-activities) and storing them systematically in memory areas and retrieving them when such information is required. Any problem in these circuits can pose as learning difficulties. Training them through special teaching techniques can help children improve their learning capabilities.
The symptoms usually shown by these children are reversal or mirror imaging of letters while writing d for b, or p for q, reversal of letters in a word, like god for dog, no for on, was for saw, reversal of syllables in a word, like aminal for animal, reversal of numbers, like 23 for 32, 456 for 654, reading errors like skipping words, skipping lines, losing place while reading, poor comprehension of read material, writing problems like poor handwriting, poor spacing between words or between lines, number of spelling errors, bizarre spellings etc. Reversal of letters is seen during this developmental phase but soon overcome by the age of 8 years. If these problems persist they may be indicators of a serious learning difficulty.
It is very important for the school teachers and parents to understand the concept of “Learning Disability” and refer them to special educators or educational counsellors for a psycho-educational assessment and remedial guidance, which will help the children to overcome many of their learning problems. Earlier the identification of the problem earlier would be the intervention and better would be the outcome. Left unnoticed and unattended, it can lead to serious emotional and behavioural problems in children.

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(Latha Vidyaranya is a Special Educator and Counsellor and has founded ‘Empower Counselling Centre’ in Malleswaram, Bangalore.)

13 Responses to “Learning Disability in children”

  1. chiroti Says:

    Very good post. A lot of parents are unaware of such inefficiencies in children. Thanks for sharing such an important concept.

  2. Kala Says:

    Hello Madam,

    A very interesting one. As Chiroti has said, many parents might not be aware of it and blame wholy on teachers and schools for their children’s disability.

  3. Chandrashekar Patel Says:

    My son aged 5 is very brilliant in all activities except learning, How to know whether he has Learning Disablitiy or not and if how what is the remedy for it, are there any special schools for LD Kids, Pls advised me in this regard along with adresses of such centres/schools

    With Regards from a worried parent

  4. first of all, please do not get unduly perturbed. he is five years now and perhaps in UKG. these days teachers expect a lot from a child and if the child is slightly lagging behind in reading or writing, immediately they send words to parents and parents press the panic button! relax, please. it may be his playfulness that is coming in way of his learning or his attention span may not be sufficient to pick up learning as yet. there are various assessment centres in bangalore that can find out if your child is “at risk” of developing LD.

    recently i have posted a series of 10 articles in my blog on Dyslexia or learning disability.

    please go through the series at

    kindly see if the features described there are present in your kid. if so you may get him assessed and if required you may seek remedial help from resource teachers who are spread over bangalore in different areas. for further details you may contact me on my email given in my blog .

  5. Shivani Says:

    my neice has dyslexia and im looking for an educator for her so that her remediation can start.she is based in bangalore.pl help.pl can u give me ur contact no or email id.

  6. Tiffany Says:

    I’m not sure if my son has dyslexia. He is now 10 year old and in the 4th grade and have all the symptoms like in par 4, writting b for d / d for b, reading a word & two minutes later its like he never read or was that word in his life. He has had a high lead level when he was a baby. I fear that he will continue to fail in school & not get the help he needs. If you could please send me some information that can help me teach my son or get him the help he needs i would truly appreciated. I’m just a mom wanting nothing but the best for her child please help. Thanks for listen

  7. Linda Says:

    Reading is best taught by using decoding. Struggling readers look for the small words or sound units within bigger words. You will be surprised at how quickly they become proficient readers by using decoding. For more tips check out the Teach All Kids website. Letter reversals can be dealt with by using dot patterns. Again a simple method but very effective.

  8. Asha Says:

    My daughter has slowness and coordinatin problem. Say she starts a task and gets distrcted to another and forgets the first task. She has serious writing issues, can not copy from board properly. Shown to two shild pshycologist they said she might have execute function issue. I am not convinced, she is above avergae in her IQ and good in schools except writing.

    Please advice

  9. Manjunath H.V Says:

    My son is a LD kindly let me now where I can
    met you

    • rk Says:

      Hello Mr.Manjunath,

      On behalf of all of us here, wish you and your son the very best.

      Regarding your enquiries about any aspect of Learning Disability or the concerning syllabus, you can get in touch with the below mentioned counsellors / organisations who will be able to help you with information and guidance.

      Smt.RAMA MANI
      no. 894, 5th main
      Ayyappa nagar, Jalahalli west
      Bangalore 560 015
      T: 2839 6444
      M: 98802 02345

      Dr Aruna Shankara narayan
      # 26, Palace Road, near Mt Carmel College
      T: 2228 0831

      Smt. Mangala Kanabargi
      # 18, ground floor, 1sr cross, Shakthi Ganapathinagar
      Basaweshwar nagar
      T: 2323 1163

      SRISHTI Academy
      KHB Colony, Basweshwar nagar 2nd stage
      T: 2320 4875 / 2311 3419

      Smt. Leela Reddy
      Rajaji Nagar 4th Block
      T: 2312 7745

      Smt. Aparna Kalyanpur
      Sharnag Apartments, 18th Cross
      T: 2334 5731
      M: 98451 98256

      # 3310, 8th cross, 13th main, HAL 2nd stage
      T: 2529 8686 / 2527 3462

      Diagnostic & Research Centre
      Smt. Vijaya prema
      # 31, 5th cross, off 5th main, 1st stage
      T: 4074 5900 / 2528 0935

      Brindavan Education Centre
      2nd Block, Jayanagar
      T: 2656 7311
      M: 98868 21812

      Banagiri Nagar (near BSK 2nd stage)
      T: 2657 4077
      M: 98867 01959

      There are many resource centres in Bangalore that offer coaching to students who take up the syllabus of National Institute of Open Schooling. The list can be had through the Resource Directory published by:
      Banjara Academy
      T: 2353 5787 / 2353 5766.

      (the list above is only indicative. not comprehensive)

      source: Latha Vidyaranaya

  10. Chetana Keni Says:

    I work with children with learning dificulties in Bangalore in the Bellandur/HSR layout and Hosur Road areas Please email on iamchetana(@)yahoo(.)com if you need help.

  11. radhika Says:

    hi chetana
    my 5 year old daughter having ADHD. becz of this having learning difficulties. we r in bellnadur only can u call me@ 9741124502. i want to know more details

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