Tagged yet again!!

October 25, 2007

Firstly, apologies to Chitra for taking up this tag really late. She tagged me for the kinds of “people I judge” and for the “things I admire” way back in August.

So here I go-

Whom do I judge?

  • Myself
    People who:
  • Follow poor personal hygiene
  • Don’t keep up their word
  • Talk behind others back
  • Don’t respect time
  • Criticise without rhyme or reason
  • Do shoddy work
  • Don’t act their age

Things I admire

  • Good food, good films, good books, good music…
  • Fantastic works of art
    People who are:
  • Organised 
  • Full of patience
  • Born with terrific sense of humour
  • Endowed with amazing memory
  • Sportive and cheerful even in adversity
  • Talented orators/ writers/ artistes/ sportspersons

So – that’s done and I in turn tag* Dinsan, Neel3 and Vasuki Raghavan. Pass it on guys!

* To continue the tag, the above 3 victims were picked using the time-tested and accurate ‘Inky Pinky Ponky Selection Methodology’.

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6 Responses to “Tagged yet again!!”

  1. Cuckoo Says:

    Glad to know more about you. Earlier I wanted to tag you on many occasions but couldn’t find any tags done by you. Now, I know I can. 😛

    And, I liked your selection methodology. 😀

  2. shark Says:

    You forgot to add one more tag in your “previous list”


    I really liked the way you did that tag hence remember it so well 🙂

  3. rk Says:

    😀 tag assignments reminds me of school assignments.
    btw, the BREAK’s just a few days away! 😉

    thanks, firstly for tagging me, then for liking the way i did the tag, and now for reminding me about it. you have an elephant’s memory for sure!


  4. Chitra Says:

    Thanks RK. Good to know more about you.

    PS: Waiting for your break? 🙂 It is only a break, rt?

  5. Cuckoo Says:

    Oh doesn’t matter. Most probably the tags will come in your absence, so when you come back after the break you need not think about what to post. 😛

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