About Blog Interview and Lecture Series

November 21, 2007

Hello Friends,
Hope you are all doing fine. I’m enjoying the blog hiatus.

Last weekend, yours truly was interviewed by a fellow blogger Ms. Poonam Sharma for the blog Being a Blogger (BaB). Answering the questions, I got nostalgic. It was nice to remember RwB‘s blog story.

Thanks Poonam, for a neatly formatted questionnaire and also for the interview.

Posting the link here for the benefit of my readers (thanks to my friends who have left a comment at BaB).

Over the last 10 days, I attended a lecture series on “Daya Shathaka” by the eminent scholar Sri KS Narayanacharya held at Sri Venugopalakrishnaswamy Devasthana, Malleswaram.

From November 25th to December 1st (6pm-8pm), he is starting another series on “Sri Nrsmhavatara” at the same venue. All are welcome. Kindly treat this as a personal invitation.

God bless us all 

Regards & take care

Bellur Ramakrishna

10 Responses to “About Blog Interview and Lecture Series”

  1. Wow! That was quick, Rk 🙂

    Logo looks cool on your blog, don’t take a hiatus for too long. I am already missing your cartoons. 🙂

  2. dinsan Says:

    welcome back !!!!!!!! and I read the interview too 😛 got to know u much better 🙂 good job Poonam

  3. rk Says:

    thanks for the code 🙂
    logo colours standing out on white background!
    still scope for improvement wrt fonts i feel.

    not yet back. this was an unexpected post. courtesy: poonam.

  4. praneshachar Says:

    It was a great interveiw and I have posted my comment there
    any how thanks to poonam as you are forced to be here enjoy blog hiatus to the fullest and come back with a host of posts we are eagerly waiting
    with lots and lots of wishes to both

  5. Nishu Says:

    Thanks for comments and interview at being a blogger rk.. I got to know about your blog when poonam posted cartoons from your blog. Its lovely.

  6. Naren - Says:

    welcome back guruve!! Congrats for another milestone. I am planning to take on all Mukta balaga guys!! hope some day in near future!

  7. Rk, Feel free to help with fonts to improve. My designer, Ashish at http://www.geekwrestler.com did not have fonts. He wanted us to tell so that he could download, which I didnt as I do not have much knack for it. I can tell good or bad, but am indecisive to choose on my own. All your inputs are much appreciated. 🙂

  8. parijata Says:

    Nice interview, and great to see you back!

  9. chitra Says:

    Hi ,

    Read your interview. Nice flow of thoughts!!

    And yes congrats for the maximumhits. Gret going. There are times when my blog doesnt have a single hit. Comments and the readership do inspire us to update the blog and maintain high standandrds.

    BTW, I want to chk with you if you would promote the disability week through your blog. Please give a link to this site through your blog. that in itself would be a major contribution. Thanks


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