‘Hand on SX4 Contest’ Cartoons

January 3, 2008

Cartoons: RK

Wish you all a wonderful 2008!

More toons on the Cartoon page on RwB.

16 Responses to “‘Hand on SX4 Contest’ Cartoons”

  1. dinsan Says:

    Hey, welcome back and Happy New Year !!!

    Can u just put few lines on the content ? wats it all about .. I can guess, a little bit about it though…

  2. rk Says:

    Hi Dinsan,
    Thanks for dropping by.

    The above cartoons are related to a contest held here in Bangalore’s Garuda Mall. It was truly a crazy experience, although I was not participating directly!

    After SMS-ing Radio City, my better half got selected to participate in the “Hand on SX4” contest along with 20 others. At the stipulated hour, there was lot of chaos as many from the public too wanted to join the contest. There was a lucky draw later and 5 guys were picked (and the guy picked from this draw WON!!).

    But before all this happened, by noon, the 20 folks selected earlier were told that the organisers would call and let them know when the game would start. On our way home, V got a call from Radio City who told that the contest would begin at 3 pm. She went with her mom and the game started at 4.45 pm, Saturday 29th December, 2007. The rules were simple (for those who were viewing). One needed to keep one palm on the car for as long as they could. They could exchange their palms, only after informing the volunteers. There was a 10 mins. break every 2 hours.

    I took over from my M-I-L at 8 pm the same night. V was cheerful and there were 25 others too (6 females and 19 males). By 9 pm, one of the ladies dropped out out. Most of the chaps standing were really looking strong and fit. A student who had her final engineering exam on Monday was there too. She finally dropped out on Sunday morning. A Sardarji looking as fit as a fiddle got stressed out. There was an Army Major, and he left too. Nobody could foretell who would win.

    The ladies were really giving a tough fight. Finally, it all came down to a gal versus a guy! The gal, Mallika (she looked so frail, no one gave her any chance at all), got totally fatigued and collapsed on Tuesday by 10:15 am, which made Mahesh (a gym trainer) the winner. But this was after almost 72 hours since the competition began.

    V stood there for 30 hours. She told she forgot for a moment and took her hand off, thus getting disqualified. I was there with her the whole night. No one slept. The MCs kept everyone engaged. It was fun. Crazy fun.

    Made the above cartoons after coming home on Sunday (30th) night.

    After reading this story, hope the cartoons makes sense!! 🙂

    [PS: The third cartoon roughly says “so near yet so far”. There is a Kannada proverb used there.]

  3. praneshachar Says:

    nice cartoons – so near yet so far. congrats to V for her great effort. really she has lot of determination and standing for 30 hours is something unimaginable. we all lost a great treat!!!!!
    cartoons are great! amazing you made them on sunday night after return (almost there for 24 hours )
    wish you both better luck next time.


  4. Baaprey! 72 hours!! This might have felt like torture for participants(like in reality shows) and 30 hours is still so great. And your cartoon conveys it a lot with above description.

    Jothege, hosa varushada shubhashayagaLu.

  5. TSSM Says:

    Happy New Year!
    Crazy contest.
    Any how, gallant try!
    Mrs. deserves the car,
    buy one and present it.

  6. Naren - Says:

    Men are Back!! From where??????? Now it make sense, RK is Back with SX4 cartoons!! Gr8 to hear abt the crazy contest. Koooool!!!

    And Belated Hosavarshadha shubhashayagalu-08. I hope u got my SMS!!!!

  7. Veena Says:

    When I saw this bit on TV9, I too had this feeling.. It was crazy(but yet interesting to hear about the happenings?). I guess it must be fun atleast for first few hours.

    I appreciate you for encouraging V for such things.. I guess she has become very regular on prize winning(let us also know the technique) ..
    sometime a party with kannada actors, Arasu movie tickets(those you blogged about) and now this (to be selected for this contest)…! Great going…

    I also see that now a days there are many reality shows on TV. I generally think about you when I see lot of people singing on those music shows (Confident star singer, Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa).. I think you should give a try… enantheera?

    Mathe, ellarigu hosa varshada shubhaashayagaLu.. cartoons as usual first class…!

  8. rk Says:

    thanks for your ever encouraging words.
    the inspiration to draw the cartoons came from my elder b-i-l.

    you said it right. standing for 72 hours is lot of pain. ‘to stand for so long, kaala sthithi chennagirbeku!

    V is happy she took part in this crazy game.

    Mrs. deserves the car,
    buy one and present it.

    of course, i can present a car. that will make her a SHOPPER, and me a CHAUFFER.

    as rajkumar has sung in one of shabdavedhi’s songs, “…petrol sigade hodare, kaale car-u nenapirali…”

    thanks for your wishes! have a fantastic 2K8.

    glad you liked the cartoons. how is mysoorina muddina maga?

    nimma prothsahada maathugalige vandanegalu. it was fun standing and being at the contest for a day. i don’t know how some of them stood for 3 days without sleep! i can control hunger, definitely not sleep.

    by the way, V participated in Zee Kannada’s “Yaariguntu Yaarigilla” and won a few bucks there.
    it may get telecast this week or coming week.

    wrt my singing in tv shows, V also says the same. somehow, i feel aathmaartha sangeetha gives more trupthi.

  9. Veena Says:

    Thats really nice. Please message me when her episode gets telecast.
    aathmasanthoshakke haaDbeku nija.. bereyavara aathmanu swalpa santhosha padsi parvaagilla.. nimma gaana sudhe annu uNa baDisi sangeetha priyarannu santhosha padisi.
    My wishes to Vidya… and let her participate in other such shows too.. Even I want to do it someday!

  10. Athreya Says:

    Mr.RK, stumbled upon your site thru Ramya’s post in churumuri. Being brought up on a steady dose of CTR and Veena stores, the benne masale link(to your site) in her article caught my eye.

    Couldn’t help but let nostalgia waft thru as I read some of your previous posts and comments — you have a very good site. Too bad you did not win the contest !

  11. rk Says:

    will surely let you know the telecast date.

    bereyavara aathmanu swalpa santhosha padsi parvaagilla.. nimma gaana sudhe annu uNa baDisi sangeetha priyarannu santhosha padisi.

    aathmiyaru keladagella, kailaadhamattige haadidhini. ishta pattirodhu ellara doddathana. devara daye iddre, mundhe kooda haado aase ide. even at the ‘hand-on sx4 contest’, the mc asked me to sing. and i sang a few rajkumar and kishore kumar numbers.

    seeing the singing contests, one thing is true: there is really very many talented singers in our part of the world. and sadly, not all of them get a chance to shine in the field due to various reasons.

    thanks for your wishes. good luck to you and your family.

    thanks for taking time to drop in at RwB.
    being from malleshwara, i have loved every single visit to CTR (Central Tiffin Room). me and my family are regulars there. Just y’day I had been there with a close friend and enjoyed the Benne Masale and Coffee. Seeing the jana-janguli, I told my friend: “This is CTR – Crowded Tiffin Room.”
    feels nice reading your appreciative words about this blog.
    take care and regards

    ps: my ‘kutumba’ participated in the contest.

  12. dinsan Says:

    thanks for tht loooooooong story Rk, it sounds very interesting.. sad that it happened I left Blore.. hmm

  13. Lakshmi Says:

    Hi RK, Wish you a very happy new year to you and your family. Cartoons are fantastic. Congratulations to your wife as she had a gr8 sportsmanship to participate and stand there for 30hrs!!!!!!…. ayyo…enenu competition idea baruthe janagalige. But you had fun and that is all….

  14. neela Says:

    gr8 CAR toons, sir.
    i was there –watching the contest in garuda on 29th!!
    Happy new year!

  15. rambhai Says:

    after reading the story i got the point. btw way it is always worth to get a free SX4 that car rocks~~

  16. hi RK, happy NY and happy Sankranthi to you and all your readers too.

    my, what a contest! i could enjoy the cartoon only after reading your description of the contest. now i understand that resilience is built through hands-on experience!

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