Gastroenteritis in Bangalore

January 30, 2008


The Hindu – Residents blame BWSSB for outbreak of gastroenteritis
TOI – BWSSB clueless on bad water source
Deccan Herald – No contamination on Thimmaiah Road: BWSSB


8 Responses to “Gastroenteritis in Bangalore”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    RWB good cartoon
    sikkare niru nimage ade punya
    adare niru sikkaga kalabereke niru
    sikkare seruviri nivu davakhanege (hospita)
    adakke prathne puje shudda niru sigali ynedu
    maduvanthe kanuthide niru myavagi hani hani
    biltaide. hani hani goodidre halla antha kayta irbeku

  2. 🙂 There are many things i can understand here:

    1) You need to pray to god before drinking water
    2) One needs to thank the borewells which are not yet contaminated at this moment (Almost all borewells in bangalore have high nitrate content!)


  3. Lakshmi Says:

    ROFL…RK A very good one.

  4. samaganam Says:

    haahhahha 🙂
    And the pandit is praying to the pump?to be blessed with good water,or that the pump is a saviour?!And that arati in his hand is a visual treat!Awesome sir!!

    But sir,even ground water is no more safe in densely industrialized cities.I wonder what went into the minds of great thinkers like Indira Gandhi who set up plants in the outskirts of many cities like Hyderabad.

    In Hyderabad,ground water has high levels of chemical poisoning,mainly because of Industrial wastes that are released directly into near by lakes.Hussian sagar or also called as Tank Bund was a major source of water for the entire city.I still cannot understand how anyone can set up chemical labs in a landlocked place like hyderabad?

    God only knows!But also sir,we don’t complain and take things easy and why will authorities even Bother?People must complain.

    And sir,those who die of water contamination are poor and those who are shoved into poverty by gross recklessness.
    Awareness is important and Its important to know that natural electrolytes like conconut water or salt,sugar and water solution or even electral/gatorade will help to maintain the much needed salt levels in the body.Plain water should not be consumed during diarrhea as it will drain away salts from the body.

  5. samaganam Says:

    sorry sir!!dont post my comment!!this one too !!!

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