AOL: Art of Looting

February 4, 2008

While rambling along the blog space today morning, I read a post by music lover ‘Chiroti’ titled India alias Hindustan? and left a comment there. Next, I came across this article The The great great Sri Sri NGO NGO scam scam in Churumuri. It was sheer coincidence that the last portion of my comment and the article in Churumuri were on the same issue.

8 Responses to “AOL: Art of Looting”

  1. Sanjay M Says:

    Ive seen people benefit from AOL, and others who are disillusioned as well. I think its up to each individual how he takes it. I think they have done a lot of good constructive things to society but they have just gone out of proportion. Same thing has happened even to Osho camp – someone who works there in Osho’s ashram in Pune for decades told me how they have renamed Ashram to Resort. So these things happen but we need not waste our energy into going and trying to see who is right or wrong. We just need to keep the focus on ourself and take the best from everything.

    Recall Basavanna’s vachana:
    kalabeda kolabeda … itara haliyabeda…

    don’t criticise others

    Why he said that? One reason may be that it is wastage of energy, same energy you can use for constructive purpose! 🙂

    I think criticsim may be important to spread awareness but that should be based on one’s own experience and facts, and not heresay and rumors (eg in this case from someone who has actually attended AOL sessions with an open mind and then seen the things that it lacks and the aspects where it is misleading etc )

    People are not really mindless robots to get brainwashed, they mustve got some benefit so they are behind it. In case they are getting misled, it is is only because of their own greed and selfishness. If they are getting misled, it is their choice and sooner or later they will realise it. What we can do is try and correct ourselves on how we are being greedy, rather than them!

    If we think about the samudra manthana story – churning of the ocean – we need to understand that running behind short term benefits we are getting deviated. But that’s up to each indivudal to understand at one’s own time, we can need to focus on ourself and the long term vision of self-purification and we can use anyone who inspires us, say Sri Purandara Dasa whom you have written such wonderful posts about 🙂

  2. chiroti Says:

    Thanks RK.

    I am tempted to complete Basavannanavara Vachana, mentioned by Sanjay in his comments:

    Kalabeda Kolabeda Husiya Nudiyalu Beda
    Muniya Beda Anyarige Asahya Pada Beda

    Thanna Bannisa Beda Idhira Haliyalu Beda
    Idhe Antharanga Shuddhi Idhe Bahiranga Shuddhi
    Idhe Namma Koodala Sangama Devana Olisuva Pari

  3. Kavish Says:

    I have attended the AOL course and also participated in their so called social welfare activities. The course is a rehash of some breathing techniques of pranayama interspersed with some self help teachings.Most of their social welfare activities are highly publicised scams. They lie a lot and inflate the activities they do. I have witnessed this first hand. Also they feel Sri Sri is the epitome of all wisdom while he regurgitates plagiarised knowledge from new age literature. My biggest problem with this cult is the way they collect funds and run after money. Why should they be given the status of a non profit organization. Being exempt from tax money laundering is rampant in this cult. Osho Ashram (or Resort) was always a commericial enterprise and they never claimed any non profit status from the government. We need to be wary of these scamsters.

  4. Krishna Says:

    Hi, I have benefited from the AOL course. Their sudarshan Kriya is nothing but pranayma and some breathing exercise but don’t let its simplicity fool you – it is one powerful antidote to allergic cold [Bangalore..sigh!], depression and lack of immunity. I can make out the difference on the days I do the S’Kriya and the days I don’t esp w.r.t my energy levels

    As far as Sri Sri is concerned, he talks about spirituality in very simple terms and it is much more interesting [for me]than listening to a boring sermon/harikatha, etc. The talks / bhajans have so much energy! Check some out on Youtube.

    @kavish – The course is great / good / poor depending on the teacher volunteering for that particular course. You make it sound so easy to be Sri Sri 🙂

  5. sulochanosho Says:

    Spiritual hunger and mongering for peace and enlightement are today the best churned out ‘desire plank’ floated by the so called vested cunningly intelligent self-doned great gurus to cash on, and to trap the vast masses out there. Sri sri is not an exception, but rather he is the best examplary ‘guru’ in that respect. Nothing wrong in a sense as long as our masses start teaching these gurus. The reality is: YOU ARE ALREADY HAPPY AS IT IS, ONLY IF YOU STOP SEEKING FOR ELUSIVE HAPPINESS FROM THESE ‘WELL-INTENDED’ GURUS. YOU NEED TO RULE YOUR LIFE, IT’S YOUR LIFE. NO GURU HAS ANY BUSUNESS TO RULE AND RUIN YOUR LIFE, HOWEVER GREAT IT MAY SOUND. GURUS LEGS CAN NOT WALK FOR YOU. YOU NEED TO WALK ALONE. IF YOU DONT DO THAT, IT AMOUNTS TO AN INSULT TO EXISTENCE. By the way in the animal world, the new born walks on it’s own as soon as it arrives on this earth.

  6. Sanjay M Says:

    excellent observation sulochanosho… yeah animals are compelled to do that because of the danger they live in. A wildbeest or a fawn that dosen’t take to its own feet is virtually DEAD! Maybe we humans are taking it a bit too easy… though in reality same thing applies to us – spiritually we are dead!

  7. sulochanosho Says:

    Still finer observation from the lens like eyes of Sanjay there, thanks.

    To express strangely or sanely,

    Today SAIDS (Spiritual Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is far more dangerous than AIDS on this earth.

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