C for Chidambaram, Chocolates and Chips

February 29, 2008


BIG-FM of a different kind!

Most of you must be following the Budget today, the seventh by Finance Minister P Chidambaram. And I’m sure you want to take a break from those figures. So here’s a link giving some unknown facts about PC:

What you didn’t know about P Chidambaram


12 Responses to “C for Chidambaram, Chocolates and Chips”

  1. dinsan Says:

    hey coooooooooooool 🙂 I liked it 😉

  2. praneshachar Says:

    great cartoon and link is superb any how this year PC has done great thing in personal Income area all salaried class must be happy as sops given was more than what generally was expected.
    good work PC what ever may be the compulsions like elections etc., we sincerely thank you for this and wish many more years of your expert service is avialble to country

  3. rk Says:

    neel, dins and pranesh sir,
    thanks for the comments.
    have been reading most of the papers since morning. and the best budget special issue i liked came from MINT. (have got addicted to the print edition offlate)
    the what we earn article (page L10) and the one on Indian designers titled Once upon a time in the East (page L20) made interesting reading.
    thatzit for now
    take care

  4. niveditha Says:

    One of the very few politicians who are straightforward and honest in our country. Thanks for sharing this piece of info 🙂

  5. Veena Says:

    Wow!! Cool Design Bellur….

  6. parijata Says:

    Interesting read. Thanks for posting it.

  7. That was a nice article you linked, Rk. I actually learnt few things about Chidambaram.

  8. Nithin Says:


    Naanu illi COnductor kariappa ge search maadi bandhe….
    Ishtu divs aentha treasure miss maadidhe antha anistha idhe….

    Thumba olle kelsa maadthidheera….
    NImage innu shreya(heroine alla) dorakali

  9. madmilker Says:

    dang! that’s like what the American people don’t know about the Federal Reserve that Thomas D. Schauf wrote about on the “freeweb” back in 1992.

  10. NaReN Says:

    Kodi, Kodisi, Vote Bank Nimmadagisi seems to be the Manthra of BIG FM. Its very disappointing from the Point of Macro Analysis. It definitely affects the Growth Rate!! 😦

    Gr8 design maams!

  11. Big FM ideation is cool creativity.

    @Nivedhita: Liked your joke on PC being honest and straight forward 😀

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