I know. 3 Lakh Hits is nothing great.

March 17, 2008

Hello friends!

Trust you all are having a great time, wherever you are.

Quite a while since I came here. Me enjoying work – conceptualising various designs (from logos, collaterals, brochures, dossiers, corporate giveaways, pullout stands, websites and so on) for various companies. I have a great team of exciting and supportive designers here. (By the way, just got a wonderful break in my career earlier this month.)

On personal front, enjoying the rains, amidst summer. Son has got admission into a ‘good’ school (full credit to my wife). Heard a top quality concert by Ms. Gayatri Venkataraghavan recently. Must say – it was refreshing to hear a gifted voice sing with Bhakti. Have cured myself of Blog addiction to a certain extent. That reminds me of something!

Although it is very insignificant, feels good to see that the number of hits (sincere ‘Thanks’ to all the readers and visitors)has just crossed the ‘3-lakh’ mark. RwB is not yet back to jing-jang form, as is evident. Still, posting a few stats just for the heck of it (in case Statistical Survey of India ask me for details) 

  • 360 days for the first 1-lakh hits
  • 160 days for the second 1-lakh hits
  • 138 days for the third 1-lakh hits

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15 Responses to “I know. 3 Lakh Hits is nothing great.”

  1. dinsan Says:

    Cooll… congrats… and I am impressed by the speed of growth..
    so u r leaving blogging or wht ?

  2. praneshachar Says:

    hardika shubhashyagalu.
    nivu agle post madi hakibittidira u r grt
    keep rwb going
    full swing illa andru ishtu hits… full joshnalli RWB iddidre yenu?
    any how all the best from all of us here who are part of this blog in general and from MB group in particular (as a senior member of the group)
    wish you many more successful ventures to come in ur way. may u get many more breaks in your career which must come to u because of ur calibre and committment and innvoative qualities.
    ur a genius no doubt and ur committment is paying now. have wonderful days ahead


  3. M O H A N Says:

    Congrats… I know you didnt achieve it 😉

  4. hey, Congratulations…3 lakh hits even when on blog hiatus! Way to go 🙂

  5. Veena Says:

    Congrats bellur.. for everthing you mentioned, primarily…
    for the career break, 3 lakh hit and most important – your kid getting admission to a ‘good’ school… 🙂

  6. OK bellur, If you don’t like 3 lakh hits then give it to us! we will make use of it!

    Great show!

  7. neel3 Says:

    Congrats for all landmarks.
    Narayan: all the best for the new venture. keep up your inquisitiveness and creativity.
    may God bless you.

  8. Resourceful Says:

    Hey RK, Keep up the good writing and cartoons on RWB. Congrats on all fronts and more hits…

  9. उन्मुक्त Says:


  10. Chitra Says:

    A hearty congrats, Bellur! 🙂 Good to hear about your career break and your kid getting into a good school. 🙂

    Impressive hits too! 🙂

    PS: All well? I have been terribly busy and am just now beginning to do some blog rounds. 🙂

  11. Aloknath Says:

    Well.. not surprising since you spent most of the last 2 years blogging and drawing cartoons 😉

    .. congrats

  12. rk Says:

    blogging has not yet left me 😦

    thanks for the wishes.

    i know! naanenu maadlillappa :0

    thank you.

    thumba thanksu.

    🙂 🙂 i’ll courier them soon!

    have a great summer vacation!

    thanks lady. trust you are keeping fine.


    2 Thank Yous!

    all well – thank you. trust you all are fine.

    you said it! 😉 thanks for stopping by.

    take care and regards

  13. jarvarm Says:

    Congrats, my friend. Great going here.


  14. Rangachary Says:

    Dear Ramakrishna,

    I am P.Rangachary. I am a retired IAS officer from Chennai and i USED to be an avid reader of your blog for a long time. I used to personally know the sadasivams and later on my brother was an employee of The Hindu and we were lucky to attend a few talks R.K.Narayan gave. I got hooked on to your blog when i was browsing through the net a few years back and carefully tracked how you were writing. I used to silently read it week after week and enjoy it. But, It has been a long since you have put up a posting here. Why? What happened? For those who want to contribute, they can surely open their own blog. This is not a ayappa swamy Hundi or Dharma sathram nor is it rocket science for them to open their blog. It is not difficult. This blog is ramblings with bellur and it is for you to ramble and people like me who are fans of yours, to read. The others will learn to ramble on their own blogs. They must learn to. It is an old indian adage to say that ‘the curry in the neighbours house is more tastier’. Similarly you are also getting these other outsiders to blog in your blog. Similarly, I used to be an avid reader of your blog till others started seeping in and the quality of writing and everything came down drastically. I was so disappointed that i decided to stop my weekly dosage of RwB. I have come back here after more then a year and i still don’t see you writing that much. Pardon my ignorance or arrogance, but i think You have become lazy in the excuse of others contributing. Writing is a sadhana that you have taken up. You must stick to it. If you have any friends who are writers, you ask them and they will tell you how much one needs to be dedicated to a work like writing. I remember a great writer once when asked if someone else could write his books, he replied that the same someone else will also ask him if he could sleep with his wife, take over his property and so on and so forth. If you want to read others writing, you can go to their blogs. People like me (who used to be avid readers and fans of your writing) find it very disappointing to see you not writing. So, it is a kind request to you start again. I am sure you have many wonderful topics to write on. I will wait eagerly for the next posting and hopefully it will be from you. I am not happy that you have got 3 lakh hits. If only you would have written, you would have 10 lakh by now. Let the other fellows go and write their own blogs. I can see that you are yourself encouraging others to write and contribute. It is not bad, but you will agree with me when i say that, the neighbourhood curry tastes nice, but only ONCE IN A WHILE. Overdosage of it can make you forget your own taste or even make you forget the very art of cooking. This is a sincere request from an old retired man. Do not spoil my fun i used to have , of reading this blog, by allowing others. I hope you will not take me in the wrong sense. I am like a fatherly person to you. I hope to re-start my weekly reading of your blog and hopefully i will see some more of the exciting material i used to read here.
    My regards to your family and your children.
    Yours Sincerely

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