Karnataka Assembly Elections 2008: Vote Maadi

May 7, 2008

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Karnataka poll on May 10, 16, 22; counting on 25th

9 Responses to “Karnataka Assembly Elections 2008: Vote Maadi”

  1. dinu Says:

    Good one RK 🙂

  2. Dileepa Says:

    What makes you think that “Or this?” is going to happen if one votes? Has not happened all these years and I don’t any reason that is going to change.

  3. Odd-man-out Says:

    Hey, the ‘top’ one looks like the one near my house.
    Can I have a stream lined one instead?
    The different lines belong to different castes or parties

  4. tarlesubba Says:

    how about what it really is..

    a demand for rationalization of infra? are the mangled wires cheaper or better in any way? on the other hand if you straighten them out, even the birds will approve.

    its not fashion, its not triumphalism, its about basics.

  5. M O H A N Says:

    Conrats bellur, Your photo is on churmuri. Darn, the photos are too good and creative.

  6. Hegde Says:

    Why should I vote when there is no one good? Tell me one party which is not supporting goons? The 3 parties are completely hopeless. Congress is corrupt from the begining. BJP and JD(S) have shamelessly formed a govt then fought and made a huge tamasha at the cost of US. Whom should I vote?

  7. subramanyam Says:

    The problem with we middle class people is that, we take everything lightly assuming we have no power to change the system. The reservations, quotas, governments and inflation etc. But we forget the VOTE and yet we praise USA for their system. In US as you are reading daily, the governments will come only based on the people’s strength, not by money or by one cast or creed like STC BVCD OMB OBFC STCD – but then our people wanted to be branded as ST SC etc., in English letters so that the rulers can give special quotas for them. That is a different story.

    What I would like to stress and ask the Karnataka people is TO USE YOUR VOTE ! By not utilizing it, you are doing a harm to your sons, daughters, future Kannadigas and Indians. So, unless YOU people vote and increase the Percentage from 42 to 75 in this elections, the calculations of all parties will change, looking at YOU, all people from others states will learn and get educated.

    So it’s our duty to educate the EDUCATED ! Please send this to your friends, send it as comments to other blogs

    Jai Hind

  8. Madhu Rao Says:

    A very good depiction, compare-contrast of the current mess in Karunadu and the need for a clear mandate (definitely worth a thousand words).

    The blue backgrounds do a fine job of conveying the mood of the message — darker more overcast blue to signify the uncertainity and gloom of a hung verdict to the sprightly, fresh and warm blue with the orderly line of relaxing birds — Very neat …

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