6 Responses to “Colours and Shapes”

  1. Mysorean Says:

    1. Blue

    a. A piece of cloth – a panche that my father wears!
    b. My sister-in-law. I would want to guess the connection here too and that is her favourite colour is black.
    c. Sky
    d. Marina beach on a full moonlight day. I still remember the reflection of the moonlight on the darkblue seabed against the darkness of the night.
    e&f. Green, light or dark: plants and leaves
    g. Katrina Kaif (don’t ask me where this came from!)
    h. One of the companies I worked in before, Novatium. It’s identity at the point when I worked with them was orange. And I was partially responsible in implementing the identity.
    i. Autos.
    j. Sorry I am colour blind and Violet is very complicated for me! 🙂
    k. Rituals. belli paatre mattu vastugaLu
    l. Gifts. Formalities. Too much money. Show off. Status symbol.
    m. Sand. Me. India.
    n. Girls. Scooty.
    o. Again Novatium. The identity was Orange and grey! 😀

    3. Never actually thought about it at all. But I guess on some introspection I like ‘circles’ or anything that is ’round’ in shape including myself! 😀

    a. Mobile screen. Display of a computer. TV.
    b. A toy that my son plays with. I guess it is violet in colour.
    c. Me. My paunch! 😀 Earth.
    d. Mathematics. Pythagoras theorem. Apollonius theorem.
    e. Cut watermelon.
    f. Diamond? Too complicated for me! 🙂

    Thanks. Was a nice exercise to do. Good introspection.

  2. Sanjay M Says:

    Nowadays… its been blue.

    a. Purity
    b. Ignorance
    c. Coolness, calmness, vastness of open sky
    d. Mysterious unknown (of night sky)
    e. Relaxation (lawn)
    f. Artistic (somehow remember olive color paint which used to be my favorite)
    g. Energy, power – vermillion or kunkum on someone’s forehead
    h. Sunrise – possibilities of a new beginning
    i. jaundice, illness
    j. some children playhouse
    k. some oil lamps painted in silver coating
    l. richness, opulence
    m. soil… mannina maga deve gowda
    n. flowers
    o. clouds… monsoon… lovely dark cloudy day about to rain with strong breeze!

    2. heart shape

    a. a window of many possibilities where I feel curious to just peep outside it and see what beautiful world is out there
    b. hmmm…
    c. uniform, well balanced
    d. window of a horse stable, I can almost see a horse neighing and moving around in the dim light inside
    e. counter at a bank window
    f. cards – childhood memories of playing memory game or keeping them all in a line and watching them topple down.

    Ha that was fun!

  3. Vidya Says:

    fav. color – lavender

    1. white – purity, peace, calm, clean
    2. black – bad omen, crow, darkness
    3. red – energetic, vibrant, spiritual, fire
    4. brown – elegant
    5. grey – corporate, grey hair
    6. pink – girls
    7. violet – rainbow, colourful, feminine
    8. orange – fruit, saffron, saintly, pious
    9. dark blue – uniform, pants, masculine
    10. light blue – sky, sea, boyish
    11. dark green – algae, nature, hill stn., flourish
    12. light green – parrot, feminine, grass, countryside
    13. silver – silver articles, celebration, richness, royal
    14. gold – royal, ornaments, metallic, tirupati
    15. yellow – flowers, jaundice, turmeric, good omen, fire

    fav. shape: circle

    square – perfect, tv screen
    circle – globe, boundariless
    semi circle – moon
    triangle – love triangle, distance, pencil edge, sharp
    rhombus – diamond
    rectangle – (not able to think of anything)

  4. Pradeep Says:

    I thought the celebrations went a bit too far. This should also have been an appropriate time to ponder over why we never made that mark again.

  5. praneshachar Says:

    1. What’s your favourite color? no particular one but like
    pleasant ones
    2. What instant feelings/ imagery do these colours invoke in you?
    a. White – peace
    b. Black- sorrow mournig black beauty
    c. Light Blue sky
    d. Dark Blue ink
    e. Light Green pleasant nature grenary
    f. Dark Green nature grenary lawns s many
    g. Red bright gadi communists red light
    h. Orange orang fruits monks
    i. Yellow gold yellow metal jewelery marriage cloth
    j. Violet violet no other thing comes but some dresses sarees
    k. Silver silver used in house seeing the big ones in temples
    with swamijis in maths
    l. Gold gold gold gold only
    m. Brown my uniform pant
    n. Pink lovely roses
    o. Grey cement

    3. What is your favourite shape? universe ie round

    4. What instant feelings/ imagery do these shapes invoke in you?
    a. Square an all eaual size object geometry
    b. Triangle family planning advt three ways geometry
    c. Circle universe think world is round where we are now
    d. Rectangle geometry our teapoy
    e. Semi Circle half moon
    f. Rhombus/ Diamond glittering diamond studs and ear rings

  6. Vani Says:

    1. What’s your favourite color?
    2. What instant feelings/ imagery do these colours invoke in you?
    a. White – Calmness and Peace….as in everything being all right in my world
    b. Black – The Exact opposite feelings to white…to me, black represents chaos and panic…similar to a storm on a pitch dark night
    c. Light Blue – The Sea on a perfectly calm day reflecting the color of the sky.
    d. Dark Blue – Regality … somehow feel dark blue is associated with aristocracy
    e. Light Green – Freshness ,Vigour , Life, Health
    f. Dark Green – Oil, now I don’t know why this color reminds me of oil.
    g. Red – Valiance, Courage, boldness, and an intention to stand out in a crowd
    h. Orange – Serenity
    i. Yellow – The Sun, and flowers
    j. Violet – Hate this color, never felt anything but utter disgust at this color
    k. Silver – Temple, rituals
    l. Gold – Ornaments
    m. Brown – The Earth
    n. Pink – Tender newly born babies “YeLe Magu” sorts…………
    o. Grey – Clouds, depression
    2. What is your favourite shape?
    4. What instant feelings/ imagery do these shapes invoke in you?
    a. Square – Security
    b. Triangle — Spirituality
    c. Circle – Completeness in Life
    d. Rectangle – Vast open space
    e. Semi Circle – Crescent moon
    f. Rhombus/ Diamond – Some weapon….like a sharp stone or the tip of a dagger

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