Life cycle

July 19, 2008

Pot belly. I used to always feel jealous of most of my uncles as they had such wonderful paunches. Until a couple of years after marriage, I had no Hotte (it was as flat as Rajkumar’s). But since last year, it resembles Ambareesh’s.

It’s been a decade since I started riding motor-driven vehicles. Until then, it used to be my favourite Atlas Rebel that I used to ride. My uncle in Poona presented it to me after I passed 10th. Bought it on a Sunday morning in 1992 from a shop on SP Road for Rs.1300. Friends admired the new fella saying “Super tyres, Chindhi look, maga!”

Drove from anywhere to anywhere on my Rebel until I finished college. A year later, bought a Third-hand TVS-50 XL moped. Enjoyed it for a couple of years, and then bought my first bike – Bajaj Boxer AT – days after ‘Shabdhavedhi’ was released. My girlfriend (now, my wife) used to love the long rides. Five years after I bought it, started getting a lot of back-ache. On the first day of 2007, went for one of those exchange offers and got Bajaj-Platina. Till date, I find it very comfortable and absolutely no back pain. Decent mileage.

Last fortnight, just to get out of the monotonous driving mode, came to office for a week by BMTC. The frequency of buses is very good. Buses are not too crowded, and conductors seemed very calm and patient. There is hardly anyone who buys tickets. Everyone says ‘Pass’. Remembered the bus scenes during my college days (I always travelled on footboard, of course to show-off) – people would get suffocated inside – and the conductor would keep yelling (at those inside) ‘Mundhe banni’ (come front), ‘Chillare kodi’ (give change) and stuff.  People never did both. Coming to the present, I hardly see guys on footboard, ‘coz there’s enough space for everyone inside. Also, the doors are closed once the bus starts moving. Anyway, footboard travel is bad.

After Bus-aata, now its Cycle-aata. Since last week, have started cycling to office (Malleswaram to Jayanagar). The drive is damn exciting, and I feel fresh throughout the day. I have started enjoying every bit of the ride on my favourite ‘Rebel’. Had acquired my paunch after many years with great difficulty. But offlate, used to hate when everyone started giving more attention to it, rather than its owner. And during these inflationary times, didn’t want my tummy to get inflated more.

Coming to office has become more exciting. What more, my boss is kicked up seeing my ‘Rebel’! And wants to start cycling again. Also, now my son prefers the ’rounds’ on the cycle, than the motor-bike. So after cycling home, have to take my son ‘doubles’ for a few minutes in and around Malleswaram. And he hates when I say – OK Boss, let’s go home!

Just for the record, the very first vehicle that I ever rode was a slim red-tricycle, in the year when Rajkumar’s ‘Operation Diamond Racket’ (remember ‘Eef  you come today’?) was released.

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14 Responses to “Life cycle”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    bellur u are always different. congratulations for your bit contribution to reduce global warming you have stopped carbon emissions from your bike thats great. yesterday we had a leture on global warming and what will be the future. Al gore is fighting for a universal cause. hats off to him and institution of theirs. he is doing his campaing tirelessly.
    you have done great thing what is your tummy it is flat only and now it goes in thats all. but cycling is certainly good keep going and to cover distance from malleswaram to jayanagar it is amazing. but be careful with other vehicles like auto, lorries bts and all big ones they may cause harm. so take care and enjoy your rides. nothing wrong with narayan he is enjoying his cycle rides as u have first introduced to bike and now cycle anything new will make them very excited. btb how much time u take to trvel from ur home to jayanagr in the morning and viceversa in the evening. I presume both times the traffice is lessas u leave early get back late am I right
    all the best you r simply great that all hardika shubhashyagalu for your efforts and determination kudos to you and also to ur family happy cycling happy cycling

  2. rk Says:

    hotte karagisodakke cycle thuleethideeni saar, ‘global warming’, ‘carbon emission’ ivella thale myaak ogo isya.
    takes me anywhere betw. 35-45 mins both ways. 25 kms/ day.
    have a great week ahead

  3. praneshachar Says:


  4. Resourceful Says:

    I love cycling. It used to be my favourite time pass activity during my childhood. The cycle was my dad’s ” Atlas” brand for men. Recently I was reading an article about two youngsters who started cycling to office in Bangalore to beat the traffic jam and was really tempted to do the same. Now you too inspire me to do it. But I don’t think I’ll be able to do it due to a back problem. Anyway I am trying to motivate my child to take it up.

  5. Diya Says:

    Hi Bellur… Good to see you back in action…Hhad missed ur lovely articles…

  6. mayura Says:


    Nice article. I can’t believe it takes only 34-45 minutes for a bike ride from malleswaram to jayanagar !! with all the traffic and the pot holes that you need to avoid.

    Anyways, brought back the memories of the days when I used to rent a bicycle (I did not have bicycle of my own in those days) for 25 paise an hour to complete the chores like paying electricity bill, water bill, purchaing coffee poweder from India Coffee board etc. assigned by mom and dad.



  7. praneshachar Says:

    hai diya
    good see u back too how is your life new phase

  8. Bellur sir,
    Please buy a very good quaility mask and also buy term insurance.

    The amount of poinsionus pollutants around you make sure you will get a respiratory disorder unless you plan to cycle in residential areas.

    Pls dont misunderstand me but health is wealth.

  9. praneshachar Says:

    concurr with GMP point to be noted bellur take care

  10. Chitra Says:

    Visiting ur blog after a loong time.

    nice to know that you are cycling to your office.

    But your city is polluted. difficult to inhale. Used to have tough time travelling by autos. even Delhi was like that a couple of years back. Now with CNG, Delhi is a better place.
    few guys like ypu can certainly reduce the pollution level.

    the paunch : Atlest being a man,u get away with it as a symbol of prosperity!! Me, ave t explain everyone that i am not pregnat. but at times, i am at an advantage as people normally get up and give me their seat 😉

  11. Nice action to keep-up good health.

    I too started it for little time but couldn’t continue due to huge sweat & body odour coming out of body whole day.

  12. Sywiz Says:

    Good article. Liked the style of writing mixed with kannada words. Reminded me of the good old days. Hope your Operation Bicycle lasts more than a week of BMTS traveling you did 😉

  13. techrazies Says:

    life cycle is the best

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