Serial Bomb Blasts in Bengaluru

July 25, 2008

Design: RK

Rushing home from office after hearing about the serial bomb blasts that has shaken Bengaluru this afternoon. Don’t know how smooth a ride it will be back home. Got to know about the blasts when I was having lunch with my colleague in Pavitra hotel in Jayanagar. Surely, this is shocking news. Feeling very uneasy.

For more news updates, visit CNNIBN.

A quick update: Reached home safely. After the initial shock, business as usual in Bengaluru.


6 Responses to “Serial Bomb Blasts in Bengaluru”

  1. sulochanosho Says:

    Dogs bark at, terrorists bomb at, they kill too – but nobody can rock our fast growing international cosmopolitan city Bangalore, known for its sanguine culture, tradition, trend, IT, BT and beauty.

    All preventive and precautionary measures on all levels are to be activated. Our masses need to be educated. People cutting across ‘the religion and origin’ barriers need to remain united and bold to face it.

    Immediate need is to address the trauma and pain of the injured and to support and counsel the family members of the woman killed in this black bomb incident.

    Unmasking the ‘mask’ behind this cowardly act is another important task. Be brave, long live Bangaluru!

  2. dinu Says:

    Glad to know that you are safe ….

  3. praneshachar Says:

    cowardly act by cruel people. poor lady last her life. may her sourl RIP and their family get the strength to bear the loss. good thing in bad act, all are low intensity bombs may a trial really dont know what is their goal ultimate. govt. must take it seriously and do take hard decisions. screening of people, checking all suspicious people, letting it out to only persons who are properly identifed these all are must and we must go ahead this will go long way. peace loving city, pensioners paradise is not the same old bengaluroo it has become a hideout for terroists right from rajiv gandhi murder case to bomb blasts of yesterday. let normalcy come backe to bengalooru and peace return back
    may god give good senses to one and all and wish we will have a bright and peaceful tomorrow

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  5. Last year Aug 25, it was Hyderabad and this year it is Bangalore. Terrorist outfits trying to target and terrorize South India. It is actually scary. Human lives are of no value to these terrorists – wretched living beings on earth.

  6. @mbi Says:

    ghatne naDdotthige adEt kaalgulbandOdvo lekkikkilla. sikkapatte edri bassatthOdOgakkoglilla athwa innobrig kaal maadi baya iklilla. yakandravatthusaarilde manElidde.


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