The day after: Front pages of today’s newspapers

July 26, 2008

Design: RK

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2 Responses to “The day after: Front pages of today’s newspapers”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    It is very sad to see so much of news on the blast all around the world. more shocking is the series bomb blasts in Ahmedabad which have really taken more casualties and left many families in great sorrow why these things happen why all this can not stop and we all have a more useful time and after all are here by the grace of god or almighty whatever you call by ur faith. none of us will live for 1000 years why cant we do constructive things and positive things and restrain from doing destructive things. as it is we all face so many problems which can not be avoided why we should add the problems and agony from human beings. god gifted knowledge can be used for doing better things and welfare of society let good senses prevail with all people and let us hope for a riot free world

  2. praneshachar Says:

    congrats bellur for 400000 hits happy blogging have wonder ful time

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