Life and Death

August 29, 2008

A coffin left the gate in the morning. A cradle entered in in the evening.

It was a dozen years ago when I first met the elderly man who came to stay in our apartments along with his wife. He was very soft spoken and smiled at me when ever he went for a walk. For the past two years, he rarely came out of the house and used to watch life from his second floor balcony, atop mine. He became very reclusive off late and hardly spoke to anyone. On Tuesday evening, he came from the balcony to the ‘living room’, rubbed Vicks on his chest, and sat in front of the TV. He slowly collapsed on the sofa, and died in the ‘living room’. The sun set in his life literally at sunset time.

He left for his last journey yesterday morning, and a young one started on life’s adventurous journey in the evening. The lady opposite our flat entered the apartment complex with a young bundle of joy.

Rare to see life and death at such close quarters on the same day!


5 Responses to “Life and Death”

  1. Ram Says:


    Really touching

  2. Vani Says:


    I remember reading somewhere about this custom in England which said on the death of the king ,

    “The King is Dead, Long Live the King” , to condole the death of the person who had passed on, at the same time, accept the successor to the throne……..

    Life’s ironies………who can predict them?

    RIP, old man, and may the little bundle of joy have a happy life ahead.

  3. praneshachar Says:

    life is like that nothing waits for things to happen it will have its own course. you are narrating incidents in two different houses but there are cases where i t has happened in the same house father left for heavnly abode sons wife was in labour and gave birth to a baby boy. you imagine whethere they have to mourn or celebrate you can not ignore the mother n child in hospital nor u can ignore the hings u hv to do in the house fortunatley baby boys other grand parents and mama were there to help them out some one call it a day and some sparkling life comes into this world it is the life cycle we have to go on and on time and tide waits for none
    a touching incident bellur so u see everything with such minute angle let the grandpas sour rest in peach and new born have a great future this is the wish from our side

  4. travelplaza Says:

    That is very touching. It is indeed rare that we see life and death together at such close quarters. Thanks for sharing.
    Yes, I am back after the longest time. Hope to be around more often.

  5. Lakshmi Says:

    touchy post….time waits for none..

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