8 Responses to “Bike Logo Quiz”

  1. 1. Bajaj
    2. TVS
    3. Harley Davisson
    4. Suzuki
    5. Hero Honda
    6. Royal Enfield
    7. Yamaha


  2. Ram N Says:

    1. Bajaj
    2. TVS
    3. Harley Davidson
    4. Suzuki
    5. Hero Honda
    6. Royal Enfield
    7. Yamaha

  3. prasad Says:

    1) Bajaj
    2) TVS
    3) Harley Davidson
    4) Suzuki
    5) Hero Honda
    6) Royal Enfield
    7) Yamaha

  4. Prashanth Says:

    Harley Davidson
    Hero Honda
    Royal Enfield

    ps: guess this is the easiest quiz posted by you on RwB

  5. PP Says:

    1 Bajaj
    2 TVS
    4 Suzuki
    5 Hero Honda
    6 Royal Enfield
    7 Yamaha

  6. Shruthi Says:

    Too easy, Bellur! Even I could recognize all of them, inspite of not being a huge fan of bikes and automobiles 😀

  7. rk Says:

    congrats everyone for getting the answers right!

    prashanth and shruthi,
    khanditha, this was way too easy. now i remember – i created this quiz when i was in one of those sympathetic moods after telling my son the story of PUNYAKOTI!

    Inspired by a folk tale, ‘Govina Haadu’ (The song of the cow) tells the story about Punyakoti, a pious cow. This simple and moving folk song ends with the triumph of the honest. Adbhuta, a hungry tiger, chances upon the gentle Punyakoti. The tiger is elated and gets ready to eat her. Punyakoti begs for a temporary stay so that she can go home to feed her calf. Adbhuta is certain Punyakoti will never return, but on good faith lets her go. Punyakoti feeds her calf, asks other cows to treat her little one as their own, and dutifully returns to the tiger. Adbhuta is stunned by this act of honesty, and stricken by guilt, chooses to jump off a cliff.

    Listen to the song here.

    Also vist: Govinahaadu

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