Kunnakkudi Ramaswamy Vaidyanathan: A Photographer’s Delight!

September 18, 2008

Photos: RK

Kunnakkudi Ramaswamy Vaidyanathan, simply known as Kunnakkudi, was performing at Malleswaram Arya Vaishya Sangha, in May ’99. It was the celebration of Sri Vasavi Brahmotsava. I sat for most of the concert listening to the Keerthanans. Only when KV started Vaara Banthamma (famous number of Dr.Rajkumar), did I feel the absence of my camera. I rushed home and got it and clicked the above pictures. KV’s different expressions for each picture shows how he loved to be photographed!

About KV applying Vibhuti and Kumkuma (Courtesy: Saravanan):
One day a young ascetic with a luminous glow on his face accosted KV and asked him his name and if he was a violinist. Then seeing the sacred ash applied carelessly on KV’s forehead, he gave a KV a gentle slap and instructed him on how to apply the Vibhuti stripes and Kunkuma pottu on his forehead. When Ramaswamy Sastri (KV’s father) heard of this, he was eager to meet the savant, but their search was futile. KV believed that the elusive saint was Lord Muruga Himself, and till the day KV’s mortal remains were consigned to flames, the Vibhuti and Kunkuma were applied as prescribed by the ascetic.


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3 Responses to “Kunnakkudi Ramaswamy Vaidyanathan: A Photographer’s Delight!”

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  2. Lekhni Says:

    It’s nice to be able to think that one met Lord Muruga Himself, and that the Lord, of all things, was concerned about the length of vibhuti and the circumference of the kumkum. How much less fun to think that instead, it was some practical joker who was just clowning around.

  3. praneshachar Says:

    great snaps. so soon u got ur camera and clicked! your commitment is great and what a treasure u r havig with u. I envy u and feel proud to be your friend. still so much to know and see at your place. thanks for sharing such rare things here for viewing by all RWB lovers
    hats off to your efforts

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