Mumbai Blasts 2008: Front pages of today’s newspapers

November 27, 2008

Design: RK


9 Responses to “Mumbai Blasts 2008: Front pages of today’s newspapers”

  1. Naren Says:

    Mast design guru!!!!!!!

    sakkath hot magaaa!!

  2. Ahmet Says:

    WHY! did this happen?????

  3. guessworker Says:

    Mumbai has dominated the news cycle this Thanksgiving. Here’s how the city got its name.

  4. suresh Says:

    very sad state of affairs.i literally cried for all those killed except the terrorists.

  5. Ashish Says:

    A few questions, would like to know your guys view on below-

    1. As I have heard in news that the main aim of the attack is to evoke and encourage the enomosity between India and Pakistan. If that is the case then why didn’t the terrorist claim their origin from Pakistan rather than lie about being from Hyderabad, India?

    2. As these are suicide bombers, then how can they manage to get under police custody? 3 of them are caught. One would imagine they would raher die before getting caught. With all the ammunation on them, it would have taken a second to kill themselves at the last minute.

    3. The terrorist have not made any demands? Then what is the true motive of this prolonged attack???

    Wait for your views……………………

  6. Jagadeesh Says:


    Watch Live & get latest updates on Mumbai Bomb blasts @


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