December 5, 2008

Cartoon: RK

Also visit the Cartoon page on RwB.


6 Responses to “To-LeT”

  1. Praveen GK Says:

    Fantastic Bellur!!

  2. praneshachar Says:

    aaila! bellur kya bola
    ye tho mumbai ki baat hai
    goooooooooooood oneeeeeeeeeee!!

  3. Sanjay M Says:

    ROFL too good 😀

  4. gururaj Says:

    Hi ram,

    This is guru, i have been following your blog and now taking your inspiration i have started my own blog and churumuri:) no really. I being a madhwa also want to contribute to the internet. hey btw Can you do me a favour..? can you put my site in the blogroll of your blog so that people can find me? My site name is Please do this favour 🙂

    warm regards. your blog rocks!

  5. Vlasi Says:

    i will bookmark it.

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