Ilayaraja and AR Rahman

February 10, 2009

Caricature: RK


7 Responses to “Ilayaraja and AR Rahman”

  1. Ram Says:

    Very great caricature with high imagination. Hats off to you

  2. neela Says:

    too good !!
    As always.

  3. Madan Says:

    Awesome. Now who is the “legend” and who is the “genius”?? ha ha

    One thing I would like to say here is that both of them have brought joy,and a sense of fulfillment through their music. We must count ourselves lucky that we have a chance to enjoy and appreciate these “fantastic humanbeings and music directors”

  4. Ramz Says:

    Rk, Awesome caricature… its good to see two world class Music composers together…..their works are evergreen and everlasting..Illayraja though has scored music in very few kannada moview, all of them are unforgettable.. Hope rahman to compose some original scintillating stuff in kannada in near future

  5. @mbi Says:

    who is legend and who is genius in these?


  6. praneshachar Says:

    great caricature bellur
    both are great artists and I feel your caption applies to both both are legends in their own way and of course both are genius
    nice to see u in action

  7. selvam Says:

    IR is home cooked food.
    ARR is fast food.

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