Happy Birthday Harry Belafonte

March 1, 2009


Design: RK
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Harry, here’s wishing you a wonderful 82nd birthday!

My favourite English album of all time. And every time I hear this album, it makes me want to go to Jamaica.

Read the full article: Belafonte at Carnegie Hall [LIVE]


8 Responses to “Happy Birthday Harry Belafonte”

  1. Shatta Says:

    First blog I read after waking up from sleep today!
    Great tribute!

  2. Voli Dublino Says:

    Vеll, nоt perfeсt рost, but I likеd it and thаt is the main thing. 😉
    I am Voli Dublino

  3. praneshachar Says:

    hardhika shubhashyagalu for hitting 6 lakh mark
    expecting a wonderful post on this occassion
    hearty congratulation from me and on behalf
    of all bloggers who blog here and of course our beloved MB TEAM
    have a great run touch million mark soon

  4. rk Says:

    dhanyavadagalu, tiger praneshachar!

    nimma prothsaha nanage illiyavarege ee blog nadesalu uthsaha needide.



    just for the record:
    • 360 days for the first 1-lakh hits
    • 160 days for the second 1-lakh hits
    • 138 days for the third 1-lakh hits
    • 136 days for the fourth 1-lakh hits
    • 93 days for the fifth 1-lakh hits
    • 139 days for the sixth 1-lakh hits

  5. Sanjay M Says:

    Just for the record… 😉

    30 days since your last post
    a lot more since any comment on other sites that I’ve seen

    Just kidding we all have our off days take your time (but not too much we miss you!) 🙂

  6. steve fouraker Says:

    I am not sure when this was posted but Harry Belafonte is one of the great humanitarian activists of our time and one our finest ever performing artists. He transformed and educated many of us throught the world in the music and ideas of many lands and cultures.

  7. bobun Says:

    Happy Birth Day to Harry Belafonte

  8. moy Says:

    He was captivating and fine to boot. His couragious acts has encouraged us to fight on for what we as individuals truly deserve.

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